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  1. good to know
    Deaf U Reveals Trump’s ASL Sign Name, Which He Should See As an Honor“’Cause we all know that man has a toupee.”
  2. my album is dropping
    JoJo Drops New Album Good to Know, Kicks Off May With Her Insane Vocal RunsJoJo is doing what she does best: sing her face off.
  3. doin it for the gram
    The Skin-Care Trend Nobody Saw ComingWhat’s with all the pasta–face-mask selfies?
  4. good to know
    6 Ways to Wear Moist, Damp-Looking Skin This SummerMoisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.
  5. cool cool cool
    The Chemicals in Your Sunscreen Are Being Absorbed Into Your BloodThat may or may not be bad for you.
  6. let’s makeup
    What Does AOC Know About Concealer That We Don’tShe “bakes” her concealer in the new Netflix documentary Knock Down the House.
  7. good to know
    A British Version of The Ordinary Just Launched at SephoraMeet The Inkey List, a no-nonsense line of skin-care products all under 15 bucks.
  8. good to know
    Melania Trump’s Dos and Don’ts for Staying BeautifulDo: Eat jewelry instead of food.
  9. thanks for letting us know
    Recession Was Actually Worse Than We ThoughtThe Commerce Department releases new figures.