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God Save The Teen

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    Teacher Wants Students to Know English Lit Class Will Be, Um, Well, LitIt’s lit.
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    Watch This and Relive the Stress of Learning to DriveStop. Start. Stop. Start.
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    This Is Just a Good Tweet, DangGood. Tweet.
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    YouTubers Who Fled Chicago Want People to Stop Talking About Their Plight“It wasn’t a big deal.”
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    Sri Lankan Teenager Tries to Avoid Exam by Hacking President’s WebsiteCan’t believe this didn’t work.
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    Teen’s Senior Photo Shoot Crashed by Naked Guy and His DogLook closely. You can’t miss it.
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    These High School Seniors Immortalized Harambe With Their ID PicturesHarambe lives on with the class of 2017.
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    High-Schooler Flawlessly Re-creates Kindergarten Picture for Senior YearThe pigtails really complete the look.
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    Cool Mom Makes Teen a Cardboard Cutout of Family Dog to Take to CollegeSuch a good dog.
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    Teen Makes Teeny Pancakes for Pet Chickens Because ‘They Is Good Chickens’“I made my chickens tiny pancakes because I love them.”
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    Painting Memes on Your Back Is the New Cool-Teen TrendTell your friend you are painting a sunset. Paint Dat Boi instead.
  12. Man Beaten With Selfie Stick by Rogue Brooklyn TeenYes, really.
  13. Lawsuit Seeks to Ruin Teen Paradise of SnapchatThe sexualization of Disney characters proved too much for one teen.
  14. Teens Are Probably Using Private Browsing to Catch Pokémon, Not Check AP ScoresSearches for VPNs spiked this week in the app store.
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    What Is Sasha Obama’s Twitter Handle?Anybody have any intel?
  16. Snapchat Went Down This Morning, So Please Make Sure Your Teen SurvivedThe great Snapchat outage of 2016.
  17. Perfect Chair-Flipping Is the New Perfect Bottle-FlippingYou can thank two teens from New Zealand.
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    These Are the 14 Best Senior Yearbook Quotes of 2016: A Superlative RankingHappy graduation, kiddos!
  19. Driving Instructor Dumps Teen for Two-timing HimThe kid just really wanted to make sure he passed his road test.
  20. She Got Stuck in the Barney (and We Interviewed Her)Note to self: Stay away from Barney costumes.
  21. Cool Dad Pulls Cool-Dad Prank by Turning His Pancakes Into Pac-ManHis daughter’s pictures of the joke have been shared by thousands.
  22. Teen Learns Valuable Lesson About Pens While the Internet LaughsOops.
  23. New ‘North Korean Facebook’ Hacked Because the Password Was ‘Password’For the love of Kim Jong-un, please stop using “password” as a password.
  24. Here Are 7 Funny Things You Missed on the Internet This WeekA very serious discussion.
  25. SFMOMA’s Hottest Artwork Is the Pair of Glasses This Teenager Put on the FloorTeens attempt prank; unwittingly create art.
  26. Viral Teenage Water Bottle-Flipping Legend: ‘I Knew I’d Nailed It’Behind the greatest feat to ever have been performed in a high-school talent show.
  27. Actually Good Senior Prank Turns High School Into Dog ParkSo. Many. Dogs.
  28. 7-Year-Old’s Gripping Diary Entry: Drama! Passion! Misandry!Thousands of people have shared this dramatic second-grade love triangle.
  29. Please Clap for This Teen Getting Slo-mo Nailed in the Head With a BasketballNoooooo.
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    Teens and the Journal Agree: Vine Is Dying and Going to Facebook HeavenSix seconds spent on Vine is six seconds too many.
  31. Facebook Served Warrant Over Livestreamed High-School ThreesomeThis is probably not what Facebook wanted for its live videos.
  32. Teen Probably Didn’t Unearth an Ancient Mayan City Using Star Maps (Updated)“I believe that children are our future,” as Whitney Houston sang. “Teach them well and let them use star maps to find undiscovered Mayan cities.”
  33. What You Need to Know About Musical.ly, Teens’ New Favorite Social NetworkThe teens have spoken. Now listen.
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    For the Second Time in 2016, a Lonely Grandparent Has Gone ViralIt’s Pawpaw the hamburger grandpa all over again.
  35. 10-Year-Old Wins $10,000 for Hacking Instagram, Buys Football and BikeThe youngest-ever person to win Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program knows exactly what he wants to do with his money.