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  1. the internet
    Your Gmail Password Might Be on a Russian Bitcoin Forum Right NowIt’s worth checking to see. 
  2. fun and games
    Hackers Game Tinder for Ultimate GainHack the planet. 
  3. Avoid the Noid
    Did Domino’s Pizza Hackers Just Release Details on 600,000 Customers onThey now know the crappy pizza preferences of more than 600,000 Europeans, which is scary.
  4. the internet
    Federal Agents Seize Control of Nasty Computer Virus NetworkBut it could be back in as little as two weeks.
  5. whistleblowers
    Edward Snowden Comes to SXSWVia Google Hangout.
  6. chat room
    House of Cards’ Jimmi Simpson on Cashew“He does just the most precious little squeak when he’s happy.”
  7. the most important people in the world
    Elite-Targeting Hacker Guccifer Allegedly Arrested After Hall-of-Fame RunMeet Marcel Lazar Lehel.
  8. oops
    Nearly a Third of the United States Possibly Affected by Target Security BreachThat’s a lot of information.
  9. the most important people in the world
    Just About Every Rich, Famous, and Powerful Person Has Been Hacked by GucciferThe prolific computer criminal has shared his stash, in case he gets caught.
  10. snapchats are forever
    Snapchat Maybe Not Safe Enough to Trust With Naked SelfiesThe app was hacked.
  11. Crime
    Tom Colicchio’s ’Wichcraft Reveals Details of Two-Month-LongCheck your statements carefully if you love grilled cheese.
  12. cyber security
    Washington Post Hacked AgainChinese hackers suspected this time.
  13. art
    Bill Clinton Doodles Hacked By Guccifer From Presidential LibraryNo haunting “Socks the cat” portraits.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Gets 10 Years in PrisonThe government is not playing around.
  15. the internet
    Syrian Electronic Army Briefly Hacks Obama TwitterThe pro-Assad online posse strikes again.
  16. security breaches
    Adobe Users, It’s Time to Change Your PasswordsThis again.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    The D.O.J. Has Not Forgotten About Anonymous (Even If You Have)New indictments in a 2010 attack.
  18. bad apple
    Hackers May Have Already Gotten Past the iPhone 5’s Fingerprint Sensor That was fast.
  19. hackers
    Syrian Electronic Army Targets U.S. Marines OnlineSays they should defect before invading Syria.
  20. hackers
    Syrian Electronic Army Hits New York Times, Twitter With Annoying HacksThe Internet is buggy today.
  21. horrifying things
    Baby-Monitor Hackers Are the Creepiest HackersHorrifying inventiveness.
  22. ink-stained wretches
    Washington Post Hacked by Syrian Electronic ArmyWho’s next?
  23. the most important people in the world
    Colin Powell Says He Did Not Have an Affair, Despite ‘Personal’ Hacked E-mailsGuccifer strikes again.
  24. China’s Obama and McCain Campaign Hackers Had Poor TimingThey showed their hand pretty clumsily.
  25. international affairs
    Chinese Hackers Getting Back to Work on Mysterious American CompaniesTheir exact targets aren’t known.
  26. the internet
    How the Syrian Electronic Army Keeps Hacking News OrganizationsEmployees hand over their passwords pretty easily.
  27. the internet
    Guccifer Keeps Hacking Famous Old People’s E-mailThis time Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein.
  28. the internet
    Candace Bushnell Hacked by GucciferThe hacker strikes again.
  29. international affairs
    United States Officially Calls Out Chinese Government’s HackersIt did not mince words.
  30. the internet
    Bipartisan Hacker Guccifer Hates the Illuminati, AOLBut his actual motivations are murky.
  31. Hackers
    Sandwich Scam Artists: Men Busted With $40,000 of Hacked Subway Gift CardsTwenty dollars for $50-worth of merchandise is too good to be true.
  32. the internet
    Indictment Probably Wasn’t a Surprise for Reuters Social Media Editor The FBI searched his home in October.
  33. the internet
    Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Aiding Anonymous Hack [Updated]Twitter machine Matthew Keys has gone silent.
  34. Colin Powell’s Facebook Page Was HackedHe was hacked.
  35. cyber security
    Meet ‘Comment Crew,’ China’s Military-Linked HackersThe Times has an address for the hackers it thinks attacked the paper.
  36. pranks for the memories
    A Real-Life Emergency Broadcast Warned of a Fake Zombie ApocalypsePrankenstein monster.
  37. cyber warfare
    Chinese Hackers Are Going After U.S. in General, Not Just Media CompaniesAnd it might be costing us tens of billions of dollars.
  38. you’ve got hacked
    Why Rich, Famous, and Old People Need to Ditch Their AOL E-mailsThey’re easy to hack.
  39. hackers
    The Fed Spent Super Bowl Sunday Getting HackedApparently by Anonymous.
  40. international intrigue
    WSJ Also Hacked by ChinaTake that, New York Times.
  41. media
    Chinese Hackers Stole Every New York Times Employee’s PasswordThey’re still mad about that Wen Jiabao expose.
  42. the internet
    Anonymous Hacked MIT’s Websites With Swartz MemorialThe memorial followed a denial-of-service attack.
  43. the law
    Hacker Who Leaked Scarlett Johansson Photos Sentenced to Ten Years“I don’t know what else to say except I’m sorry. This will never happen again.”
  44. new projects
    Mark Wahlberg Producing Hacker Movie“Say hello to your hacker for me.”
  45. Hackers
    The Future of Meat Will Be Decided This WeekendCleavers in hand, butchers look deep into the future.
  46. the internet
    Anonymous Did Not Hack the FBI for Apple IDs After AllThe data most likely came from an app developer in Florida.
  47. stuck in the mittle
    Hackers Claim Elaborate Heist of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns, Want $1 MillionAnd the Secret Service has no choice but to check it out.
  48. the internet
    Antisec Hackers Dump 1 Million Apple IDs, Demand Blogger Pose in Tutu [Updated]According to a security researcher, “This is smoke, not fire.”
  49. Soda Drama
    Mountain Dew Asks Customers to Name New Drink, Gets HackedHave some “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong.”
  50. Hackers
    Clearly They’re in the Wrong Line of WorkToro turns into a weight-loss company!
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