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Gender Gap

  1. #metoo
    How Would We Deal With Bill Clinton If Hillary Had Won?On the 42nd president’s 73rd birthday, he’s probably chafing at being forgotten, but as First Gentlemen, he could have been experiencing a nightmare.
  2. sexism
    Democratic Women Fear America Not Ready for a Woman As PresidentIt may take a midterm win driven by women to convince Democrats that it’s not risky to run a woman against Trump in 2020.
  3. Giant Gender Gap Opening Up Among Younger VotersWe think of “young voters” as a strongly pro-Democratic demographic. But that’s really just young women.
  4. gender gap
    Study Confirms There Are Few Female Studio Executives, But You Already Knew ThatTalent agency scorecards are also bad, while TV studios are closer to gender parity.
  5. gender
    Why Some Women Aren’t Excited About Leadership PositionsResearch suggests that sexism in hiring can’t explain the entire gender gap in leadership positions — there’s other stuff going on, too.
  6. female directors
    Only One Broadcast Drama Pilot Will Employ a Female Director This YearThings aren’t improving for female TV directors.
  7. everyday sexism
    Here’s One Reason Why Women Are Underrepresented in PoliticsIt starts at the local level.
  8. can u not
    Another Way White Men Are Ruining It for the Rest of UsThey’re overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump.
  9. the industry
    Sherlock Directed by Woman for First TimeAn episode that actually airs, that is.
  10. testing
    Can Anyone Name a Female Director Besides Ava DuVernay?Try to name three.
  11. domesticities
    The Housework Gender Gap (Kind of) Evens Out After RetirementAccording to a new study. 
  12. inequality
    There Are Fewer Lead Roles for Women in Hollywood: StudyDespite the popularity of films like Gone Girl, The Hunger Games, and Divergent.
  13. fun and games
    There Are Secret Gender Messages in Crossword PuzzlesGender disparity in game form.
  14. scoops
    Notes on Being a Female Reporter in the 1970sNina Totenberg remembers.
  15. problem solving
    Brown University Trying to Fix Wikipedia’s Gender GapEdit-a-thons?
  16. leaning in
    Study: Women Still Worried About Maternity LeaveAnd half said they’d lie about a pregnancy.
  17. gender gap
    Early Puberty: Not Just for Girls AnymoreModern world, you’re to blame.
  18. broadminded
    Women Govern Differently Than Men — They’re BetterCrunching the data on America’s female politicians.
  19. bummers
    Britain Opposes EU Law to Put Women in BoardroomsAlong with eight other countries. 
  20. service economy
    Men and Women Prefer to Be Touched by WomenNo glass ceiling here. 
  21. no he cain't
    Cain Makes Awkward Statement About WomenNice work today, Herman Cain. 
  22. hollywood
    USC Study Confirms Gender Inequality in FilmTo the surprise of no one, a USC study finds that women are underrepresented on the big screen.
  23. she works hard for the money
    All the Single Ladies … Are Closing the Paycheck GapShoulda putta a ring on it.