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  1. stupid leaks
    Lady Gaga’s Legal Docs Have Leaked As Part of a Celebrity Law Firm HackThe hackers also claim to have material related to Trump.
  2. holiday season
    Apparently None of Us Know How to Wrap PresentsA viral wrapping-paper hack has shocked the masses.
  3. hacks
    Were Spotify Accounts Hacked to Boost Streams for Fake Artists?Spotify confirmed that it “detected abnormal streaming activity” from allegedly fake artists.
  4. hacks
    I Truly Did Not Know My iPhone Could Do This and If You Did CongratsAn incredibly easy and useful hack for the typo prone.
  5. tech boot camp
    In My Humble Opinion, This Is the Single Best iPhone HackThe rare easy and useful hack.
  6. select all
    Use This Instagram Stories Hack to Game the App’s AlgorithmIt’s clickbait, but for Instagram.
  7. hacks
    This Skin-Care Trick Worked Surprisingly Well on My HairAnd it cost me less than $20.
  8. the chain gang
    Pizza Hut Got Hacked — and Didn’t Notify Customers for Two Weeks“Thanks for the delay in notifying us after thieves already charged our accts.”
  9. select all
    10 Instagram Stories Hacks to Up Your Aesthetic GameNo more boring Stories for you.
  10. select all
    Instagram Warns ‘High-profile Users’ Their Personal Info May Have Been HackedEarlier this week, Selena Gomez’s account was hacked and posted several nude pictures of Justin Bieber.
  11. hacks
    HBO Hack Reportedly Exposed 7 Times As Much Data As Was Released in Sony HackHackers have leaked scripts of Game of Thrones as well as episodes of other HBO shows.
  12. hacks
    Report: Russian Hackers Targeted Voting Systems in 39 StatesA Bloomberg report says the breach was much more widespread than originally thought.
  13. hacks
    Hacker Reportedly Leaks ABC’s Upcoming Game Show Steve Harvey’s FunderdomeAllegedly, it was the same hacker who released Orange Is the New Black’s fifth season back in April.
  14. hacks
    Netflix Hacker Leaks Ten Orange Is the New Black Season Five EpisodesThe responsible party also claims to have unreleased content from ABC, Fox, and more.
  15. select all
    Hackers Set Off 156 Emergency Sirens in DallasThey went off 15 times in the middle of the night.
  16. select all
    Enormous Corporate Database Leaks Info of 33 Million PeopleA Dun & Bradstreet database has been leaked to the web, filled with incredibly detailed information.
  17. select all
    How a Viral Tweet Overwhelmed the Nation’s 911 Call CentersAll it took was Twitter and a shortened link.
  18. early and often
    Bolton Says That Election Hacks Could Be the Work of the Obama Administration“We just don’t know.”
  19. select all
    Use These Secret Hacks to Find Every Celebrity on SnapchatSome simple ways to find Official Stories on the app.
  20. last night on late night
    Leslie Jones Talks About Hack on SNL“You can’t embarrass me more than I have embarrassed myself.”
  21. Colin Powell’s Personal Emails Are Like a D.C. Burn BookThe former secretary of State was hacked, and now everyone knows he hates them.
  22. hacks
    Simone Biles Says She’s Not Ashamed of Her ADHDRussian hackers released her medical files.
  23. Report: Foreign Hackers May Have Breached Two States’ Election DatabasesArizona and Illinois were allegedly targeted.
  24. Leslie Jones’s Personal Website Was Reportedly Hacked This Morning SNL and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has unfairly had to put up with a constant onslaught of racist and sexist harassment on Twitter and […]
  25. hacks
    Leslie Jones Hack Now a Homeland Security CaseThe actress has been a target of online abuse before.
  26. FBI Investigating Suspected Russian Hack of the New York TimesThe paper says hackers only targeted its Moscow bureau, disputing reports of a more widespread attack.
  27. becky with the good hair
    Rachel Roy Reportedly Sent the LAPD to Swarm the Beyhive Over Alleged HackRachel Roy claims her email and phone were hacked following Beyoncé’s “Becky With the Good Hair” comment.
  28. Somebody Hacked the NYPD Radio to Terrorize Cops With Death Threats and YodelingOver the weekend.
  29. politics
    Clinton Campaign Says Its Computer System Was Not HackedHackers accessed a voter-analytics program maintained by the DNC, and Russia is the prime suspect.
  30. This Etch A Sketch Can Tell TimeThanks to a surprising DIY hack.
  31. cybersecurity
    Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York CityThe day cars drove themselves into walls and the hospitals froze. A scenario that could happen based on what already has.
  32. Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your Broken iPhoneBefore you buy a new phone, see if you can use the digital equivalent of duct tape to fix it.
  33. select all
    This Easy Trick Tells You Who’s Ignoring You on SnapchatA tip from a professional Snapchatter.
  34. Did ‘Bros4Hillary’ Attack Pro–Bernie Sanders Facebook Pages With Porn? On Monday night, multiple pro-Sanders pages were filled with pornography and then removed from the network. Sandernistas suspect a group called “Bros4Hillary” may have been involved.
  35. international intrigue
    Law Firm Behind Panama Papers Leak Says It Was HackedThe firm also said that the leaked documents were “taken out of context.”
  36. leaks
    Someone Hacked Adele’s and Harry Styles’s Personal PhotosPhotos of Adele’s sonogram and Harry Styles vacationing with Kendall Jenner leaked online.
  37. hack the city
    7 Tips From NYC’s ‘King of Airbnb’ for Being the Highest-Rated Host in TownIt’s all about gaming the algorithm.
  38. Hacks
    This Starbucks Hack Will Get You a Free Drink Every Single Day of the YearYou’ll come off like a total jerk, though.
  39. hacks
    More Than 100,000 Taxpayers Exposed in IRS HackThe hackers gained access by exploiting an ill-conceived authentication procedure.
  40. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Sony’s Apocalypse Is NowThe cancellation of The Interview sets a dangerous precedent for both the First Amendment and America’s future under cyber warfare. 
  41. All Five Top Theater Chains Drop ‘The Interview’It’s a sad day for comedy, free speech, and people who hate losing against terrorists. According to THR, all five major movie theater chains – […]
  42. hacks
    Sony’s CEO Had Seth Rogen Soften the Gore in The InterviewSpoilers ahead.
  43. Sony Is Reportedly Developing an Animated Spider-Man Comedy and ‘23 Jump […]The Sony hack from last month has resulted in a ton of studio leaks lately (including a bunch of anonymous employee complaints about Adam […]
  44. Leaked Sony Documents Confirm That Adam Sandler Films ‘Have No More Value’Sony has been dealing with the effects of a major hack from last week, and among the many leaked documents is a 25-page collection of Sony […]
  45. do no harm
    Healthcare.gov Subjected to Utterly Unsexy HackLawmakers are still pretty upset about it.
  46. Grimace
    Alleged Burger King Hacker Also Pilfered Paris Hilton’s Camera-PhoneHe had to have it his way.
  47. hacks
    Most Cab Drivers Don’t Do Drugs That, or they’re really sneaky about it.
  48. Beluga
    Gordon Ramsay’s Got One Foolproof Instant Ramen HackIt’s called Sevruga.
  49. twitterror
    E!’s Twitter Got Hacked TooJustin Bieber is not gay, everyone.
  50. Special Sauce
    Burger King Twitter Account Hacked by Apparent Big Mac-Loving Gucci Mane FanAnonymous wants you to follow @BurgerKing
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