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  1. trailer mix
    Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer: Who Ya Gonna Reboot?This franchise! With Paul Rudd!
  2. casting
    Bill Murray May Have Answered the Call for Ghostbusters SequelAccording to Dan Aykroyd, at least.
  3. sequels
    Ghostbusters, an Ageless Comedy, Adds Paul Rudd, an Ageless Comedian“When I heard they were going to call me, well, as you can imagine, I nearly slimed myself.”
  4. i am not afraid of any ghost
    Sigourney Weaver Is In for Ghostbusters 3There is Dana, but is there Zuul?
  5. casting
    Carrie Coon and Finn Wolfhard Get the Call for Jason Reitman’s GhostbustersReitman’s new movie is set in the same world as the originals.
  6. dick moves
    Jason Reitman’s New Ghostbusters Movie Does Not Make Leslie Jones Feel Good“It’s like something Trump will do.”
  7. movies
    Jason Reitman Is Making an Original Ghostbusters SequelIt’s different than a reboot.
  8. How Harold Ramis and Bill Murray Ended Their FeudIt involved doughnuts.
  9. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: March 2018Martin Scorsese’s Casino, a documentary about the Flint water crisis, and much more.
  10. good one podcast
    Paul Feig Says Ghostbusters Becoming a ‘Cause’ Hurt Its ComedyOn this week’s Good One: A Podcast About Jokes, Paul Feig discusses finding his comedic balance on Spy and how Ghostbusters threw it off.
  11. vulture festival la 2017
    Paul Feig Regrets That His Ghostbusters Remake Became a ‘Cause’“It was only supposed to be there to entertain people.”
  12. 30 Movies to Watch If You Like Stranger ThingsFrom Akira to Under the Skin.
  13. Tig Notaro Can’t Tell the Difference Between TV Tig and Real-Life TigHer One Mississippi co-star John Rothman also reveals which of his Ghostbusters co-stars is Notaro’s comedy twin.
  14. where's the beef?
    Sony Debunks Dan Aykroyd’s Claims About the Reboot’s Expensive ReshootsAykroyd recently went after director Paul Feig for spending too much money on the film.
  15. Dan Aykroyd Says Paul Feig Spent Too Much on ‘Ghostbusters’: ‘He Will Not […]According to Dan Aykroyd, a sequel to 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot is not in the cards, and Aykroyd isn’t shying away from putting all the blame […]
  16. beefin'
    Dan Aykroyd Calls Out Director Paul Feig Over the Ghostbusters RebootThe original Ghostbusters star claimed Feig “will not be back on the Sony lot anytime soon.”
  17. banned films
    The Weirdest Reasons Why American Movies Have Been Censored Around the WorldKeep your ghosts and your cannibalism out of China, please.
  18. r.i.p.
    Character Actress Alice Drummond Dead at 88The diminutive star of Ace Ventura and Ghostbusters had a long, interesting career.
  19. three's a trend
    Let’s Call a Moratorium on Inter-Dimensional Portals in Movies, Shall We?Doctor Strange is the latest in a recent line of plot wormholes.
  20. Watch Kate McKinnon’s Ghostbusters OuttakesSit back with your yogurt and enjoy.
  21. Kate McKinnon’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Outtakes Are an Absolute DelightNow that Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray, there’s an extra special treat for fans of the wonderful Kate […]
  22. Kate McKinnon on Hillary, SNL, and Masterminds“Her laugh is very distinctive, so I will do that walking through the halls.”
  23. summer movies 2016
    Why Bad Moms Succeeded Where Ghostbusters FailedAnd why Sausage Party did better than Neighbors 2.
  24. Ghostbusters May Be Facing a $70 Million Box-Office LossBut Sony says loss calculation is “way off.”
  25. ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Unlikely to Score Sequel After Box Office Losses Congratulations, internet, you did it! Following the months-long outrage campaign against this summer’s projected smash hit, the […]
  26. tiny troll hunter
    Leslie Jones Got a Fan Letter From a Wise Child “They’re just jealous. You’re a Ghostbuster and they’re not.”
  27. close reads
    Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and the Value of Less Advance HypeStranger Things, unlike most of this year’s summer movies, is still generating conversation online. And it’s doing it without months of excessive hype.
  28. We Followed Twitter Pariah and Gamergate Hero Milo Yiannopoulos Around the RNC“It was the best thing they could ever have done for me,” Yiannopoulos says about the Twitter ban.
  29. the end of men
    The Supreme Court, Reddit, and 9 Other Things in Need of an All-Lady RebootInspired by Ghostbusters.
  30. online harassment
    After Racist Trolling, Leslie Jones Is Back on Twitter“Who else is gonna livetweet Game of Thrones!!”
  31. special effects
    Why Ghostbusters Looks So Unusual in 3-DDid you notice that the ghosts were “breaking” the frame?
  32. trolls
    Dan Aykroyd Weighs In on Leslie Jones’s Trolls“They’re insignificant gnats, they’re losers, they have no lives of their own …”
  33. the internet
    Twitter Says It’s Handling Leslie Jones’s Trolls“We realize we still have a lot of work in front of us before Twitter is where it should be on how we handle these issues.”
  34. twitter trolls
    Leslie Jones Bombarded by Racist Trolls All for Starring in a Blockbuster MovieThe amount of vitriol is shocking.
  35. box office futures
    Ghostbusters’ Main Problem Is That Sony Wanted It to Be a Marvel MovieIn the end, it’s the same thing it was always going to be: a very expensive comedy.
  36. $$$$$
    Ghostbusters Didn’t Win the U.S. Box Office This WeekendSecond place isn’t bad, right?
  37. i ain't afraid of no ghosts
    Why You Should See Ghostbusters Opening WeekendWhen it comes to diversifying Hollywood, your dollars matter much more than usual over the next few days.
  38. ghostbusters
    Why Ghostbusters Cut One of Chris Hemsworth’s Biggest ScenesIt was “the biggest decision of my life,” says director Paul Feig.
  39. jokes
    Ghostbusters Is Helped by a YouTube-Comment JokeIt serves as a pressure-release valve for audiences.
  40. right-click
    Zayn Already Made Two More New Songs for YouOne’s with Snakehips; the other is featured on the Ghostbusters soundtrack.
  41. last night on late night
    Ghost Expert Kristen Wiig Found Slimer Hiding in the Body of an M&MWhen there’s something strange in your candy box …
  42. chat room
    Ivan Reitman Talks Ghostbusters and Bill Murray“Let me tell you, no one’s ever forced Bill to be nice.”
  43. On My Dad Harold Ramis and Passing the Ghostbusters Torch to a New Generation“Please, stop using my dad as an excuse to hate the new Ghostbusters. It degrades his memory to spew bile in his name.”
  44. calling all single men
    Leslie Jones Kind of Hates The BacheloretteShe jokes she’d rather watch a dating show starring herself.
  45. international film market
    Ghostbusters Has Been Denied Release in ChinaOfficial censorship guidelines, and general interest, are to blame.
  46. last night on late night
    Melissa McCarthy: Chris Hemsworth Is Crazy FunnyComing this summer: a movie we bring all our baggage to!
  47. last night on late night
    Kate McKinnon Got Really Into Woodworking and It Ruined Her Poor Cat’s LifeThe Ghostbusters star explained to Seth Meyers.
  48. Feig Won’t Say If McKinnon’s Gay in Ghostbusters“What do you think?”
  49. ghostbusters
    Why Kate McKinnon Is the Ghostbusters BreakoutThis scene-stealing Saturday Night Live star is the most GIF-able Ghostbuster by far.
  50. weather reports
    This Weather Report Has Great Ghostbusters PunsBritish newscaster Sian Welby filled her weather report with ghost-themed wordplay.
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