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Guessing Games

  1. hot hot hot
    Can You Guess the Celebrity Behind This Steamy Public Sex Story?Can you guess who’s behind this steamy public sex story?
  2. guessing games
    What Will Be the Girls Finale’s Closing Credits Song?The Vulture staff’s best guesses.
  3. guessing games
    Paul Rudd and Adam Scott in Greatest EventFigured out what show they’ll be spoofing yet?
  4. guessing games
    Three Beauty Theories on Why Uma Thurman Doesn’t Look Like UmaShe’s looking a little different these days.
  5. guessing games
    Who Does White Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas Look Like?Madonna, right?
  6. guessing games
    What Could Be Coming on Season Three of Game of Thrones?Vulture makes a few predictions, based on the books.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    Which New York Times Reporter Looks an Awful Lot Like Matthew Broderick?Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  8. guessing games
    Can You Guess Whose Reading List This Is?Betcha can’t.
  9. Quote of the Day
    Baking, Chicago-StyleMichelin director Jean-Luc Naret notes Chicago chefs’ affinity for a certain substance.
  10. guessing games
    Are House and Cuddy Getting Hitched?Because some TV couple you aren’t expecting to is getting married.
  11. Guessing Games
    Who’s the Celebrity Chef Opening a Summer Pop-up in Midtown?Plus, more details on Danny Meyer’s Central Park stand?