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  1. fixations
    I Think About Joe Pesci’s Rap Career a LotDid the GoodFellas star think he needed a side hustle?
  2. vulture lists
    The Best Movies That Lost Best Picture at the OscarsA second look at 92 years of the Academy Awards, including this year’s ceremony.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Martin Scorsese Movie, RankedAs The Irishman hits Netflix, we look back at the director’s highs and lows.
  4. soundtracks
    The Dos and Don’ts of Needle-DropsThe right song can make or break a scene, so here are some clues for picking the best music cues.
  5. widows
    Widows Makes Me Want to Invite Daniel Kaluuya to Rob MeOne brave woman’s opinion.
  6. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: February 2018GoodFellas, Altered Carbon, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and more.
  7. obits
    Goodfellas and Sopranos Actor Frank Vincent Dead at 78The character actor died Wednesday during open-heart surgery.
  8. roll clip!
    Ray Liotta Reveals Why Martin Scorsese Cast Him in GoodfellasIt all started with an awkward hello at Cannes.
  9. Michael Ballhaus’s Best Scorsese Collaboration Was After HoursThe Goodfellas tracking shot gets all the attention, but Michael Ballhaus’s first collaboration with Martin Scorsese was even better.
  10. movie theaters
    Why Lorraine Bracco Only Saw Goodfellas for the First Time Last YearShe’d never seen the mob epic that nabbed her an Oscar nomination in full.
  11. My Favorite Genre Parody Sketch (Right Now)A few weeks ago, I covered iO sketch group Redford in all of their glory. This week, I’m back to celebrate Redford, even though I really don’t […]
  12. chat room
    Tony Bennett on Gaga, New Album, and Goodfellas“Every day feels like just starting out because I still have so much more to learn.”
  13. the daily show
    Watch The Daily Show’s Goodfellas BitEveryone gets their turn in front of the camera.
  14. tribeca film festival
    11 Things We Learned About Goodfellas From Saturday’s Tribeca Q&A“Thanks for not making me look like a scumbag.”
  15. lawsuits
    Goodfellas Actor Sues The SimpsonsHe claims the character Mafia Louie is based on him.
  16. Feds Finally Bust Alleged Mobster in Goodfellas HeistAfter decades of dead ends.
  17. the sincerest form of flattery
    American Hustle and the Art of the HomageWith two very Scorsese-like movies in theaters (including one by Scorsese himself), Vulture looks at the pros and cons of imitation.
  18. pub crawl
    Professional Drinker Rosie Schaap Tells Us Her 13 Favorite Movie Bar ScenesConsider it a pub crawl through the movies.
  19. Events
    Anthony Bourdain to Host Special Screening of Goodfellas“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”
  20. goodfella's
    Watch Woody Allen Commend GoodfellasHe says it’s “funny, harrowing, and informative.” Agreed!
  21. party chat
    Lorraine Bracco Has Some Suggestions for the Goodfellas TV Show“I thought the movie should start when they went into the witness protection plan.”
  22. AMC Is Developing Goodfellas As a TV SeriesFunny, how?
  23. Openings
    Pizzapalooza on the LESGoodfella’s rolled out yesterday and two more pizzerias are on the horizon.
  24. TV Land
    Top Chef Scores Rao’s ResyNext week, the all-stars take over the Rao’s kitchen.
  25. Openings
    Goodfellas Turning Into Cellar 55 Wine BarMike and Suzy Mnatsakanyan are trying to put a cool new face on their Melrose Italian restaurant.
  26. movies
    Sixty Goodfellas Stars Reflect on the Movie Twenty Years LaterA terrific megainterview at ‘GQ’.
  27. goldmanfellas
    ‘Didn’t I Tell You Not to Buy Anything, Not to Attract Attention?’Goldman Sachs directs employees not to make any big purchases.
  28. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Hit Jobs in Movie HistorySomething about a guy killing another guy at the behest of another guy sets filmmakers’ imaginations racing in a way that few other narrative devices can.
  29. last night's gig
    The Go! Team Bring Jazzercise BackIf kitschy Brighton group the Go! Team ever had a hard time translating their sample-happy sound live, it was hard to imagine at Friday night’s sold-out Bowery Ballroom show.
  30. art candy
    Mob ArtEver wonder what Goodfella Henry Hill is up to these days? Us neither, but apparently it’s selling his own artwork on eBay.
  31. Paul Sorvino Used to Run an Ad Agency Until he Went ‘Crazy’ and QuitTurns out it was the best move he ever made.