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    Google Maps … Please ChillI don’t need to save five minutes.
  2. technology
    Google Maps Now Gives Directions Based on Fast-Food Locations“Turn left after Burger King.”
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    Google Adds Wheelchair-Accessible Routes to Google MapsNow you can get around stair-free.
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    Scare the Crap Out of Yourself With Google Maps’ List of the Scariest PlacesFinally! A way to participate in Halloween without leaving the comfort of your bed!
  5. bad ideas
    People Hate the Google Maps Calorie CounterDistances are measured in mini cupcakes.
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    Extremely Petty Neighbor Exacts Revenge Via Google MapsThat’s one way to tell your neighbor what you think of them.
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    Demolition Crew Blames Google Maps for Destroying the Wrong House“Whooooooops.”
  8. Siri Is Now One Step Closer to Ruling All Taxis in NYCThe New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission gets rid of tough geography questions on the taxi driver’s exam.
  9. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Owner Says ‘Sabotaged’ Google Maps Listing Ruined HisLawsuit claims a rival hacked the listing to say it was closed on weekends.
  10. The Internet
    Bi-Rite Food Porn Via Google MapsGawk at your favorite local Mission market using Street View.
  11. the trials and tribulations of the sad panda
    Sad Panda Returns! (Sort Of)And not where you’d expect.
  12. wayne coyne
    Why Yes, That Is Wayne Coyne in That Bathtub on Google Street ViewEagle-eyed users of Google Maps Street View spotted the Flaming Lips leader sitting nude in a bathtub on the lawn outside his Oklahoma City home.
  13. The Great Outdoors
    L.A. Times Maps Out Farmer’s MarketsNever miss a barn-burning fresh market day in L.A. again.