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  1. movie review
    Bombshell Only Sometimes Understands That It’s About White FeminismCharlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie play Fox News employees in a movie that isn’t anywhere near as sharp-edged as it should be.
  2. workplace harassment
    Women at Fox and NBC Are Done Being SilencedFemale employees at both networks are asking to be released from their NDAs, which prevent them from speaking out about sexual misconduct.
  3. true crime
    NXIVM and Operation Varsity Blues Docs Coming to Lifetime From Gretchen CarlsonThere will be narrative films and documentary follow-ups.
  4. party report
    Gretchen Carlson Finally Has a Good Reason to Watch Game of ThronesNaomi Watts, who plays Carlson in The Loudest Voice, is starring in the prequel.
  5. nicole kidman
    Here’s Nicole Kidman As Gretchen Carlson With Not One But Two HandbagsOr is it Naomi Watts?
  6. women and power
    Nicole Kidman Married Tom Cruise for Love — and Got Protection“I married for love, but being married to an extremely powerful man kept me from being sexually harassed.”
  7. miss america
    Uh, Miss America Terminated Four States After Gretchen Carlson-Related Rebellion*Pounds elegant, manicured fists on table* Guess which ones! Guess which ones!
  8. miss america
    Gretchen Carlson Blames Reigning Miss America for Loss of Scholarship MoneyAfter denying the allegations, Carlson blames the organization’s loss of scholarship money on Cara Mund.
  9. pageants
    Shocking: Gretchen Carlson Has Not Fixed the Miss America PageantThe reigning Miss America says she’s been “silenced” by leadership, specifically Carlson.
  10. power
    Gretchen Carlson Reacts to Former Fox News Head Bill Shine’s New White House GigShe noticed the weird timing of his White House announcement.
  11. sexual harassment
    Samantha Bee Demands an End to Arbitration in Sexual-Misconduct CasesThe Full Frontal host invited Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News host who sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, to discuss forced arbitration.
  12. american beauty
    Gretchen Carlson Can’t Fix the Miss American PageantNo one can.
  13. miss america
    Gretchen Carlson Will Chair Miss America Board After Leaders Resign“Honored to move this iconic program forward with so many amazing volunteers,” the journalist tweeted Monday.
  14. sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Says Roger Ailes Isn’t the Only Man in Media Who Harassed HerThe former Fox News anchor talked getting harassed by a cameraman early in her career.
  15. What Will Happen to the Sexual-Harassment Lawsuits Against Roger Ailes?An attorney explains.
  16. Gretchen Carlson Says Reporting Sexual Harassment to HR Isn’t Always a Good Idea“Who’s giving them the paycheck?”
  17. sexual harrassment
    Fox News Has Spent $45 Million Settling Sexual-Harassment CasesIt’s been $10 million this year alone.
  18. 13 Female Journalists on What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves“It’s the most incredibly unglamorous career you can imagine.”
  19. sexual harassment
    Here’s How Gretchen Carlson Says ‘Millions of Women’ Are SilencedShe’s supporting bills that would abolish arbitration clauses, which keep sexual-harassment victims from speaking out.
  20. new jobs
    Gretchen Carlson Will Be Writing a Column for Time Inc.’s Millennial Women SiteCarlson says it will be “about empowering women and issues surrounding that.”
  21. workplace sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Was Afraid She’d Be Labeled a ‘Troublemaker’She was on 20/20 to discuss her experiences with sexual harassment.
  22. Gretchen Carlson Wants You to Fight Sexual Harassment“This is not only a women’s issue. It’s a societal issue.”
  23. Fox Settles With Carlson for Reported $20 Million — Then Van Susteren QuitsThe sexual-harassment scandal is not over yet.
  24. media
    How Fox News Women Took Down Roger AilesThe most powerful, and predatory, man in media warned his staff about the “enemy within.” Turns out it was him.
  25. women at work
    Will the Roger Ailes Case Get Women to Speak Up?The quick public downfall of Roger Ailes could inspire other women to take action against their work abusers, instead of simply settling. 
  26. More Revelations About Roger Ailes’s ‘Black Room’ Tactics Against JournalistsPolitico adds to the allegations.
  27. Andrea Tantaros Says She Made Harassment Claims Against Ailes, Was Taken Off Air“I believe it’s retaliatory,” says her lawyer.
  28. sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Felt ‘Validated’ When Roger Ailes Was Forced Out of Fox“I felt angry that it took so long.” 
  29. Can the Murdochs Contain the Damage From the Ailes Investigation? It may prove difficult as the accusations continue to pile up.
  30. 6 More Women Allege That Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed ThemAfter Fox News host Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit against Ailes, more women come forward.
  31. everyday sexism
    All the Sexist Comments Made to Gretchen Carlson“When it comes to bra stories, defer to the babe.”
  32. sexual harassment
    Chief of Fox News Denies Sexual HarassmentAiles’s statement comes after 21st Century Fox announced it was conducting an internal review.
  33. everyday sexism
    Fox’s Roger Ailes Reportedly Harassed Other Female EmployeesGretchen Carlson wasn’t the only woman whose “posterior” Ailes was interested in.
  34. sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox for Sexual HarassmentAccording to the suit, Ailes said Carlson’s “problems” would be solved if they had a sexual relationship.
  35. great moments in fox news
    Geraldo Rivera Caught Pretending That Fox Business Hosts Are Regular PeopleHis camera crew interviewed Charlie Gasparino and Lori Rothman for a segment.
  36. clarifications
    Fox News Says Obamacare Ran Ads in CosmoWhich is … not true.
  37. cable news news
    Gretchen Carlson: No Pants Allowed on Fox & FriendsA special rule for the ladies, presumably.
  38. gretchen carlson
    Fox & Friends Host: Being President Is ‘Just Like Our Job’And Jon Stewart calls her out.
  39. in other news
    Jon Stewart to FNC’s Gretchen Carlson: Stop Playing DumbGraduating with honors from Stanford is nothing to be ashamed of, hun!