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Grenfell Tower

  1. in memoriam
    Adele Remembers Grenfell Tower Fire Victims During Third Anniversary Memorial“Even though we’re having to do this in the virtual world, online, on 2020 Zoom life as it is, it’s still so important for us to mourn together.”
  2. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Adele Reportedly Hung Out for a Good CauseThey stopped by Hubb Community Kitchen on Thursday.
  3. urban planning
    A Year Has Passed Since the Grenfell Tower Fire. It Could Happen Again Anytime.This was murder by negligent bureaucracy. Preventing the next one begins with stronger regulation.
  4. uk
    As U.K. Races to Prevent Another High-Rise Disaster, Lax Regulation Draws BlameSixty British high-rises have already failed fire-safety tests following the devastating Grenfell Tower inferno. Hundreds more may still be at risk.
  5. Could the Grenfell Tower Disaster Happen in New York?Don’t be complacent: High-rise building failures are never accidents, and contempt for the poor is global.