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  1. Should the Theater Really Be a Safe Space?Depends what kind of safety you mean, Mr. President-elect.
  2. People Are Mistakenly Hate-Tweeting at the Hamilton Theatre in CanadaTrump supporters are boycotting the Broadway musical after Mike Pence was booed in the audience.
  3. hamilton
    Hamilton’s Brandon Dixon Responds to Pence“We wanted to stand up and spread a message of love, of unity.”
  4. hamilton
    Idina Menzel Proudly Stands With Hamilton Following Mike Pence Incident“I love you, Hamilton!”
  5. hollywood signs
    The Hamilton-Pence Incident Was More Than Just a DistractionWhat should oppositional entertainment be in the age of Trump?
  6. party chats
    NPH: Hamilton Has Nothing to Apologize For“I didn’t find what was said at all offensive or mean.”
  7. on broadway
    Hamilton Chicago Show Interrupted by Angry Trump Supporter“You lost! Get over it!”
  8. the theatre
    Mike Pence Says He ‘Wasn’t Offended’ by This Whole Hamilton Situation“It was a real joy to be there.”
  9. say no to this
    Donald Trump Criticizes Hamilton AgainLook around, look around, the Revolution’s happening in Trump Tower.
  10. party chat
    Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon on the Election“Democracy is at work … one side won.”
  11. it’s quiet uptown in trump tower
    Donald Trump Wants Hamilton to Apologize to Mike PenceWho lives, who dies, who tweets your opinions?
  12. the story of tonight
    Hamilton Cast Addresses Mike Pence at Show“We truly thank you for sharing this show.”
  13. bronx cheers
    Mike Pence Got Booed at Hamilton TonightHas anyone told Mike Pence what Hamilton is about?
  14. lost classics
    13 Best Songs Cut From Beloved Broadway MusicalsSometimes a great song simply doesn’t fit the moment, the performer, or the change in direction.
  15. right-click
    Two New Tracks Off The Hamilton Mixtape Are Here“Satisfied” by Sia, featuring Queen Latifah and Miguel.
  16. another round
    LMM Confirms Vol. 2 of Hamilton Mixtape“What, y’all thought we’d leave Schuyler Sisters unremixed?”
  17. Leslie Odom Jr. Sings ‘Ave Maria’ to Soothe YouCry it out.
  18. the story of election night
    Many Broadway Shows Will Go Dark on Election DayHamilton will still be playing, natch.
  19. roll clip!
    Watch Hamilton’s Chicago Cast Sing ‘Go Cubs Go’Keeping that hometown pride strong.
  20. mix it up
    Hamilton Mixtape Has Sia, Usher, Nas, and MoreKelly Clarkson! Ashanti! Queen Latifah! 
  21. hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton Memorabilia to Be AuctionedIf you can’t afford Hamilton tickets, you might be able to afford actual Hamilton documents.
  22. the room where it happens
    What Would Hamilton Think of the Election?According to the brains behind Hamilton, every old political tactic is new again.
  23. theater
    What Comes Next? Everything We Know About the Future of HamiltonFrom cast departures to non-Broadway productions.
  24. hamilbye
    Anthony Ramos Is Leaving Hamilton Next MonthYou have until November 20 to see him.
  25. hamilton
    Your Turn to Lose the Hamilton Lottery, Chicago#Ham4Ham makes its triumphant return for the premiere of Hamilton in Chicago tonight.
  26. broadway for hillary
    Lin-Manuel Wrote New Hamilton Lyrics for Hillary“Watch her campaign with her man Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine in the membrane (Tim Kaine in the brain).”
  27. crying
    Sarah Paulson Cries to ‘Dear Theodosia’ on the Hamilton Soundtrack, TooSometimes we all need a good cry.
  28. theater
    Christopher Jackson Is Saying Good-bye to HamiltonHis last performance will come in November.
  29. hamilton-ify
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Sang a Hamilton SNL MonologueBroadway was just a stepping stone to Studio 8H.
  30. psa
    U.S. Presidents, Hamilton Cast Want You to VoteRegister, y’all.
  31. trailer mix
    See the Trailers for PBS’s Hamilton DocumentaryThe revolution will be televised.
  32. move over hamilton
    Grumpy Cat Made Her Broadway Debut Last NightA star is bored!
  33. hamilton
    Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. Releasing XMas AlbumComing out November 11.
  34. roll clip!
    See Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs on Black-ishLike Thomas Jefferson, he’s back from France.
  35. hamilton
    This American Sign Language Cover of ‘Alexander Hamilton’ Is GreatBroadway was built for speech that doubles as choreography.
  36. hamilton
    Watching Lin-Manuel Miranda Watch the Hamilton Parody, SpamiltonHe was in on the jokes when they happened.
  37. roll clip!
    Try Not to Get Too Emotional While Watching Hamilton’s Very Last Ham4HamYeah, we’re tearing up too.
  38. tear-stained goodbyes
    Ham4Ham Is Taking Itself Out of the Narrative After Tomorrow’s ShowTeach them how to say good-bye.
  39. Watch Lin Manuel and His Crew Freestyle Rap in ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’Watch every episode of Freestyle Love Supreme, and lots more shows, exclusively on Seeso. Before he created and starred in Hamilton, […]
  40. ham4ham
    Allow Cynthia Erivo to Slay Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles’ in This Week’s Ham4HamStanding-ovation worthy, as usual.
  41. casting couch
    Renée Elise Goldsberry Heading to HBOShe’ll be the accidental mother of modern biotechnology.
  42. drunk history has its eyes on you
    Lin-Manuel Miranda to Ham It Up on Drunk HistoryPerhaps with an assist from Sam Adams.
  43. a very ham farewell
    The Cast of Hamilton Bids Farewell to Daveed Diggs:(
  44. hamilton
    Daveed Diggs Books First Post–Hamilton RoleFirst a Tony win, then a major motion picture. Keep racking ‘em up, Daveed!
  45. ham4ham4ham4ham
    Watch Daveed Diggs Dab in This Week’s Ham4Ham“It has been such an honor to perform for y’all.”
  46. casting couch
    Renée Elise Goldsberry Leaving Hamilton in FallNo specific date has been set.
  47. hamilton
    Daveed Diggs Is Leaving Hamilton July 15Stepping down from the dual role of Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.
  48. hamilton
    Chicago’s Hamilton Has a CastMiguel Cervantes will play Alexander Hamilton.
  49. hamilton
    The Scene at LMM’s Final Hamilton PerformanceWith cameos from J.Lo, John Kerry, and Aaron Paul.
  50. a very ham farewell
    Hamilton Cast Says Goodbye to Miranda, Soo, OdomIn the room where it happened, one last time.
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