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    The Highs and Lows of Entertainment Weekly’s Lawless Pride Month CoverWhat on earth is going on here?
  2. grub guides
    Where to Celebrate Pride 2019 in New York CityParties, rallies, events, and plenty more will take place all over New York for the full month of June.
  3. what the zuck?
    Facebook Funded Pro–Conversion Therapy CandidatesThe platform gave thousands of dollars in the 2018 election cycle to two candidates who voted against banning the dangerous practice.
  4. last night on late night
    The Tonight Show Is Here to Help You Get That ‘Straight Pride Parade’ GoingJust in case you need to placate someone who is awful.
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    St. Vincent Dances the Night Away in ‘Fast Slow Disco’ VideoHopefully everyone in this video is remembering to drink plenty of water.
  6. twitter
    Millie Bobby Brown Has Been Chased From Twitter by MemesThe memes, they’ve turned on us.
  7. We Had to Wonder: How Did Sex and the City Portray Queer People?The hit feminist dramedy never got the hang of talking about sexuality outside of a heterosexual bubble.
  8. videology
    Let Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ Video Be Your Couture Pride LookbookThis is glam done right.
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    Nikki Haley Says She Was Booed at New York’s Pride ParadeThe crowd reportedly shouted “hateful things” at her and her son.
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    Facebook Puts Gay Pride in a Digital ClosetFacebook’s pride-flag emoji is only available in select areas, and users have to opt in to access it.
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    Dissent Was in Style at D.C.’s Pride ParadePhotographer Thomas McCarty captured protesters, Trump impersonators, and lots of rainbows.
  12. more like babashook
    Everyone Went Wild for the Babadook at This Weekend’s Pride FestivitiesNobody can resist that top-hat.
  13. Justin Trudeau Makes History As First Prime Minister to March in Pride ParadeBut hopefully not the last.
  14. music
    The Problem With Attempting Wokeness in 2016Both artists struggled to speak sensitively and articulately about the privileges of whiteness, maleness, and straightness when put on the spot.
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    Stonewall Inn Is Officially Dedicated As a National MonumentThe first national monument to gay rights.
  16. scene stealers
    Street Style: All the Color at New York’s Gay Pride ParadeOrlando on everyone’s minds.
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    Jesse Eisenberg Tells Off Anti-Gay Protesters at London Pride ParadeHis exact words were, “Dude, that’s so f*cked up.”
  18. new york's finest
    NYPD Officer Dancing at Pride Wasn’t Actually a StripperWe’ve come a long way since Stonewall. 
  19. Ian McKellen Is Going to Wear White at Gay PrideAnd he distinctly remembers how he had to declare he wasn’t gay on his visa to enter the U.S. in the ‘60s.
  20. gay pride parade
    Orange Is the New Black Cast Brings Litchfield to NYC’s Pride ParadeThey had a float and everything. 
  21. A Photographic Look at the Birth of Gay Pride“The gay-rights movement has made the leap into being part of our common national history.”
  22. scene stealers
    Street Style: All the Color at New York’s Gay Pride ParadeIt rained on the parade, but no one seemed to mind.
  23. Leftovers
    Jason Dady at City Grit; Gotham’s Vegetarian LunchPlus: crab boil at Ditch Plains, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  24. valentine's day
    Bill Cunningham’s Big Gay HeartA former colleague on Cunningham’s valentines to gay men—and gay history.
  25. Controversies
    New Hampshire’s Only Chick-fil-A Will Sponsor a Gay Pride ParadeLive free or die.
  26. scene stealers
    Stylish Moments From the Gay Pride Parade in New YorkColorful looks on a colorful crowd.
  27. Interviews
    Talking With One of Our City’s Few Gay Male Exec ChefsAs you may know, kitchens tend to be more straight and male, and lesbian.
  28. gays in the military
    Military to Throw Much-Deserved Party for LGBT TroopsThere better be an open bar.
  29. equal rites
    Slideshow: Manhattan Celebrates Gay PrideAnd what a celebration it was.
  30. Where to Eat
    Where to Eat In the Castro and Civic Center During PrideRefer to our list from last year, with a few additions.
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Japanese Pop-up From an Annisa Chef; City Chicken Wants Your Help With CoopsPlus: a beer dinner at Landmarc, a lip-smackin’ Fourth of July barbecue menu in Times Square, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  32. Nightlife
    Beatbox Coming to Former Fat City Digs on 11th StreetThe new nightclub is aiming for a June 25 opening.
  33. Cupmudgeonism
    Cupcakes Fly Their PrideMagnolia’s “Gay Pride Cupcake” probably would have been cooler if it came attached to a charitable cause, but it is pretty cute.
  34. Slideshow: The Gay Pride ParadeThe best photos from Fifth Avenue and the Village on Sunday.
  35. intel
    Proud Gays on Parade! Perhaps you prefer bare male chests to bare female ones? Good news! New York contributor Tim Murphy was in Chelsea yesterday for the 38th annual gay-pride parade. Watch Tim ride a motorcycle. Watch Tim discuss the leather scene. Watch Tim plan a wedding with Christine Quinn. And, perhaps most important, watch Tim chat up some near-naked boys. The video is, well, fabulous. Street Level: Pride March [NYM]
  36. photo op
    Ed Koch Is Doing Poorly Flickrer Boss Tweed sent in this perfectly captioned photo from yesterday: “Former Mayor Ed Koch not happy at the gay pride parade 2007.” Indeed. And why’s Ol’ Ed not happy? Because someone threw something on his shirt, staining it. Otherwise, of course, Koch was just full of gay pride. As always. [Snap a Photo Op–worthy shot? Send it to us at intel@nymag.com.] Gay Pride Parade 2007 NYC [Boss Tweed’s Flickr]
  37. the morning line
    No Congestion Pricing, But… • So Mayor Mike struck out on his congestion-pricing deal as Albany ended the legislative session. But while that plan got all the attention, Bloomberg got a slew of other projects passed: a child-care tax credit, a corporate tax slash, and more state funds for public housing. Huh. [NYP] • Dozens of pissed-off New Yorkers are being bussed to D.C. for a congressional hearing about the Feds’ performance monitoring air quality at ground zero. Jerry Nadler will be the congressman first to grill ex–EPA head Christine Todd Whitman. [amNY] • What Sunday’s pride parade may have lacked in middle-aged, middle-class gays, it more than made up for in a newly prominent demographic: religious groups. Jews, Roman Catholics, Buddhists, and others came dangerously close, in the words of a reveler, to “hijacking the parade.” [WCBS] • The weekend brought a mass gang arrest in Bushwick — 32 kids, the youngest 13 years old, collared on their way to attend a murdered friend’s wake. The gang is supposedly an offshoot of the Bloods, colorfully dubbed the Pretty Boy Family. [NYT] • And now that Fred Thompson seems to be a viable presidential candidate, let’s get all our political advice from Law & Order cast members. Sam Waterston — a.k.a. A.D.A. Jack McCoy — is also the face of the libertarian-flavored online movement Unity08, and he’s ready to vote Bloomberg. [NYDN]
  38. cultural capital
    Junior Vasquez Loves Cher, Will Pass on Cyndi Lauper It’s New York’s 38th Gay Pride celebration this weekend, and even though the official dance is the one held on Pier 54 Sunday night, we thought we’d highlight a certain twelve-hour thump-a-thon occurring the night before. Why? Not only will it be one of the last big nights at that venerable gay mecca, the Roxy, before the structure is torn down next month, it’ll also be presided over by perhaps the biggest D.J. in Gotham history, Junior Vasquez, 57, who just happens to be a big old queen. Tim Murphy talked with Vasquez about the merits of Cher over Cyndi Lauper, today’s gay whippersnappers, and how you stay up all night when you’re no longer on crystal meth.