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  1. last night on late night
    We Finally Get to Watch Conan O’Brien Wander Around GreenlandIt’s better than we could have ever dreamed.
  2. international affairs
    Conan O’Brien Attempted to Buy Greenland Over the WeekendHis new special airs next week.
  3. interesting times
    The Presidency of Donald Trump Never Gets Any Less AbsurdWe have known this project’s nature since that journey down an escalator, and the surrealism has only intensified since.
  4. donald trump
    The 7 Most Unhinged Things Trump Said on WednesdayTrump proclaimed himself the “chosen one,” continued feuding over Greenland, and joked (maybe) about giving himself the Medal of Honor.
  5. politics
    Denmark’s Leaders Mock Trump and His Dream of Buying Greenland“Trump lives on another planet.”
  6. greenland
    Trump’s Greenland Fantasy Wasn’t a Joke to His AdministrationDespite the obvious stupidity of the president’s wish to buy Greenland, the administration reportedly drew up a rough plan to pursue the deal.
  7. the national interest
    Trump Cancels Denmark Meeting Because He Can’t Buy GreenlandHigh-level diplomatic genius.
  8. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Promises Not to Do ‘This’ to GreenlandThere will be no Trump Hotel and Casino for Greenlanders, it seems.
  9. remotes
    Conan to Visit Greenland Ahead of Trump’s Extremely Real Attempt to Buy ItNever, ever purchase an entire country sight unseen.
  10. greenland
    Report: Trump, Who Is the President, Wants to Buy GreenlandUnfortunately for him, the autonomous Danish territory isn’t for sale.