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  1. cityscape
    Farm Livin’ Is the Life for Me, Ja? Rem Koolhaas Tries Out Country LifeFor “Countryside, the Future,” a city boy goes to the sticks.
  2. art
    Ranking New York’s Most Toxic Museum BoardsWho might activists try to take down next?
  3. art
    Hugo Boss Prize–Winning Artist Simone Leigh on Helping Younger Women Artists“I do think that it’s more interesting when you pass through a gate to hold a door open than it is to slam it behind you.”
  4. fall preview 2018
    The Future Belonged to Hilma af KlintThe 20th-century mystic and pioneering abstract painter finally gets taken seriously at the Guggenheim.
  5. party lines
    Naomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst, and Kate Mara Partied at the Guggenheim Last NightA glittering event co-hosted with Dior.
  6. party lines
    The Best Hats at the Guggenheim Pre-PartyCo-hosted with Dior last night.
  7. In Defense of Difficult Art at the Guggenheim’s Controversial ExhibitionThe works displayed involving animals were recently the subject of public outrage.
  8. live review
    Solange’s ‘An Ode To’ at the Guggenheim Was a Transcendent Act of DisruptionSolange demonstrates what happens when a black woman defiantly inserts herself into literal white spaces.
  9. a seat at the table
    Solange Turned the Guggenheim Into a Church Last NightHer performance, “An Ode To,” was a visual tribute to black womanhood.
  10. LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang on Inspiring Friendship With Karen O and MoreAn interview with the musician before DJ-ing Dior’s Guggenheim International Gala pre-party.
  11. bathroom talk
    You Can Now Poop in a Solid-Gold Toilet at the GuggenheimThe toilet costs between $1.5 and $2.5 million.
  12. art
    The Big, Steaming Return of Maurizio CattelanA donkey, a documentary, and a stopped-up golden toilet.
  13. video
    Watch Glittering Scenes From Dior’s Guggenheim GalaThe next best thing to being there.
  14. art party
    Disco Fever … at the Guggenheim?A Krautrock disco from Düsseldorf descends onto the Upper East Side institution with nostalgia in tow.
  15. art party
    Disco Fever … at the Guggenheim?A Krautrock disco from Düsseldorf descends onto the Upper East Side institution with nostalgia in tow.
  16. parties
    Dior Named Lead Sponsor of the 2013 Guggenheim International Gala Raf Simons will be an honorary co-chair.
  17. art
    Davidson on James Turrell’s Hallucinatory Guggenheim TransformationHe’s given visitors a new reason to raise their gaze.
  18. ask an art critic
    Jerry Saltz Answers Your Questions About Museum Design and Self-PromotionMuseums that work, museums that don’t.
  19. Non-Openings
    Guggenheim’s Funky Food Kiosk Is NixedThe museum had hoped to run off hot-dog vendors.
  20. arty
    Animal Collective, Darren Aronofsky Will Judge the Guggenheim’s YouTube ContestAlso: Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinley, Laurie Anderson …
  21. artsy
    YouTube in the Guggenheim? Go for It!Some folks are up in arms over a proposed show of YouTube videos at the museum.
  22. america’s baby mama
    A John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Sighting That Seems FishyThis is too good to be true.
  23. last night’s gig
    Animal Collective at the GuggenheimIt was all very ‘Donnie Darko.’
  24. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Gilded Floors and a Mind-blowing Use for Ralph Lauren Paint ChipsRising furniture designer Joris Laarman, Bill Sofield’s latest creations, and Carlton Scott Sturgis’s wizard ways with an X-Acto.
  25. Openings
    Eat Among the Artwork at the Wright, Inside the GuggenheimThe museum will open a new eatery.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Kurve Becomes Rhong-Tiam; Má Pêche Serves CocktailsPlus: Iris Café open in Brooklyn Heights, and François Payard doubles up on the UES, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  27. charles gwathmey
    Davidson: Charles Gwathmey’s Iconic New York BuildingsRather than brand his designs with signature mannerisms, he combined smooth elegance of execution with the willingness to be self-effacing.
  28. awesome
    A Night at the Museum You Might Actually EnjoyBen Stiller not included, thankfully!
  29. first looks
    Wearable Art Takes On a Whole New Meaning at the GuggenheimArt fiends, rejoice: The newly restored museum has turned bits and pieces of itself into jewelry. Yes, you can wear the Gugg.
  30. The Best Burger For Your Buck
  31. the take
    Jerry Saltz on Thomas Krens: Our Long Cultural Nightmare Will Soon Be OverKrens will continue to do what he does best: sullying the Guggenheim’s good name.
  32. company town
    ‘Times’ Editorial Chief Andy Rosenthal, UnpluggedMEDIA • Incoming Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes may well spin off the company’s huge cable unit, but a sale of Time Inc. looks unlikely since the small potential proceeds (and big tax penalty) would little benefit a company of Time Warner’s size. [NYT] • Times editorial-page editor Andy Rosenthal calls all executive editors, including Bill Keller and his own father, crazy. Sweet. [Radar] • Rupert Murdoch is confirming to all his friends he plans to bring in Times of London editor Robert Thomson to become the Journal’s publisher as part of an “Aussie invasion” in the first few months of next year. [Guardian via Media Mob/NYO]
  33. The New York Diet
    Ballerina Michele Wiles Eats, Drinks, Dances More Than You What does a dancer eat to stay in top form? In the case of Michele Wiles, principal with the American Ballet Theatre, whatever she wants. It wasn’t always so: When she attended boarding school at the age of 11, her ballet instructors kept close guard over her diet. “They made sure we weren’t eating fattening foods,” Wiles recalls. “We got weighed once a week and were told if they thought we were overweight. When I got out of that and moved to the city, I ate nothing but junk food.” So what fuels a dancer for a spate of upcoming performances?
  34. art candy
    Pulp AfflictionMan-Crazy Nurse is one of Prince’s many “Nurse” paintings — sexy, sinister images culled from pulp lit.
  35. party lines
    Bloomberg Meets Ganek and Touts HerLast night found the Guggenheim, hosting a book party for Danielle Ganek’s Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, an art-world tell-all, appropriately crawling with Upper East Side collector types. “Is Larry [Gagosian] here yet?” was the recurring whisper up and down the spiral gallery — until an even heavier hitter dropped in. At around 7:15 p.m., many burly security guards began to traverse the crowd, and soon several handlers were ushering in none other than Michael Bloomberg. Awkwardly, the mayor was not there for the festivities: He’d come specifically to take in Alyson Shotz’s “The Shape of Space,” the title piece of Guggenheim’s current here’s-a-little-something-while- we’re-renovating exhibit. No matter. The Lulu people saw a good chance, and they took it. A lightning-quick negotiation took place behind the wall-like sculpture, and within a minute, the mayor was holding up Lulu Meets God for the cameras and being snapped mid-chitchat with the author. After another minute of this, the genial if slightly befuddled Bloomberg made a brisk exit, with the muscle clearing the way. The party, having officially bested its own Scheduled to Appear list, pressed on. —Michael Idov
  36. cultural capital
    MoMA, Guggenheim Experts Say You’d Be Better Off Buying Real EstateWith the big-money contemporary-art fairs in town last week and the big-money contemporary-art auctions set for this week, we had to wonder whether all these big-tickets works are good investments. “No Picasso is worth what people are paying today,” MoMA president emerita Agnes Gund told us at a party for Joel Gray’s photography last week. “They just aren’t that valuable in comparison. There are really Van Goghs and drawings that are worth more.” So where should you put your money? “Real estate is always the better investment because real estate will always be here, but the prices of art fluctuates,” she said. “Oops, I guess I shouldn’t say that!” Guggenheim director Lisa Dennison concurred. “I’d have to say real estate,” she said. “You can live in it, you can hang art in it, and the prices seem more reasonable.” Real-estate prices seem reasonable? “As a museum director, it’s hard for me to say you should invest in art.” —Justin Ravitz
  37. cultural capital
    Guggenheim Presents Hugo Boss Prize; Winner Gets Cash, Show, Dinner Next to Dennis Hopper There were about 1,300 people crammed into the Guggenheim for the Hugo Boss Prize party last night, and virtually all of them were in black, as if by commandment. (The crowd, curling up the building’s ramp, looked like one enormous, dark martini-carrying centipede.) The $50,000 prize, funded by the German clothing company and administered by the Guggenheim Foundation, is presented every other year and, since its founding in 1996, has become the U.S. equivalent of Britain’s very big-deal Turner Prize.