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  1. chat room
    Asia Kate Dillon on Billions, Nonbinary Gender Identity, and Making TV HistoryDillon is the first nonbinary actor to play a nonbinary character on television.
  2. relationships
    Let’s Stop Treating the Divorce Rate Like the Crime Rate“We don’t know … if we’re measuring a problem, or some kind of healthy churning.”
  3. gender
    (Only) Men Earn Way More Money From Going to Fancy SchoolsWomen who went to the best schools earned as much as men who went to the worst schools.
  4. wrinkles in time
    Aging Is Feminizing Me and I Hate ItIt is not my body anymore and then it is.
  5. implicit sexism
    Maybe Clinton Lost Because of Implicit Sexism, but the IAT Can’t Prove ItSome researchers are claiming that implicit association test scores can help explain gender-bias-driven voting behavior. They probably can’t.
  6. media
    The Shows You Watch Build Your Perception of the WorldFriends versus Little Mosque on the Prairie.
  7. gender
    Men’s Refusal to Do ‘Women’s Work’ Shows How the Patriarchy Wounds EverybodyWhat happens when all the growing occupations are “for women”?
  8. gender
    New York City Issues America’s First Intersex Birth CertificateA victory for gender rights.
  9. Kansas University Is Offering Gender-Pronoun Buttons to StudentsIt’s part of a new university effort called “You Belong Here.”
  10. Scientists Think That Female Scientists Are the Most Trustworthy“Not all researchers are equally upstanding.”
  11. evolutionary psychology
    Not All Critiques of Evolutionary Psychology Are Created EqualIt’s important to separate good-faith critics of specific arguments from those who deny evolution can explain any sex differences.
  12. A Brief Reminder That Paternal Leave Is the Last Bastion of the PatriarchyTime off cuts both ways.
  13. Yes, PMS IS Real — and So Is Our Tendency to Ignore Women’s PainWhat that Slate article leaves out.
  14. money
    Here Are the Women With the Greatest ‘Motherhood Penalty’We’re talking lifelong earning potential.
  15. When Infectious-Disease Rates Go Down, Gender Equality Goes UpA new study on how germs shape our society.
  16. Men Are More Likely to Be Sexually Attracted to Their Opposite Sex FriendsAt least when they’re college students.
  17. Why There Are Way More “Nasty Women” Than MenSpoiler alert: It might have to do with structural sexism.
  18. Locker-Room Talk Is the Glue of the ‘Fratriarchy’It’s the lingua franca of the old boys’ club.
  19. Maternal Regret Is a Taboo We Need to Examine“I wonder if my accomplishments would be more spectacular.”
  20. A Bunch of Female Lions Have Turned Into Male Lions, Sort OfIt’s a really strange case that might involve testosterone.
  21. What Fashion Anthropologists Think About the Relentless Cargo-Shorts BoomThere’s a lot going on in those pockets.
  22. America Is Built to Breed Elite Workaholic MenAs American as apple pie.
  23. Breadwinning Men Are More Anxious and Less HealthyBringing home the bacon is a health risk.
  24. Men Are Way More Likely to Cite Themselves As an ExpertA mansplanation.
  25. In Seismic Domestic Reversal, Men Are Cooking a Lot More These DaysBut are they wearing aprons?
  26. gender dysphoria
    What’s Missing From the Conversation About Transgender KidsIf you don’t know what desistance is, you’re leaving out an important part of the story.
  27. If You Want Less Police Violence, Hire More Female CopsBetween culture, biology, and psychology, men are more aggressive. Especially when doing police work.
  28. Why Canada Should Make IDs Gender Neutral — and America Should, Too“Part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice.”
  29. Girls’ and Boys’ Names Literally Sound DifferentDoes yours vibrate the vocal cords?
  30. cut cover story
    Think Gender Is Performance? You Have Judith Butler to Thank for That.The radical theorist who spawned a gender-queer nation — and became a pop celebrity in the process.
  31. beta male
    How Years of Macho Food Marketing Is Killing MenAnyone for seconds?
  32. gender
    Oregon Allows Person to Legally Declare As Neither GenderA petition to be classified as a nonbinary was passed in the state.
  33. Sweden Has More Men Than Women for the First Time in Recorded HistoryThe next step: patriarchal wasteland.
  34. surprise!
    This Woman Is Clearly Shocked at Baby’s GenderThat face — surprise!
  35. gender dysphoria
    How Gender Dysphoria Affected Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! As a Performer“The idea of having to fill that role was crushing to me, and it got to the point where being onstage I didn’t know who I was.”
  36. but we're both equally annoying
    If You Want a Woman’s Real Opinion, Check Her FacebookA new study found women are just as assertive on social media as men.
  37. moral panics
    What Is Utah’s Anti-Porn Craze Really About?One scholar doesn’t think it has much to do with actual public-health concerns.
  38. How America Became Infatuated With a Cartoonish Idea of ‘Alpha Males’The old alpha-male idea is dying, but its adherents aren’t going quietly.
  39. beta male
    How America Became Infatuated With a Cartoonish Idea of ‘Alpha Males’The old alpha-male idea is dying, but its adherents aren’t going quietly.
  40. Donald Trump
    Can Primatology Explain the Gender Component of Trump vs. Clinton?A lot of the time, the complexity of culture defeats simple human-to-chimp comparisons.
  41. Perhaps There’s a Reason ‘Storyteller’ Became a Twitter-Bio ClichéTwo psychologists investigate the allure of the word.
  42. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Do Men Even Want to Date Women?Making yourself feel superior to other women is not a good look.
  43. Interviews
    Dominique Crenn Named ‘Best Female Chef’“I’m looking at the award this way: We still need to do a lot of work.”
  44. Here’s an Overhyped Study About Video-Game Violence and MisogynySometimes the headline doesn’t match what was actually published.
  45. gender
    How Religion Can Help Explain the Wage GapSometimes researchers ignore stuff that’s a pretty big deal.
  46. sex
    It’s Important to Understand the Truth About Men Who Like Coercive SexAs a column in the Globe and Mail explains, it’s easy – and dangerous – to overestimate how easy it is to change someone’s sexual tendencies.
  47. motherhood
    Buy Your Son a Doll TodayWhy baby dolls are good for kids, regardless of gender.
  48. What Sexual Harassment Does to Female GamersA new study suggests there are important differences between sexualized online harassment and the “normal” variety.
  49. studies
    You’re a Female Coder? Great, Don’t Tell AnyoneTo get the recognition you deserve, hide your gender!
  50. gender
    Having a Daughter Makes You More Likely to Support HillaryNot having one makes you less likely.
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