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Gun Safety

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    LAPD Promises Increased Police Presence for Joker Opening WeekendThe LAPD, FBI, and Homeland Security all assure moviegoers that they do not foresee any threats to the public.
  2. politics
    Pelosi, AOC Warn Moderate Democrats to Stop Voting With the GOPThe spat over gun-vote defections shows Pelosi may have to choose between imposing party discipline on moderates, or moving fewer “messaging” bills.
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    School Gifts Eighth-Graders Bulletproof Shields for GraduationIntended to protect them in the event of a shooting.
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    School Class About Gun Safety Ends With Teacher Accidentally Firing GunThree students were injured.
  5. 3-D-Printed Guns Will Soon Require a Background Check in CaliforniaThe law took two years to pass.
  6. This Gun Lock Connects to a Smartphone App to Make Gun Ownership SaferIt was created by Israeli IDF Special Forces and elite technology-unit vets.
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    Schumer Removed a Gun Scene After OrlandoThe film is her upcoming comedy with Goldie Hawn.