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  1. vulture sports
    Aaron Rodgers Got Homeopathic Treatment Instead of a Vaxx, and Now He Has COVIDApparently he’s consulted his “good friend” Joe Rogan.
  2. celebrity couples
    Shailene Woodley Is Dating Jeopardy! Enthusiast Aaron RodgersThe two have plenty in common.
  3. the chain gang
    Burger King Honors Wisconsin With World’s Grossest-Sounding BurgerThis is way too much cheese.
  4. the sports section
    Bart Starr’s College Hazing Was So Brutal He Never Fully RecoveredHis wife says he’d long hid the story of how he really hurt his back.
  5. the sports section
    Cardinals Top Packers in Wild Overtime GameIt included a controversial coin toss.
  6. school’s in session
    The Green Bay Packers Have Terrible Taste in ‘Rom-Coms’The Devil Wears Prada is not a rom-com.
  7. the sports section
    5 Incredible Things About the Packers’ Game-Winning Hail Mary TouchdownThey beat the Lions last night on a downfield heave with no time left on the clock.
  8. Lactose Intolerance
    A Seattle Suburb Banned All Cheese TodayBainbridge Island is sending a strong message to Green Bay Packers fans.
  9. 2013 nfl playoffs
    Your NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview Eight more teams who aren’t the Giants.
  10. 2013 nfl playoffs
    Your Wild-Card Weekend PreviewFour games this weekend.
  11. giants
    The Good Giants Show Up Against Green BayThis one wasn’t close.
  12. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Looking Back at the Giants’ Previous NFC Championship GamesThey’ve yet to lose one.
  13. drunk people
    The Giants Won on Sunday Because Casey Put Sparkles on Her NailsAlso, because she wore her Clay Matthews jersey instead of her Aaron Rodgers jersey.
  14. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Hakeem Nicks’s Playoff Career Is Off to Some StartHe’s got four touchdowns in two playoff games this year.
  15. 2012 nfl playoffs
    The Giants Are Going to the NFC Title GameA convincing win over Green Bay sets up a date with San Francisco next weekend.
  16. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Your NFL Divisional Round PredictionsIt’s the best weekend of the NFL season.
  17. 2012 nfl playoffs
    The Giants Are Playing With House Money NowAnd you know what? This isn’t a great matchup for Green Bay.
  18. giants
    Our PS3 Loves the Giants on SundayThe Giants are going to the NFC Championship Game, if you believe our PlayStation 3.
  19. 2012 nfl playoffs
    One Hopes the Giants’ Visit to Lambeau Will Go Better Than Their Last OneIt wasn’t pretty.
  20. 2012 nfl playoffs
    What Can the Giants Learn From Their Week 13 Loss to the Packers?In that game, Eli Manning had some success throwing deep.
  21. giants
    The Giants Are Such TeasesThey hung with Green Bay yesterday, but lost 38-35.
  22. giants
    Here Come the Mighty PackersUndefeated Green Bay rolls into MetLife Stadium on Sunday.
  23. super bowl xlv
    Super Bowl Ending Begins Our Long Wait for Football to ReturnThe Packers win Super Bowl XLV.
  24. super bowl xlv
    The Super Bowl You Probably Just Remembered Was Happening Is Happening SundaySuper Bowl, you guys!
  25. super bowl xlv
    Our PS3 Loves the Packers This SundayThe video game Packers beat the video game Steelers 14–11.
  26. giants
    The Giants Have One More Week to Pray to Football GodsThe Giants can still sneak into the playoffs. Though it’s unlikely.
  27. giants
    Giants Fans Better Root for the Eagles TonightThe Giants still have a slim chance at the playoffs.
  28. giants
    It’s All Falling Apart for the GiantsThe Packers hammer the Giants. Uh-oh.
  29. this week’s game
    The Giants Are Down, But Not OutA win Sunday would earn them a playoff berth and provide a new story line for a team that desperately needs one.
  30. important things
    Are There Any Good Episodes of Seinfeld for Eli Manning to Watch in Green Bay Saturday?You’ll recall a Green Bay television station pulled a rerun in 2008 because of Manning.
  31. giants
    Aaron Rodgers Cleared to Play Sunday“I’m baaaaaaacckkkk.”
  32. jets
    The Jets Forget That Scoring Is RequiredThe Jets are shut out for the first time in four years.
  33. jets
    The Jets Have Their Last Tough Game for a MonthThe Jets play the Packers in the first game after their bye week.
  34. stage dive
    Theater Review: Lombardi’s Well-Worn PlaybookEven the cheesiest Cheesehead may not find much to move him here.
  35. nfl season preview
    NFL Season Preview: NFC NorthYour NFC North preview. THE NORRIS.
  36. playoffs!
    The Jets Can Only Hope You Remain Bored by the NFL PlayoffsMost of the teams left in the playoffs can score a heck of a lot better than the Bengals.
  37. playoffs!
    Wild-Card Weekend, the Third Best Sports Weekend of the YearFour great NFL games, right after another.
  38. the sports section
    The Jets Land Brett FavreThe retired Green Bay Packer will play in New Jersey this year.