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  1. diplomacy
    John Kerry Seems Frustrated by Israel’s Gaza Strategy A hot-mike moment.
  2. cable news news
    CNN Reassigns Reporter Who Called Israelis Cheering Bombs ‘Scum’ in TweetDiana Magnay has been removed from Gaza.
  3. war in the middle east
    Gaza Cease-fire Fails MiserablyIsrael resumes attacks after Palestinian militants fail to comply.
  4. international affairs
    Gaza Rockets Hit Israel During Obama’s VisitThe president was miles away.
  5. peace in the middle east
    Israel and Hamas Agree to Cease-fireThe announcement was made by Hillary Clinton.
  6. peace in the middle east
    Tel Aviv Rocked by Bus BombingMemories of the second intifada.
  7. international affairs
    As Clinton Meets With Netanyahu, Hopes for a Quick Cease-fire Fall ThroughDespite claims that an end to the violence was imminent.
  8. peace in the middle east
    Is Cease-fire Close in the Middle East?Egypt’s president thinks one will happen today.
  9. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Deployed to Middle East to End Gaza ConflictJust wrapping up some loose ends during her final days in office.
  10. international affairs
    Israel ‘Prepared’ for Conflict ExpansionSunday airstrikes killed 11 people and wounded journalists in Gaza.
  11. media
    Murdoch Criticizes ‘Jewish Owned Press’ [Update]Helpful.
  12. international affairs
    Airstrike Levels Hamas Prime Minister’s OfficesMeanwhile, Hamas fired rockets at Tel Aviv.
  13. international intrigue
    Israel Appears to Be Preparing Invasion of GazaThe Middle East is getting crazier.
  14. israel
    Eight Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza StripWomp-womp.
  15. israel
    Netanyahu: ‘Israel Plans to Ease Blockade of Gaza’ to Specified Items“There is a green light approval for all goods to enter into Gaza except for military items.”
  16. international intrigue
    Israel to Ease Gaza Blockade a SmidgePalestine is not impressed.
  17. flotilla fallout
    Schumer Believes Gaza Flotilla May Be Connected to Al Qaeda’The American people and the world deserve the full story.’
  18. israel
    Israel Blocks Another Gaza-Bound Ship“Israel needs to understand that we are not going to stop until they stop the blockade.”
  19. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Evangeline Lilly Could Be the Next Dr. SeussPlus, Jon Stewart likens the Israeli flotilla raid to a south-of-the-border birthday tradition, minus the candy, on our regular late-night roundup.
  20. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
  21. good ol' common sense
    New War Reporter Joe the Plumber Thinks War Reporting Is UnnecessaryWe’re glad your fifteen minutes haven’t run out, Joe.
  22. early and awesome
    Joe the Plumber Is Going to Get to the Bottom of the War in GazaBecause a serious issue deserves serious coverage.
  23. Openings
    Thanks to Go!Go! Curry, ‘#55 Alive’ in the East Village Go!Go! Curry caused curry craziness in midtown when its store opened there, and now it’s poised to open at noon (oh, sorry, 11:55 a.m.) in the East Village this Saturday. Or you can try to, ahem, curry favor with the restaurant and get invited to the opening party from 5:55 p.m. till 7:55 p.m. on Friday. You’ll remember Go!Go! is a little fixated on Matsui’s number, 55, and that’s why they’ll be offering 55 cent curries to their first 555 customers. High five! Er, fifty-five? GoGo Curry, 117 Second Ave, at 7th St., 212-777-1086