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Good For Moms

  1. deal of the day
    This (on Sale) Digital Picture Frame Is an Excellent Mom GiftIt’s easy to use, and she’ll stop kvetching about not seeing enough photos of the grandkids.
  2. recommended by experts
    The Most Diplomatic Holiday Gifts, According to White House Social SecretariesFrom a custom photo album to a GoPro.
  3. gifts they might actually want
    We Found the Best Gifts That Look More Expensive Than They Are on JetIncluding several tried-and-true Strategist hits.
  4. good for moms
    My Mom (Still) Never Takes Off These Ted Muehling Earrings“She only removes these earrings for an occasional in-store buffering.”
  5. what do you want
    11 Beauty Junkies on the Gifts They Want for the Holidays“The packaging is insane, and while I’ve KonMari’d my life, this is one of those things that I just want to keep around as an object on display.”
  6. expert-approved gifts
    A Trend Forecaster on Women’s Fashion Gifts to Buy Before They Sell OutGet yer Balenciaga sneakers, Champion hoodies, and KARA fanny packs.
  7. this thing’s incredible
    I’ve Asked for This Cashmere Sweater 7 Years in a Row (and Now It’s on Sale)It’s not the sexiest or most thrilling gift by any means, but it’s my absolute favorite — and it’s on sale.
  8. painless shopping
    The Best Baby Carriers and Wraps I’ve Found Since My 8-Month-Old Was BornThey’re comfortable for baby — and me, too.
  9. this thing’s incredible
    The Icicle That Chills My White Wine Almost InstantlyIt’s a lot less déclassé than an ice cube.
  10. fugly week
    The Straw Visor Worth Sacrificing My Dignity ForIt protects me from the sun’s damaging rays — even if I look slightly hideous.
  11. What to Get a (Stressed-out and Underslept) New MomNot a Sophie the Giraffe in sight.
  12. this thing’s incredible
    This Little Hat Is Fixing My Baby’s Trapezoid HeadIt’s used to prevent and correct Flat Head Syndrome (it’s a real thing).
  13. this thing’s incredible
    I Spray This Baby-Scented Perfume on (Practically) EverythingIt smells like baby detergent and a rolling European field.
  14. painless shopping
    23 Mother’s Day Books You Can Order on Amazon Prime Right NowA book for every type of mom.
  15. mothers day 2017
    What New(ish) Moms Want for Mother’s Day, According to 12 MomsFrom a spa day and fancy meal to a machine-washable throw and embroidered sweater.
  16. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: The Best Beach Hat for MomWith Some for Cool Moms and Some for Non-Moms.
  17. editors gift picks
    Here’s What the Strategist Editors Are Gifting This Mother’s DayEverything from hair clips to alpaca slippers.
  18. mothers day 2017
    What to Buy Mom From the Strategist’s Greatest HitsFrom the best bed sheets to the no-fail Ted Muehling earrings.
  19. this thing’s incredible
    The Bespoke Photo Album I Plan to Give My MomChoose pictures straight from your iPhone and get it in four days.
  20. recommended by experts
    The Best Baby-Shower Gifts According to Maisonette’s Co-foundersSuggestions from two Vogue alums who started a kids e-boutique.
  21. the best gift i’m giving
    My Friends Douse Themselves With This French ScentI buy a bunch and dip into my stockpile for holiday gifts.
  22. the best gift i’m giving
    What I Plan to Gift My Fit MomShe already has a Fitbit and is in better shape than I am.
  23. the best gift i ever got
    I’ve Asked for This Cashmere Sweater 7 Years in a RowIt’s not the sexiest or most thrilling gift by any means, but it’s my absolute favorite.
  24. Highly Giftable Deal of the Day: A Chunky, Hand-Knit CardiganIt’s 60 percent off.
  25. sales sales sales
    Highly Giftable Deal of the Day: A Pair of Pearl EarringsGood mom gift alert! (That’s 50 percent off.)
  26. printed matter
    15 of the Year’s Most Giftable BooksGifts for everyone your list, including Niece Trying to Occupy Trump Tower and the Complicated Cousin.
  27. the best gift i ever got
    The Most Glamorous Gift I Ever Got Was an Indestructible Punch BowlIt’s literally impossible to break.
  28. expert-approved gifts
    A Professional Homebody on the Best SlippersBecause slippers are always a fail-safe gift.
  29. the hard to shop fors
    The Best Holiday Gifts for Moms, According to 12 MomsIncluding a Teavana set, a MaxMara coat, a Vince t-shirt, and custom Nike sneakers.
  30. this thing’s incredible
    This Wake-Up Light Is Like My Own Private SunriseThis cured my S.A.D.
  31. gift guide 2016
    6 Incredibly Luxurious Beauty GiftsFancy face dust, a leather-bound manicure set, anti-aging cream made from your own blood, and more.
  32. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Wellness Fanatic?“The Vitamix is just crazy. Once, I stuck the plunger in by accident, and it ate the whole plastic end — just emulsified it.”
  33. this thing’s incredible
    The Powerful Little Mixer That Actually Fits in My ApartmentThe KitchenAid Artisan Mini may be smaller than its predecessor, but it doesn’t lose out on any power.
  34. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift a Gourmand?“When it comes to gear, I have specific, developed preferences — even items like a food processor are really personal for me.”
  35. the hard to shop fors
    What Should I Gift an Italian Grandmother?“Forget about those premade baskets with the salamis and the American cheeses — when I get those I give them right to Goodwill.”
  36. the best gift i ever gave
    My Mom Never Takes Off These Ted Muehling EarringsYou are telling your loved one that you appreciate their appreciation for form and beauty and craft.
  37. material comforts
    I Touched Everything at 5 Department Stores and Found the Softest GiftsTouching all the scarves and blankets and hats to find the coziest.
  38. the best gift i ever gave
    My Parents Went Totally Nuts Over This Espresso MachineThey became obsessed with instant espressos.
  39. a gift so nice we posted it twice
    I Would Weep If They Stopped Making This Pine-Scented CandleIt smells like the holidays and I give it to everyone.
  40. this thing’s incredible
    A Stress-Treatment Oil That’s Like Klonopin in Scent FormJust a dab’ll do ya.
  41. this thing’s incredible
    The Best Perfume Is Still the One I Discovered at Age 7It’s old-fashioned without being dowdy.