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  1. Suburbicon Is Schizoid, Sanctimonious PulpTo sum up my feelings about Suburbicon on the fly: Huh?
  2. harvey weinstein
    George Clooney on Harvey Weinstein Scandal: ‘I Want to Know Who Knew’The Suburbicon director wants to know why it took so long for this story to come out.
  3. the harvey weinstein case
    Matt Damon Admits What He Knew About Harvey WeinsteinIn an interview with George Clooney, Damon said he knew Weinstein harassed Gwyneth Paltrow.
  4. harvey weinstein
    Stop Mentioning Your Daughters When You Denounce Harvey WeinsteinYou don’t need a daughter to feel guilty for working with a man you later found out was a sexual predator. You just need a conscience.
  5. you know what i heard
    What Did George Clooney Know About Harvey Weinstein?And more Weinstein rumors in this week’s gossip column.
  6. the industry
    A-listers Denounce Weinstein’s ‘Vile’ History of Alleged Sexual HarassmentGeorge Clooney and Ben Affleck join Kate Winslet, Judi Dench, and more in speaking out against the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  7. celebrity poetry
    George Clooney Wrote a Poem About America for the Daily BeastIt’s a prayer about the NFL-kneeling protests.
  8. tiff2017
    George Clooney Is Ready for the Next Stage of His Career: Kissing All the Guys“I have lots of room to grow here.”
  9. celebrity politics
    George Clooney Wants You to Remember That Steve Bannon Is a Failed Screenwriter“He’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my ass to get me to do one of his stupid-ass screenplays.”
  10. good things
    George and Amal Clooney Took in a Yazidi RefugeeThe pair are supporting him while he pursues a college degree.
  11. buddies
    George Clooney Is Casual Texting Buddies With President ObamaThe Suburbicon director says the texts aren’t “Scaramucci-racy.”
  12. hurricane harvey
    All the Stars (Including Beyoncé) Set to Appear on Hurricane Harvey TelethonProceeds will go to groups providing relief in Houston.
  13. George and Amal Clooney Didn’t Mind Having Their Picture Taken This WeekendThe glamorous couple appeared at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of George’s new film, Suburbicon.
  14. celebrity
    George Clooney Now Cleans Up Baby Barf Instead of His Own Barf“It used to be my barf, but now it’s the twins’ barf,” said Clooney of his newfound paternal duties. “So it all works out.”
  15. George Clooney Threatens to Sue Paparazzi for Taking Photos of His Twins“The safety of our children demands it,” he said.
  16. Suburbicon Trailer: Matt Damon and Oscar Isaac Tear Up the NeighborhoodDirected by George Clooney and written by the Coen Brothers.
  17. james patterson
    Bill Clinton and James Patterson Courting A-List Directors to Adapt Their NovelClinton and co-writer James Patterson are reportedly holding meetings with J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and more.
  18. 6 Pictures of Caesar From Planet of the Apes With a Caesar HaircutThis post features famous computer ape Caesar with the ’90s haircut known as the Caesar. Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  19. Brad Pitt’s Breakout Role in Thelma and Louise Almost Went to Robert Downey Jr.The casting directors thought RDJ was too short next to Geena Davis.
  20. news you can booze
    George Clooney Is Selling His Tequila Company for Around $1 Billion“We’ll still be very much a part of Casamigos. Starting with a shot tonight. Maybe two.”
  21. Here’s the Cute Story of How Amal and George Clooney MetGeorge’s parents were there when it happened.
  22. Amal Clooney Gives Birth to Twins With Beautiful, Average NamesAnd George makes a joke.
  23. notable quotables
    George Clooney Dings Donald Trump With Edward R. Murrow’s Words on McCarthyismEdward R. Murrow and political activism, two of George Clooney’s favorite things!
  24. those elites!
    George Clooney Wants to Remind You That Trump and Bannon Are Hollywood Elitists“Steve Bannon is a failed film writer.”
  25. George Clooney Says He’s ‘Really Excited’ to Have Twins at Age 56George spoke to the press about Amal’s pregnancy for the first time.
  26. pregnancies
    George and Amal Clooney Are Expecting TwinsThe future Carter twins’ best friends are due in June.
  27. r.i.p.
    NCIS: Los Angeles Actor Miguel Ferrer Dead at 61Ferrer died of cancer on Thursday.
  28. let’s get political
    George Clooney Blasts Donald Trump for Criticizing Meryl Streep’s Globes Speech“Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?”
  29. 2017 rumors
    Could Amal Clooney Be Pregnant With Twins?Lebanon’s Daily Star reports the first wild rumor of the year.
  30. in development
    George Clooney Developing ‘White Helmets’ MovieBased on The White Helmets Netflix documentary.
  31. lost classics
    On Gates of Fire, Michael Mann’s Stalled EpicLike the brave, doomed Spartans at Thermopylae who managed to hold off the Persians long enough, the film might have kept Zack Snyder from making 300.
  32. hot shot
    George Clooney’s Dog Has the Best LifeThe theme of this week is definitely celebrities carrying their dogs like babies.
  33. normal nyc stuff
    Of Course George and Amal Clooney Can Afford NYC Real EstateThey’re buying a deluxe apartment in the midtown sky.
  34. Amal Isn’t Too Impressed When George Clooney Tries His Hand at CookingMaybe leave it to the chefs, George.
  35. brangelina divorce
    Watch George Clooney Learn About His Buddy Brad Pitt’s Divorce in an InterviewClooney seemed at a loss for words.
  36. married life
    The Exact Moment Amal Clooney Realized She SettledFree Amal.
  37. People Reporter Quits With Crazy-Gossipy EmailShe says J.Lo once “kind of spat” on her.
  38. the industry
    Clooney, Making a Murderer Creators Teaming UpFor your daily dosage of Clooney.
  39. cool pope watch
    George Clooney’s Italian Is Better Than Leo’sHe proved it while meeting the Pope in Rome this weekend.
  40. yes we cannes
    The Best Beauty Looks From CannesFrom the sunniest red carpet of the year.
  41. George Clooney Knows He’s the Dumb One in His RelationshipHe says he feels “like an idiot” talking to his wife, Amal. 
  42. The Sanders Campaign Accuses Clinton of Violating Campaign-Finance LawsThe senator’s campaign says Clinton used a partnership with state parties to subvert legal limits on individual contributions. FEC filings suggest they’re right.
  43. pranks
    George Clooney Pranked Jack O’Connell, BarelyClooney’s just phoning it in.
  44. filmmakers
    Don Cheadle Got Directing Advice From ClooneyIt involves push-ups.
  45. double standards
    Male Actor Discovers ‘Aging’Clooney is 54, which means he only has about 20 good years left. Tragic.
  46. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Pre-Oscars Mean TweetsJimmy brings in the best of the A-list in his latest selection.
  47. movie review
    The Coen Brothers’ Star-Packed Hail, Caesar! Feels Overdeliberate This milieu begs for a loose, scattershot tone, one in which every line isn’t archly parodic.
  48. never have i ever
    Rihanna and Clooney Play Never Have I EverIt’s all very vague.
  49. last night on late night
    Watch George Clooney Rap in This E.R. ReunionThank God for hip-hop.
  50. #oscarssowhite
    Even George Clooney Knows the Oscars Are White As Hell This Year“We’re moving in the wrong direction.”
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