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Grumpy Cat

  1. joke theft
    Was Grumpy Cat’s Fame Built on a Stolen Joke?This sort of thing is sadly common for cartoonists.
  2. memes
    Grumpy Cat Has DiedThe viral cat rose to fame from a Reddit post in 2012.
  3. last night on late night
    Breaking News: Jeremy Renner Is Grumpy Cat’s DoppelgängerMeow.
  4. move over hamilton
    Grumpy Cat Made Her Broadway Debut Last NightA star is bored!
  5. feline casting call
    Grumpy Cat Is Joining the Cast of CatsLil Bub was robbed.
  6. my cat from hell
    Jackson Galaxy Isn’t Here for Your Grumpy Cat ShenanigansHe is cool with Lil BUB, though.
  7. gratuitous animal content
    Oh Good, Another Meme CatThis time it’s a happy meme, though.
  8. Bad Grumpy Cat Owners Sue Bad Grumpy Cat LicenseesMeme licensing takes a nasty turn.
  9. celebrity impressions
    President Obama Goes Grumpy Cat on RepublicansThe GOP has yet to respond with their own dated internet-meme reference.
  10. sequential art
    Kate Beaton Talks Superheroes and Brontë SistersShe’s got a great new collection of comics.
  11. meme movies
    The Trailer for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Is Here“Wait, I forgot, it’s a Lifetime movie.”
  12. the internet
    Aubrey Plaza Will Be the Voice of Grumpy CatIn Lifetime’s live-action Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.
  13. Grumpy Cat Modeled a Smiley-Face Bag for LuckyAlong with a menagerie of other pets.
  14. lifetime movies
    Lifetime to Air Grumpy Cat Christmas Movie“I’m dreaming of a white Christ-meow.”
  15. the internets
    A Grumpy Cat Film Is Just a Web-Fueled SNL MovieWhat’s the difference between making a movie out of a meme and making one out of the Ladies Man?
  16. meme movies
    Grumpy Cat Getting the Meme-to-Movie TreatmentThe cat will speak. Grumpily.
  17. Watch an In-Depth Interview With Grumpy CatTard really opens up here.