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  1. coronavirus
    69 Percent of Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom?!An incredibly not-nice statistic.
  2. science of us
    What Horrific Things Could Contact Lenses Do to My Eyes?Finding answers to our contact-lens-related fears.
  3. gross
    It’s Time to Stop Calling Foods ‘Crack’A restaurant chain is nixing the term from its menu, and others should follow.
  4. why is this a thing
    Dandruff-Scraping Videos Are the New Pimple-Popping VideosGross yet satisfying.
  5. gross
    Waitress Violates First Rule of Spitting in Food by Actually Informing CustomerAn actual case of everyone’s worst restaurant nightmare.
  6. gross
    Another Woman Has Accused Terry Richardson Accused of AssaultAccording to a new report in HuffPost.
  7. gross
    Reporter: Trump Once Bragged ‘Nothing in the World Like First-rate Pussy’An editor changed the quote in the 2000 profile to “first-rate talent.”
  8. gross
    Reporter: Trump Once Bragged ‘Nothing in the World Like First-rate Pussy’An editor changed the quote in the 2000 profile to “first-rate talent.”
  9. gross
    Teens Make Rape Joke During Breast Cancer Awareness FundraiserThe South Carolina high-schoolers have since been reprimanded.
  10. This Vertical Egg Cooker Produces Sickening, Fascinating Omelets-on-a-StickYou’ve (hopefully) never seen eggs like this.
  11. The 5 Most Disgusting-Sounding Oreo Flavors Ever Sold in the U.S.What’s with all the ones based on beverages?
  12. To Make Networking Less Terrible, Stop Making It About YouResearch suggests that when people focus on how they can help others — instead of how others can help them — networking seems a little less awful.
  13. Gross
    Oh No: There’s Now Cold-Brewed Butter Coffee in a Can“Upgrading” your coffee is finally as easy as popping a tab.
  14. Gross
    Times Square on NYE Gets Even WorseDinner at Ruby Tuesday costs up to $1,699.
  15. Taylor Swift Accidentally Reappeared on Spotify Under LostprophetsJust no.
  16. ewww
    We Live in a Poop-Covered WorldYour roommate’s poop germs could be on your toothbrush.
  17. It’s Not Just Beards — the Whole World Is Covered in PoopIt’s everywhere. And it doesn’t really matter.
  18. the end of beards
    Men’s Beards Are Actually Vile, Germ-y Cesspools Time for the Health Department to shut down he lumbersexual trend.
  19. gross
    Winter’s Newest Menace: Frozen PoopA tanker spilled 300 to 400 gallons of raw sewage on an Indiana freeway.
  20. gross
    Swastikas Spraypainted on Emory’s Jewish Frat HouseThey were painted shortly after the end of Yom Kippur.
  21. health
    Your Fancy Non-Cotton Workout Clothes StinkSynthetic gear is apparently friendlier to foul-smelling bacteria. 
  22. health
    Your Office Building Is Basically Made of Diseases, Says Gross New StudyEw.
  23. ewww
    The Grossest, Bloodiest Moments From The KnickWarning: Very gnarly GIFs within. Proceed at your own risk.
  24. 3 Ways Humidity Exerts Its Terrible Control Over You On the upside: It’s a nice catch-all to explain whatever questionable antics you get up to this weekend.
  25. slips of the tongue
    Jesus Luz and His TongueMadonna’s ex engages in a tongue bath with a brunette in a park in Italy.
  26. People Are Up to Some Gross Business in Dressing RoomsAs you might have suspected, but hoped to never think about.
  27. oops
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Pulls Neo-Nazi T-Shirt“Not trying to make a connection” to white power.
  28. horrifying things
    Baby-Monitor Hackers Are the Creepiest HackersHorrifying inventiveness.
  29. Bad Calls
    Subway Employee Makes Penis SandwichHis esteemed colleague froze a bottle of pee.
  30. Gross
    Urasawa Employee Was Allegedly Told He Wasn’t Allowed to UseOmakase? Fat chance, from now on.
  31. don't kiss the girl
    Nerd Famous for Kissing Hottie Goes Too Far“Go Daddy” geek may be fired for forcible kiss.
  32. worst bets
    Sit on Brad Pitt’s Face for $299Face Chair is having a clearance sale.
  33. gross
    Oh No, Justin Bieber Is Spitting at People NowJustin, no.
  34. gross
    Pubic Grooming May Spread ‘Minor’ STIBut at least you won’t get crabs.
  35. craigslist of the day
    The Absolute Worst Valentine’s Day Craigslist AdGross.
  36. gross
    MTA Surprisingly Tolerant of Employees Who Lick FacesThe less glamorous side of driving a bus.
  37. education
    Accused Perverts Still Teaching in NYCThe Department of Education has a hard time firing teachers for allegedly being gross.
  38. gross
    Fear Factor Draws the Line at Donkey SemenCorrect!
  39. Watch a Guy Shove a Live Snake Up His Nose and Mouth Like a ProBREAKING: Gross dude shoves snakes into some of the holes on his face!
  40. gross
    Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher, Sean Young Will Be on Next Season of Celebrity RehabAlso, Doc Gooden!
  41. bons mots
    We Do Not Want to Know What Rand Paul EatsHe needs to flush ten times.
  42. last night on late night
    Letterman Samples Bruce Willis’s Meat ToupeePlus, Jay Leno admits that he’s a big dummy, on our regular late-night roundup.
  43. Gross
    Jay Rayner Wants Us to Eat Him“My rump will be as marbled as the arse of a prize wagyu.” What?
  44. Gross
    Why Eat Bacon and Cupcakes When You Can Lick Them in Paper Form?Bacon-flavored envelopes and American Greetings’ new line of “Tasties” cards want to get us licking our stationery.
  45. Closings
    Did Inappropriate Dishes Kill Flirt Sushi?They certainly didn’t help!
  46. gross
    Charmin Is Offering a Disgusting, High-Paying Holiday GigDo you really enjoy pooping? No, we mean REALLY enjoy it?
  47. Blechtacular
    Red Robin Goes for the GrossThe burger chain is the latest to try to charm customers with a blechtacular creation.
  48. Viral
    Domino’s Cracks Down on Little SnotsA “viral” video caught Domino’s with its pants down.
  49. Home Births in New York: Why?An unnatural trend toward naturalness is sweeping New York.
  50. the crazies
    Cobain to Get Smoked?Artist Natascha Stellmach says she has Kurt Cobain’s ashes, and she’s fully prepared to roll ‘em up.