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  1. um
    Game of Thrones’ Daniel Portman Says He’s Been Groped by ‘So Many’ Female Fans“What can you do? You know?”
  2. the law
    Kevin Spacey Groping Video Obtained by PoliceThe assault took place at a Nantucket bar in 2016.
  3. canada
    Justin Trudeau Responds to Allegations of Groping a Reporter“I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.”
  4. sexual assault
    Terry Crews’s Sexual-Assault Case Against WME Agent RejectedThe allegation has been determined to be past the statute of limitations.
  5. groping
    Larry King ‘Flatly and Unequivocally’ Denies Groping AllegationTerry Richard accused the Larry King Now host of allegedly grabbing her hard enough to leave a bruise.
  6. sexual assault
    Al Franken Accused of Groping Army Veteran During 2003 USO Tour“It was long enough that he should have known if it was an accident. I’m very confident saying that.”
  7. sexual assault
    Terry Crews Details Sexual Assault: ‘I Have Never Felt More Emasculated’“I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong.”
  8. sexual assault
    Terry Crews Reports His Sexual Assault to the LAPDCrews tweeted his sexual-assault story after the Harvey Weinstein news.
  9. misconduct
    Kevin Spacey Accused of Groping Filmmaker Tony Montana, Harassing Young ActorsAn actor claims Spacey also preyed on young male actors at London’s Old Vic theater.
  10. Author Christina Baker Kline Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her During a Photo OpTwo other women have also claimed they were groped by the former president.
  11. harassment in hollywood
    Former Playboy Model Says Oliver Stone Groped Her at a Party When She Was 22Carrie Stevens spoke out after Stone’s comments about Harvey Weinstein.
  12. Gropers Must Attack Several Victims Before NYPD Officers Make Arrests: ReportA new report shines a light on this alleged policy.
  13. everyday sexism
    The Amount of Women Who Have Experienced Unwanted Sexual Contact Is ShockingFor many women, “Grab them by the pussy” is all too real.
  14. Crime
    Durgin Park’s Liquor License Suspended Due to Frisky Oyster ShuckerAw, shucks! No booze at Durgin Park.
  15. last night on late night
    Late Night: Eric MassacredPlus non-sexual groping, on our regular late-night roundup.
  16. messa
    Eric Massa Keeps Getting SaltierNow he’s groping people.
  17. subway pervs
    Subway Pervs Were More Pervy in 2009Especially in Midtown.