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George Costanza

  1. the timeless art of seduction
    Australia Has a George Costanza–Themed BarWill it serve Junior Mints?
  2. seinfeld
    What If George Costanza Was in a Lifetime Movie?A fan-made video imagines George Costanza mourning the death of Susan as a sappy, sentimental movie.
  3. Jason Alexander Feels a Little Bad About Telling the World Heidi Swedberg […]Yesterday on The Howard Stern Show, guest Jason Alexander opened up about working with Heidi Swedberg, who played his on-and-off girlfriend and […]
  4. stuck in the middle
    Philosophical Teachings of George Costanza Continue to Influence Romney CampaignRomney will “do the opposite” of Obama on Israel, too. 
  5. life imitating seinfeld
    Mitt Romney Increasingly Modeling Campaign on Life of George CostanzaNow he’s doing “the opposite.”
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Seven Other Seinfeld Quotes That Apply to Mitt Romney“You’re going to really see me being a phony, now. I hope you can take this.”
  7. the donald
    Donald Trump’s George Costanza ProblemWhy Trump HAS to run now, lest he get caught in a lie.
  8. I’d pay to go see Lärrydavhead open for ConstanzigThe first offering from Aye Jay’s Pop Sub Print Club is a series of four 7-inch screenprints, all based on comedians. You’ve got BillHicksFits, […]