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    Pete Rose’s Plea to Be Unbanned From Baseball Is Right From the Trump PlaybookThe legendary hitter (and gambler) admits no fault while harkening back to the sport’s bygone golden age. It just might work.
  2. I Remember Ken Griffey Jr.His Hall of Fame induction confirmed my guy was the guy
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    The Best Looks From Mad Men’s Entire RunDisco Sally very much included.
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    Watch Out for iPhone-Stealing Menace of OKCupidThe Williamsburg 24-year-old also throws water.
  5. extended 15 minutes of fame
    Deranged Sorority Sister Is Writing a NovelWait. Did anybody ask for this?
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    New Doc: The Original Queen of Screaming TeensGood Ol’ Freda Kelly was the Beatles’ secretary (and fan-club manager) in their heyday.
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    Robert Pollard Is a Hall of FamerAt Northridge High School!
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    Sorry, Roberto Alomar: You’re Going to Have to WaitThe Baseball Hall of Fame inducts some new members.