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  1. early and often
    House Republicans Move to Avoid Santos Expulsion VoteThe House voted to have the Ethics Committee consider a measure to expel George Santos — so he won’t be getting kicked out anytime soon.
  2. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Confesses to Theft to Settle Charges in BrazilA day after he was indicted on federal charges in the U.S., Santos struck a deal with authorities in Brazil to avoid prosecution over stolen checks.
  3. the talented mr. santos
    Here’s Every Single Lie Told by George SantosNavigating the many exaggerations and falsehoods the New York congressman, who has now been arrested on federal criminal charges.
  4. early and often
    Why Kevin McCarthy Won’t Drop the Hammer on George SantosThe Speaker needs Santos’s vote to hang on to his gavel. But letting the fabulist become the face of New York Republicans is perilous, too.
  5. the talented mr. santos
    Santos Not Sure He’ll Win Reelection After Charges: Live UpdatesFeds say he defrauded contributors to pay for designer clothes and much, much more.
  6. long island
    Have You Seen the Courthouse Where George Santos Surrendered?Richard Meier’s behemoth is the Death Star of the Southern State Parkway.
  7. early and often
    How Democrats Are Thinking About the Santos SeatNo matter who the Republican is next year, it’s a must-win race for both parties.
  8. the talented mr. santos
    Santos Allegedly Used Fraud to Pay for Designer ClothesThe congressman is charged with, among other things, lying to campaign contributors to fund his expensive tastes.
  9. early and often
    George Santos Thinks He Can Win?He’s running for reelection despite being incredibly unpopular and under a variety of investigations.
  10. politics
    George Santos Wants to Do This AgainThe biggest liar in Congress has filed paperwork for reelection.
  11. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos’s Nasty Twitter Battle With Fellow New York RepublicansAnthony D’Esposito has a bill to keep Santos, a fellow Republican, from profiting off his lies. It sparked a war of words that quickly got personal.
  12. stop the presses
    George Santos, MAGA ‘It’ GirlVish Burra, the congressman’s “director of operations,” met me on Staten Island to explain the plan to make Santos … president?
  13. the talented mr. santos
    A Huge Majority of Voters in George Santos’s Own District Think He Should ResignIn a poll, 78 percent of voters from the Third Congressional District say they’ve seen enough of their representative.
  14. politics
    George Santos Wants to Make the AR-15 America’s ‘National Gun’The congressman took a break from giving interviews about his many lies to co-sponsor a bill that would honor the weapon used in many mass shootings.
  15. coming clean
    George Santos: I ‘Didn’t Think’ I’d Get CaughtThe congressman gives essentially the only explanation for lying about his entire life.
  16. the talented mr. santos
    Sinema Says George Santos Lied About Her Comforting Him After Romney SpatThe congressman said Kyrsten Sinema consoled him following Mitt Romney’s failed attempt to shame him. Her spokesperson says that’s “a lie.”
  17. the never-ending grift
    Did George Santos Rip Off Amish Dog Breeders With Bad Checks?The congressional scammer caught a charge in 2017 for allegedly writing bogus checks to dog breeders in Pennsylvania Amish country.
  18. web of lies?
    Of All the Broadway Musicals for George Santos to Claim…He reportedly lied about producing the notorious flop Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.
  19. horrible bosses
    Working for George Santos Is As Crazy As It SoundsA former aide recorded his conversation with the congressman as he was getting fired. Santos wasn’t all that nice about it.
  20. chat room
    Nelson Franklin Is Thankful He’s Not the ‘Uglier George Santos”Comedy’s go-to That Guy discusses appearing in — or auditioning for — most of your favorite sitcoms.
  21. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Commemorates Holocaust After Lying About ItThe U.S. representative, who doesn’t actually have Jewish heritage but may have made antisemitic remarks, gave a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  22. the talented mr. santos
    What George Santos Was Really Like as a Roommate“He was home all day.”
  23. i call shade
    Trixie Mattel Battles Drag Race Stan in the Twitter ColiseumGeorge Santos had fun at a festival and watching All Stars 3.
  24. the talented mr. santos
    There Is One Thing George Santos Didn’t Lie AboutOne of New York’s first COVID-19 cases is now a U.S. representative.
  25. last night on late night
    The Many George Santoses of Late NightBowen Yang, Jon Lovitz, Harvey Guillén, and Nelson Franklin all took a stab.
  26. the talented mr. santos
    Is George Santos Also Kitara Ravache?Old friends say the congressman competed in drag pageants in Brazil but “did not have what it takes to be a professional.” The shade!
  27. santos body count
    George Santos Reportedly Stole From Fund for Disabled Vet’s Dying DogA new low in Santos’s long history of alleged scams.
  28. the talented mr. santos
    The Luckiest Liar in PoliticsHow George Santos outran the truth.
  29. early and often
    Republicans Start Turning on George Santos“A campaign of deceit, lies, and fabrication.”
  30. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Briefly Mystifies D.C. With Resignation RemarkIt’s never boring with this guy.
  31. mysteries
    Why Can’t We Figure Out Where Politicians Live?Lester Chang and George Santos are just the latest.
  32. tremendous content
    Two Truths and a Lie About George Santos’s First Day in D.C.Let’s play a game: Can you guess which statement about the fibbing freshman’s awkward Capitol Hill debut is totally made up?
  33. politics
    George Santos’s Mother Did Not Die on 9/11As the Congressman-elect’s lies pile up, Attorney General Letitia James and the Nassau County DA’s office have opened investigations.
  34. george santos
    George Santos Admits He Lied a Lot. But Maybe Not About Everything!The Long Island fabulist got away with inventing an identity thanks to his prior obscurity. But he’s not obscure anymore.
  35. politics
    What Hasn’t George Santos Lied About?A new report suggests George Santos lied about his family escaping anti-Jewish persecution in Europe during World War II.
  36. politics
    A Newly Elected Congressman Seems to Have Made Up His Life StoryThe New York Times discovered that Long Island’s George Santos is not who he claims to be.
  37. the national interest
    Grifter Congressman George Santos Writes Hilarious Non-DenialA line-by-line examination of the nonresponse.