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    Bitcoin’s Big, Dumb WeekBitcoin is worth a lot, or maybe it’s worth nothing.
  2. how to plot a novel
    What Do Computers Know About Plot?Mapping stories with technology.
  3. graphs
    Graphic Proof That Graphs Have Magical Powers of PersuasionAllow us to prove it … with a graph.
  4. infographics
    9 Game of Thrones Season 4 Moments As Hilarious Graphs and Pie ChartsThe Purple Wedding, the Red Viper vs. the Mountain, and more!
  5. summer movie preview
    An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s MoviesIron Man 3, The Hangover IIIThe Bling RingSmurfs 2 (?), and more in graph form.
  6. Community Beats Mad Men: Visualizing TV RatingsWe hear a lot about TV ratings. The Big Bang Theory’s are very high! Community’s are very low! But with original cable programming getting so […]
  7. Behold The Adam Sandler Movie MatrixAt long last, Adam Sandler’s movie career has been matrixized. (Matricized?) Below, his movies are plotted on a brilliant-shitty axis as well […]
  8. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Support Is Like One of Those Stocks You Should Have Bought Twenty Years AgoIt’s been going up and up and up.
  9. movies
    Ten Famous Movie Quotes in Nerdy Graph FormClever.