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Hack The City

  1. hack the city
    Experts on the 7 Best Birds to See Around NYCNot just pigeons.
  2. hack the city
    New York City Is Getting Some Technology UpgradesFrom smarter buses to a revolutionary Wi-Fi system.
  3. hack the city
    You Might Be Able to 3-D Print Your Next HouseWelcome to a new era of building construction.
  4. 12 Tips From a Pilot on Mastering New York City Airports (Even La Guardia)A Shake Shack breakfast sandwich goes a long way.
  5. hack the city
    Next-Generation Drones Will Save New York City’s InfrastructureThe flying robots will inspect bridges and buildings and even control disaster cleanup from the sky. We just have to get used to having them buzzing around. 
  6. hack the city
    7 Technologies to Put an End to WalkingHow New Yorkers will get around in the maybe-not-so-distant future.
  7. hack the city
    Soon You Might Be Able to Swim Safely in Your City’s Polluted Harbor or RiverA giant floating pool that cleans public waterways? Why not?
  8. hack the city
    The Urban Daredevil’s WardrobeWhat gear to buy for the (wannabe) adventurer in your life. 
  9. hack the city
    Welcome to the Age of Shadowless Skyscrapers New building designs cast soft, glare-free pools of light instead of patches of darkness.
  10. hack the city
    7 Tips From NYC’s ‘King of Airbnb’ for Being the Highest-Rated Host in TownIt’s all about gaming the algorithm.