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  1. dick moves
    I Must Know Who’s Behind This GraffitiA mystery vandal with a memorably horny name is afoot in Tempe, Arizona.
  2. niche drama
    What’s Happening With This H&M Graffiti Lawsuit?Here’s what we know.
  3. tags
    Artists Won the 5Pointz Case, But the Decision Was Terrible for ArtThe landowner who made his building a graffiti haven should not have been demonized.
  4. gallery
    This All-Female Graffiti Show Explores the Politics of Street ArtNew York’s leading street artists covered the walls of Pen and Brush with explosions of color.
  5. banksy
    Is This the True Identity of Banksy?Mystery solved?
  6. lawsuits
    Brooklyn Graffiti Artists Claim McDonald’s Stole Their Work to Sell BurgersThey’re threatening to sue the chain for putting their art in a new ad.
  7. space of the week
    Inside an Eclectic Loft Full of Edie Sedgwick Tributes and a Graffiti WallDesign Renaissance man Michael Leva’s new place is filled with art, furniture, and knickknacks from his wide network of friends.
  8. gallery
    The Graffiti Artist Who Paints Over Fashion AdsRihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber have all gotten the “Flower Guy” treatment.
  9. do you belieb?
    San Francisco Pissed at Biebs for Graffiti Ads“It’s too late now to say sorry.” Zing!
  10. Graffiti Artist Returns Wayward Meme to Its OwnerNetflix headquarters and chill.
  11. subversive acts
    How Artists Hacked Into the Homeland Set“Homeland is a watermelon.”
  12. I’m Beginning to Suspect That You, My Roommate, Are Not Famed Artist […] Hey Kevin, hey Banksy, come on in and have a seat. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. I know we’re all incredibly busy—me with my […]
  13. street art
    Street-Art Legend Quiñones on Banksy, 5 PointzPlus rarely seen early sketches.
  14. art
    Brazen Graffiti Artist Hits Jeff Koons Show Without Ruining the ArtUsing the reflective surface of the work.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYC’s Most Notorious, Porsche-Driving Graffiti Artist Busted by Obsessed NYPDFor wheat-pasting.
  16. the wrong thing
    Vandals Graffiti Next to Spike Lee’s Old HouseAnd an anarchy symbol, of course.
  17. the one percent
    Someone Is Mansion-Shaming the Elite Silicon Valley Town of AthertonWith some rather pointed graffiti.
  18. customer service
    Pizza Vandal Has Strong Views on Customer ServiceNew Park Pizza apparently disappointed one customer.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Graffiti No Longer Allowed at Former Graffiti Haven 5PointzSix people were arrested for vandalism at the newly white warehouse.
  20. 5pointz
    5Pointz Building Owner Defends Paint Job, Demolition: ‘It’s Best for Everyone’“They’re misguided,” says Jerry Wolkoff.
  21. neighborhood news
    Graffiti Mecca 5Pointz Painted White Before Becoming Luxury CondosThe walls of 5Pointz are being buffed, to add insult to injury.
  22. street art
    The Banksy Tour of New York City: Interactive MapWith before and after GIFs!
  23. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz on New York Graffiti Artists, Banksy, and Al Jazeera Fear“People like Banksy because other people have liked Banksy.”
  24. neighborhood news
    A Least a Couple of Banksy’s New York Pieces Will Not Be Destroyed Dogs can’t be allowed to pee on all of them.
  25. banksy
    Banksy’s Latest Work Got Tagged on VideoBy a territorial local tagger.
  26. The Complete Guide to Everything: Modern ArtThis week we’re talking about something neither of us is qualified to talk about in anyway whatsoever: Modern Art! But before the conversation […]
  27. neighborhood news
    Anti-Friends Graffiti Aimed at David Schwimmer in East VillageTeam Joey?
  28. graffiti
    Kristen Stewart Targeted With Cruel, Pro-Rob Dust GraffitiGood job, 12-year-old.
  29. catfights
    Marc Jacobs Continues Graffiti Duel With KidultMo’ vandalism, mo’ T-shirts.
  30. the internet
    National Parks Swept by Worst Meme EverWho tags a cactus?
  31. best bet
    Best Bet: Love Me Graffiti DODOcase for IpadAn iPad case that’s both tough and chic.
  32. art
    Rothko Defacer Thinks He Did the Tate a FavorRussian artist says he added value.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    This Badass Couple Kissing While Handcuffed Beats Your Summer RomanceNow the photographer just needs their cooperation.
  34. Crime
    Brookline Graffiti Warrior Loves the BubblyBrookline is a classy town.
  35. censorship
    NYPD Paints Right Over Political ‘Murderers’ Mural Because They Said SoThe public art was sanctioned by the building’s owner.
  36. afi 100
    See the AFI Top 100 Movies Scrawled on a Bathroom StallGiving new meaning to the term “film buff.”
  37. Only in Cambridge
    Only in Cambridge: Veggie GraffitiAll signs point to vegetables being good for you!
  38. neighborhood news
    Williamsburg KISS Graffiti Almost a TrendThe vandal (or a copycat!) has struck again.
  39. tagged it
    Someone Graffitied All Over the Céline Store in ParisIt’s very messy.
  40. Quote of the Day
    But How Do You Really Feel?Jesús Nuñez: not happy about his restaurant’s name change.
  41. Lawsuits
    Jehangir Mehta on Winning the Graffit/Graffiti Dispute: ‘I Hope PeopleMeanwhile, Jesús Nuñez says he’s still confused over the whole thing.
  42. clickables
    Take an International Graffiti Tour on Street Art ViewThe Danes are very up on their graffiti.
  43. Lawsuits
    The Graffiti-Graffit Complaint: Mehta Wants to Smash Nuñez’s PlatesA look at Jehangir Mehta’s already infamous complaint against Jesús Nuñez.
  44. Lawsuits
    Graffiti Says Graffit Suit Is ‘Simply About the Similarity in theA rep says, “Jehangir does not pretend to have invented ‘pop rock cuisine.’”
  45. Lawsuits
    Jesús Nuñez on Lawsuit: ‘I Didn’t Know Graffiti ExistedAnd Pop Rocks have been used as an ingredient for over a decade! Duh.
  46. Lawsuits
    Jehangir Mehta of Graffiti Sues Jesús Nuñez of Graffit: He Took My PopIt’s the craziest molecular-gastronomy slapdown since Marcel vs. Wylie.
  47. Crime
    Fathom Seafood House Suffers Vandalism; Still Awaits OpeningThe anxiously awaited restaurant and bar from Fish and Little Fish’s owners was vandalized over the weekend.
  48. neighborhood news
    Park Slopers Utterly Baffled by Meaning of Graffiti Tag ‘You Would’We attempt an explanation.
  49. clickables
    Watch an Intense Graffiti Attack on a TrainImpressive (but creepy?).
  50. the simpsons
    Banksy Tags ‘The Simpsons’The British graffiti artist takes control of the classic opening sequence. He adds some spray-paint, and an extra minute.
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