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Gay Rights

  1. online dating
    OKCupid Wants You to Spurn FirefoxBecause of their new CEO’s stance on gay marriage.
  2. equal rites
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Now a Reality in England and WalesThe first couples tied the knot right after midnight on Friday.
  3. gay rights
    Guinness Pulls Out of St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion of GaysJoining Sam Adams and Heineken.
  4. de mayor
    De Blasio Finds a St. Patrick’s Day Parade He Can March InBut confuses which boroughs are discriminating against gays.
  5. early and often
    Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill“Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value; so is non-discrimination.”
  6. sochi olympics 2014
    Gay Rights Activist Detained Twice in 48 Hours in SochiAfter shouting “It’s okay to be gay!” in the Olympic Park.
  7. Jason Jones Searches Moscow for Signs of Gay Rights Support Last night on The Daily Show, Jason Jones continued his “Sochi-ish” Olympics coverage by interviewing Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Sergey Markov […]
  8. gays in the boy scouts
    How Allowing Gay Boy Scouts Is Like Y2KHuh?
  9. Eat it Too
    Court Rules Bakeries Cannot Refuse Wedding Cakes to Same-Sex CouplesIt’s not really a free-speech issue, the judge says.
  10. gay rights
    Senate Advances Bill Banning Workplace Discrimination Against GaysToo bad Boehner plans to kill it.
  11. gay rights
    Hecklers at the Met Call for Gay Rights in RussiaThe ongoing protest finds a high-profile stage.
  12. interview
    Q&A: The Man Making Gay Porn for CharityMike Kulich is America’s first nonprofit pornographer.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gay Men Attacked in Apparent Chelsea Hate CrimeThis again?
  14. equal rites
    Gay Spouses Are Getting an Estate Tax Refund From New York Thanks to the recent Supreme Court case.
  15. scary things
    Gay-Rights Activist Latest Target of City’s Anti-LGBT ViolenceEugene Lovendusky says he was punched in the face near Times Square.
  16. gays in the boy scouts
    Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Youth, Will Continue Excluding Gay AdultsNeither side is thrilled with the plan.
  17. immigration reform
    Senate Committee Passes Immigration Bill, Minus Protections for Gay CouplesThough the bill now contains “rank discrimination,” Schumer still supports it.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gay-Rights Supporters March to Protest Mark Carson’s MurderThough the suspect’s family insists it wasn’t a hate crime.
  19. progress
    New York State Senator Wants to Ban Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy for Kids Brad Hoylman thinks its time to follow California’s lead.
  20. blog-stained wretches
    Guess Who’s Supporting Gay Rights NowStarts with a “Huff” and ends in “Post.”
  21. Equal Opportunity Burritos
    Chipotle Withdraws Sponsorship From Boy Scouts EventBut gives a Chick-fil-A–loving athlete free burritos for life.
  22. gay rights
    Edith Windsor’s Pioneering Life, From Portofino to the Supreme CourtThe woman at the center of the Supreme Court case that could strike down the Defense of Marriage Act shares exclusive photos from her life with wife Thea Spyer.
  23. Equality
    Lesbian Couple Accepts Duff Goldman’s Wedding Cake; Meanwhile, BusinessIs this a violation of the Oregon Equality Act?
  24. Equality
    Duff Goldman Offers to Bake for Lesbian Couple That Experienced DiscriminationAce of Cakes to the rescue.
  25. gays in the boy scouts
    The Boy Scouts’ Gay-Ban Meeting Is Going to Be a SceneA vote on the organization-wide ban is scheduled for Wednesday.
  26. gays in the boy scouts
    Rick Perry Wants You to Know He’s Against Gays in the Boy ScoutsBut all for non-sexualized character building.
  27. the american dream
    Fight Over Same-Sex Couples Could Complicate Immigration Reform [Updated]Enjoy the optimism while it lasts.
  28. Gay Rights
    Restaurant Owner Gives an Anti-Gay Letter to Lesbian CustomersHow to lose customers and alienate people.
  29. early and awkward
    Obama Managed to Find Another Inauguration Pastor Who Thinks Gay People Are EvilLouie Giglio is the new Rick Warren.
  30. bons mots
    Cambodian Prime Minister Makes World’s Best Appeal for Gay ToleranceIt has something to do with “racing vehicles.”
  31. election night
    Gay Marriage, Legal Pot Lead Liberal-Pleasing Election Night [Updated]But not every lefty cause won.
  32. progress
    California Bans Therapy That Aims to Turn Gay Kids StraightThe practice will be “relegated to the dustbin of quackery,” says Governor Brown.
  33. here comes honey boo boo
    Behold Honey Boo Boo’s Auto-Tuned Pro-Gay AnthemJimmy Kimmel has turned her offhanded comment into a rainbow rallying cry.
  34. One Million Moms Is Taking on ‘The New Normal’; Is the WorstOne Million Moms is a group of about 40,000 (not one million) bigot moms who aspire to make sure their kids grow up with completely intolerant, […]
  35. gays in the military
    Military to Throw Much-Deserved Party for LGBT TroopsThere better be an open bar.
  36. equal rites
    Obama Enjoys Perks of Gay Marriage Shift at Hollywood LGBT Fund-raisersObama parties with Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Murphy from ‘Glee’.
  37. Todd Glass Films Powerful PSA to Support Gay Youths Earlier this year, Todd Glass came out on WTF. He explained much of the impetus in doing so was to set an example and to communicate to kids […]
  38. ‘All in the Family’ and the First Gay Sitcom CharacterIn February 1971, All in the Family became the first sitcom to bring a gay man into America’s wallpapered, shag-carpeted, plaid-couched living […]
  39. How a Serbian Comedy Is Fighting Homophobia Throughout the BalkansSerbian director Srdjan Dragojevic’s latest film, Parada, is about a “homosexual couple who wants to organize a gay pride parade in Belgrade, […]
  40. stuck in the mittle
    ‘Progressive’ Mitt Romney Supported Abortion, Gay Rights Openly in 2002The Internet has the documents to prove it.
  41. same-sex marriage
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Still Political PoisonCandidates still haven’t caught up with public opinion.
  42. don't ask don't tell
    Not Telling: Why I Won’t Come Out to My TroopsA platoon leader explains why the repeal of DADT hasn’t changed things for her.
  43. gay rights
    ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Officially Ends TonightSoldiers may now serve “with the dignity and respect they deserve.”
  44. early and often
    Dov Hikind Hates Gay Marriage So Much He’s Willing to Suspend Party AllegianceIn the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in the House, Hikind’s considering supporting Republican Bob Turner.
  45. equal rites
    Roughly One in Four New York City Newlyweds is GayAugust is a busy month for weddings.
  46. republican woodstock
    CPAC Banning Gays for Real This Time AroundSo much for a broad conservative coalition.
  47. how do you solve a problem like santorum
    Dan Savage Threatens to Re-Define Rick Santorum’s First Name, Too“And if there’s crying … “
  48. equal rites
    New York State Challenges DOMAThat was quick.
  49. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann’s Home District Is a Nexus for Teen SuicideGay kids, or kids perceived to be gay, are having a really hard time there.
  50. equal rites
    First Lawsuit to Overturn Marriage Equality in New York Already StymiedThanks, Fred Dicker!
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