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  1. good news
    The Dixie Chicks Give Us Quarantine Hope With New Gaslighter Release DateThe long-awaited new album is out July 17.
  2. good news
    A Good Thing: Mac Miller’s First Posthumous Single, ‘Good News,’ Is HereThe single comes ahead of the late rapper’s forthcoming album, Circles.
  3. good news
    Sequel Is Confirmed and We Will Go Back Into The Spider-Verse In April of 2022More Spider-Ham, please!
  4. 2020 census
    Trump Administration Drops Citizenship Question From 2020 CensusTrump’s plot to rig the 2020 Census was undone by his administration’s own incompetence.
  5. happy sh*t
    7 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekWhales are back in NYC, Star Wars is real, and there was a wedding in a school gym.
  6. happy sh*t
    7 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekFeaturing royal babies frolicking, Barack Obama, and one very chill dog.
  7. good news
    Fan Bingbing Will Still Be in the Spy Movie 355 Despite That Tax-Evasion ScandalShe’s okay!
  8. good news
    Sunscreens Are About to Get a Lot SaferThank you, FDA!
  9. good news
    Tig Notaro Offers a Gig to Comedian Boycotting Louis C.K. Venue“I don’t want to work with anyone that will work with Louis CK or anyone like Louis CK.”
  10. good news
    Report: Rihanna Is Launching a Luxury LineShe may have already given us a first look.
  11. good news
    Billy Connolly Wants You to Know He’s Doing Just Fine“Not dying, not dead, not slipping away.”
  12. good news
    All the Good News From the Midterm ElectionsHistoric firsts, close calls, and hard-won battles to celebrate.
  13. good news
    More New York City Restaurants Have ‘A’ Grades Than Ever BeforeAnd that’s despite the fact that the city’s restaurant grading system is as opaque as ever.
  14. good news
    Jesse Camp Has Been Located by PoliceRiverside police say Camp is “not in need of any assistance.”
  15. good news
    Issa Rae Will Host the CFDA Awards This SummerWe can’t wait.
  16. good news
    Tory Sport Outfits Dance Team at New York Charter SchoolSome actual good news.
  17. good news
    Elena Ferrante Will Start Writing a Weekly ColumnGreat news for Ferrante fans!
  18. good news
    Women Are Unhappier Than Men, But Only Until We’re 85!A new study suggests women are happier after their partners have died.
  19. good news
    Kirsten Dunst Is Reportedly Pregnant!With Landry’s baby.
  20. 6 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekLet them wash over you.
  21. The Climate May Be Changing More Slowly Than We’d ThoughtNew data suggests that if humanity gets its act together, we might still be able to cap warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  22. good news
    The Restaurant Industry Added a Surprisingly High Number of Jobs Last YearA federal report says it grew by 313,000 jobs, more than the entire health-care industry.
  23. good news
    Rihanna Is Giving Bikes and Scholarships to Girls in MalawiThe singer’s foundation is partnering with the largest bike-sharing program to help girls get to school safely.
  24. good news
    Girl Scout Troop for Homeless Youth Will Expand to 15 SheltersFive members of the troop delivered the news at City Hall.
  25. good news
    California Farmers May Soon Be Able to Grow Avocados Year-roundResearchers say they’ve found three varieties that could last all four seasons.
  26. good news
    Anne Hathaway Performed a Great Monologue at the United Nations“Maternity leave, or any workplace policy based on gender, can — at this moment in history — only ever be a gilded cage.”
  27. A Little Good News: Three Lives & Co. Bookstore Will Stay PutThree Lives & Co. signs a lease it can live with.
  28. good news
    Thank God: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Follow Each Other on InstagramPhew.
  29. good news
    Men Are Finally Catching On to How Ugly Cargo Shorts Are Cargo-short sales are down for the first time in ten years.
  30. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekIt’s been a rough one.
  31. good news
    Ebola Epidemic Is Officially OverAccording to the World Health Organization.
  32. good news
    Deadpool Officially Rated RBecause really, how many head shots are you allowed under a PG-13? 
  33. renewals
    Comedy Central Has More Nathan for You for You“I couldn’t be more excited to continue my non-sexual relationship with Viacom.”
  34. psychology
    Is There a Biological Purpose for Profanity?Swearing can, in fact, give us measurable benefits.
  35. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekBaby sea turtles wearing bathing suits and a necklace for your pizza.
  36. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekFour words: baby-bear pool party.
  37. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekBaby lions and good news for friendless 30-somethings.
  38. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekSneezing puppies and better parental-leave policies.
  39. happy sh*t
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekTequila, Limited Too, and sneezing hedgehogs.
  40. Good News
    Grub Street’s New Favorite Study Says Red Wine Helps Burn FatResearch shows wine grapes may lower blood sugar and make livers healthier.
  41. islamic state watch
    Lucky Strikes Take Out 3 Top ISIS LeadersAfter much complaining about U.S.-led strikes being “unsuccessful.”
  42. good news
    NYC’s HIV Infections Are at an All-Time LowA 40 percent drop from 2003.
  43. Good News
    After Going Missing, Restaurateur and Model B. Smith Found at a Manhattan DinerA customer spotted her “and called it in.”
  44. good news
    8 Actually Good Things That Happened This WeekTo kick off your Halloweekend.
  45. good news
    Woman Marries Badass CyborgMatt Ficarra is paralyzed but used a robotic exoskeleton to walk down the aisle.
  46. good news
    Transparent Will Be Back for Another SeasonDuh.
  47. This Is the Day of the Week That You Weigh the LeastEnjoy it while it lasts.
  48. good news
    Greta Gerwig Starring on a CBS Sitcom Is Great NewsSorry, haters. Sitcom does not automatically mean sell-out.
  49. good news
    NBC Orders Craig Robinson Sitcom to SeriesGreat idea, NBC.
  50. good news
    The FDNY Got Its Most Diverse Recruit Class EverMore than 60 percent minorities.
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