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  1. gropers
    Suprise! Not All Female Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt UpMaybe try a different version of audience participation?
  2. Crime
    Police Locate Suspected Arby’s Groper Through Trail of Curly FriesThe suspect didn’t exactly make himself hard to find.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Police Claim They Caught the ‘Well-Dressed’ Groper for Real This TimeThe last guy they arrested turned out to be innocent.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Police Release New Images of ‘Well-Dressed Groper’The clearest images yet.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Karl Vanderwoude Insists He Is Not the ‘Well-Dressed’ Groper “It’s a case of mistaken identity.”
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Well-Dressed’ Groper Caught and ChargedThe Brooklyn man reportedly works as an operations coordinator in finance.
  7. well-dressed criminals
    ‘Well-Dressed’ Groper on the Loose After Another Forcible TouchingPerpetrating crimes in slacks and a blazer.
  8. neighborhood news
    Cell Phone Porn Guy Not Charged in Brooklyn GropingsOops, wrong guy.
  9. neighborhood news
    Did Police Catch the Brooklyn Groper?They’ve got someone in custody.