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  1. girls talk
    Shoshanna on Girls Is ‘Adulting,’ But Has She Really Grown Up?Kudos for being honest with your friends and everything, but what is up with your new insta-life?
  2. close reads
    How Girls Breaks the Traditional Rules of the Friendship ComedyThe HBO series was always about what happens when young women grow up and grow apart.
  3. the end of girls
    Shoshanna Has Become Girls’ True HeroineGirls wasn’t a show about lasting friendships after all — it was a show about disintegrating ones.
  4. overnights
    Girls Recap: We’re All Just Doing Our BestThe real ending here is these four characters’ relationship with one another.
  5. backstories
    Lena Dunham Has Known Where Hannah Would End Up on Girls Since Season 2“Considering I spent the rest of my life working with Planned Parenthood, it was fun to not make it a political choice.”
  6. Andrew Rannells Is Happy to Play Gay Men (As Long As They’re Not Too Relatable)On the eve of the Girls finale, the actor recounts his audition horror stories, the anal-sex tutorial he led on set, and the roles he’s being offered.
  7. last night on late night
    Somehow the Girls of Girls All Still Talk to Each Other in Their Golden YearsSenior citizenship is what it takes for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh to all share a scene.
  8. missing people
    Shoshanna Has Had Less Screen Time Than Desi on This Season of GirlsWe break down the main characters’ screen time.
  9. girls talk
    To Root or Not to Root for Adam and Jessa on GirlsShould they be together? Because I’m not sure they should be.
  10. technology
    A History of the Phones of GirlsA tale told in iOS upgrades.
  11. overnights
    Girls Recap: Too Much HistoryGirls is going out on such a high note.
  12. gross things
    Why Is Everyone Projectile Vomiting on TV?In every binge-watch, apparently there must be a purge.
  13. girls talk
    A Follow-up Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsWhat happens to Marnie when a pawn shop owner gets real.
  14. overnights
    Girls Recap: Let Me Be Your Star“The Bounce” turns attention to Elijah Krantz, Broadway dreamer.
  15. rip smash
    Girls Panders to Smash Fans With Elijah’s Rendition of ‘Let Me Be Your Star’Bombshell lives on.
  16. close reads
    The Rise of Elijah on GirlsGive him his spinoff now.
  17. pregnancy on tv
    The Girls Pregnancy Plot Says More About Us Than It Does About Hannah HorvathDunham is thrusting us into the quagmire of judgment all women face when it comes to making decisions about their bodies.
  18. character study
    The Rise of the Fake Famous Jackass NovelistThe pop-culture trope appears in Girls, Bored to Death, The Squid and the Whale, and more.
  19. roll clip!
    Robyn Teased a New Song on Girls Last NightDance to it on your own or collectively.
  20. girls talk
    An Open Letter to Marnie Michaels of GirlsDo you ever actually hear yourself, Marnie?
  21. Daisy Eagan On Girls, Lena Dunham, and Being Hannah’s DoppelgängerWhen people ask, “You look familiar,” I say, “I’m not Lena Dunham.”
  22. close reads
    What Would a Hannah-Adam Endgame Look Like on Girls?In the final season of Girls, will Hannah and Adam reunite?
  23. overnights
    Girls Recap: Someone Else to ConsiderWhile Hannah seems to be pulling herself together, Marnie has been totally hollowed out.
  24. girls talk
    Why Elijah on Girls Needs to Apologize to HannahIs it too late now to say sorry?
  25. Girls Foreshadowed Hannah’s Pregnancy in This One Scene From Season 3“You’re gonna end up with a baby that you don’t know how to care for.”
  26. chat room
    Becky Ann Baker on Girls, Eating Too Many Gummies, and Hannah’s Pregnancy“I had a good-sized bag of gummies, which I didn’t know until a little later was not that good for you.”
  27. overnights
    Girls Recap: Semi-Charmed Kinda LifeChange is coming, and Girls is looking ahead. But it’s also looking back.
  28. nineties alt covers
    That A Cappella ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ on Girls Exists and Is Indeed Something ElseA perfect little college a cappella group joke.
  29. influences
    How Garry Shandling’s Unexpected Death Inspired the Most Recent Episode of Girls“The truth was that Judd [Apatow] lost Garry Shandling.”
  30. close reads
    The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood to Force Characters to Grow UpIt’s been a beloved device for working women on television going back to Murphy Brown.
  31. girls talk
    What Should Hannah Horvath Do?She has a major decision to make. We have some thoughts.
  32. mysteries
    What Happened to Marnie’s Cat on Girls?An illustrated guide.
  33. overnights
    Girls Recap: Matters of Life and DeathLet’s talk about Hannah’s big reveal in “Painful Evacuation.”
  34. the vulture tv podcast
    Our Favorite Drunken TV MomentsPlus, processing that big episode of Girls.
  35. girls talk
    Some Advice for Chuck Palmer, the Lecherous Author on GirlsThis week’s installment of our advice column for Girls characters.
  36. backstories
    Matthew Rhys on Choosing a Fake Penis for His Girls Episode“It wasn’t the one used by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.”
  37. Girls Director Richard Shepard on Fake Penises, Bottle Episodes and Matthew Rhys“It’s actually very hard to find a not-fully-erect dildo.”
  38. backstories
    Lena Dunham Explains Girls’ Big Episode on Sexual Assault“I have way less shame about my actual sexual assault than I do about some ambiguous encounters I had with some people.”
  39. close reads
    Girls: How the Patrick Wilson Episode Compares to the Matthew Rhys Episode“One Man’s Trash” and “American Bitch” reveal a lot about Hannah Horvath.
  40. overnights
    Girls Recap: When She Was Good“American Bitch” is a challenging, fascinating, and extremely self-aware episode.
  41. Advice for Shoshanna on Girls: Forget the WEMUN, Be Your Own Woman!Some gentle suggestions for Shoshanna “Get out of my face!” Shapiro.
  42. advanced tv watching
    HBO to Release New Girls, Big Little Lies, Crashing Early, Ahead of the OscarsHow big are this week’s little lies? You can find out on Friday.
  43. niche drama
    Did Lena Dunham Shade the Wing on Girls?On tonight’s episode, Shoshanna joins an all-women’s networking club that has a lot in common with the one founded by Dunham’s friend Audrey Gelman.
  44. overnights
    Girls Recap: The Third WheelHannah and Marnie are finally on the upswing.
  45. chat room
    Girls’ Ebon Moss-Bachrach on Desi’s Drug Addiction and ‘Suspect Folksiness’“I think, perhaps, I’m in touch with a sort of questionable earthiness.”
  46. Take Vulture’s Girls Superfan QuizHow well do you know Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna?
  47. vulture lists
    The Friendships of Girls, Ranked From Worst to BestA field guide to the show’s dizzying history of friendships, feuds, and rivalries.
  48. girls talk
    Some Advice for Ray on Girls: Stop Being a DoormatSome words of wisdom for Marnie’s so-called boyfriend.
  49. overnights
    Girls Season Premiere Recap: She’s So HighIs Hannah Horvath finally growing up?
  50. close reads
    Why Girls Is So Good When It Leaves New York CityOutside, everything is clearer, simpler, more candid.
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