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Han Solo

  1. last night on late night
    Mark Hamill Tries to Sell His Special Skywalker Merch on KimmelThis is why you have to consider your monologue jokes carefully.
  2. box office
    Ron Howard Is Looking on the Bright Side Despite a Lackluster Solo OpeningHe still feels the force.
  3. box office
    Uh-Oh, Things Might Not Be Looking Great for SoloMoviegoers are choosing instead to go outside, maybe?
  4. origin stories
    A List of Every Part of Han Solo’s Backstory That Gets Explained in SoloFrom how he got his name to how he met Lando.
  5. solo: a star wars story
    Al Pacino, Miles Teller, and Other Almost Han SolosA list of would-be Han Solos, past and present.
  6. select all
    The Untold Story of Star Wars’ XBox Dance Game Star Wars Kinect“And since that carbonite’s off me/I’m livin’ life now that I’m free.”
  7. last night on late night
    Donald Glover Talks About When He Told His Dad He Was LandoAnd then he gave the audience a surprise almost as good.
  8. Disney Screened a Sneak Peek of Solo: A Star Wars Story at CinemaConDetailing the first meeting between the young Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.
  9. solo: a star wars story
    New Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer: Everything You’ve Heard About Lando Is TrueWith a little help from his trusty Phoebe Waller-Bridge bot.
  10. trailer mix
    Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer: For the Angsty Boy!See it in theaters May 25.
  11. Phil Lord and Chris Miller Discuss Being Kicked Off the Han Solo Movie“I think everybody went in with really good intentions and our approach to making the movie was different than theirs,” Lord said.
  12. names
    The Han Solo Star Wars Movie Has a Pretty Obvious TitleIt’s…
  13. casting couch
    Paul Bettany Is Joining the Han Solo Star Wars Spin-offDirector Ron Howard announced the casting news on Twitter.
  14. the ron howard social media files
    Ron Howard Reveals a Mustachioed Donald Glover in His Latest Social-Media PostThe Han Solo director’s social-media feed from the set continues to be excellent.
  15. star wars
    Bad News: Michael K. Williams Cut From Han Solo Star Wars SpinoffHe was going to play a half-human, half-animal character.
  16. atlanta
    Phew, Atlanta Season Two Reportedly Starts Production Next MonthThe show might not be as delayed as thought.
  17. In Appreciation of Ron Howard’s Instagrams From the Han Solo SetRon Howard is your overexcited dad, trolling us all with photos from one of the most secretive sets in history.
  18. practical jokers
    NDAs Won’t Prevent Ron Howard From Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Star Wars MomentsBut what do the electrical outlets mean?
  19. After the Han Solo Firing, Will Hot Directors Work With Lucasfilm Again?Who’s at fault? And what’s going on with Alden Ehrenreich?
  20. dramatic exits
    Why Were Lord and Miller Fired From Star Wars’ Han Solo Movie?The studio even called in an acting coach for star Alden Ehrenreich.
  21. star wars
    Ron Howard Will Reportedly Direct the Star Wars Han Solo SpinoffChris Miller and Phil Lord were fired earlier this week.
  22. Star Wars Han Solo Movie Loses Its Directors With Just Weeks of Filming LeftPhil Lord and Chris Miller have been filming the spinoff since February.
  23. haircuts
    Alden Ehrenreich’s Hair Is Ready to Be Han Solo’s HairThe haircut that launched a thousand Millennium Falcons.
  24. a han by any other name
    The Young Han Solo Movie Will Reveal How Han Solo ‘Got His Name’And you thought someone just called him that!
  25. han not so solo
    Here’s the First Photo From the Star Wars Han Solo Movie, But What Does It Mean?The movie started filming on February 20.
  26. Thandie Newton in Talks to Join the Young Han Solo MovieHot on the space heels of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Woody Harrelson.
  27. casting couch
    Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge Might Go Unrecognized in Han Solo MovieSadly sans that distinctive lipstick.
  28. rumor mill
    Woody Harrelson Stoked the Rumors Surrounding His Young Han Solo Movie CharacterHe seemed to say “yes” to rumors that he’ll be playing Garris Shrike.
  29. casting couch
    Woody Harrelson Takes Han Solo Movie Mentor RoleHe can tell Han he needn’t fly solo.
  30. party chat
    Alden Ehrenreich Had to Keep His Han Solo Secret for So, So LongThey wouldn’t let him brag about it for months.
  31. trilogies
    Alden Ehrenreich Reportedly Up for a Solo TrioBut don’t tell him the odds of it happening.
  32. casting coup
    What You Need to Know About Our New Han Solo, Alden EhrenreichThe actor’s casually masculine manner, which takes after Harrison Ford, is a valuable rarity.
  33. han solo
    Alden Ehrenreich Lands Young Han Solo RoleReports say he’s finalizing negotiations.
  34. young han solo
    Dave Franco on Auditioning for Han Solo“Do they want to like perfectly embody who Harrison Ford is, or do they want to go a completely different route?”
  35. the industry
    Alden Ehrenreich Is Your Latest Han Solo Front-runnerWould that it were so simple? Maybe it is!
  36. last night on late night
    Here’s Harrison Ford Semi-Talking About Han SoloOn Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  37. roll clip!
    Taron Egerton Talks About Han Solo Rumors“Disney, you know where I am.”
  38. teller tells all
    Teller Didn’t Watch Star Wars Until His Auditon“It holds up. I just love Harrison Ford.”
  39. star wars
    One of These Chiseled Young Hunks Will Probably Be Your New Han SoloJack Reynor, Alden Ehrenreich, Taron Egerton, or Emory Cohen?
  40. intergalactic casting couch
    Here’s the Short List of Actors to Play Han SoloLet the Hunger Games begin!
  41. payday!
    Ford Paid 50 Times More Than Star Wars Co-StarsSurprise, surprise.
  42. last night on late night
    Watch Colbert Make Han Solo Become Han DuoPlus: nice sound effects!
  43. patience is a virtue
    Ford Explains He’s Not Involved With Han’s MovieNext question, please.
  44. the force awakens
    China’s Force Awakens Trailer Has Lots to RevealThe plot’s coming together.
  45. too many hans
    Rami Malek Auditioned for Han Solo in Star WarsLike, literally everyone.
  46. controversial changes
    George Lucas Explains Why He Edited the ‘Han Shot First’ Scene“Should he be a cold-blooded killer?”
  47. playing favorites
    Here’s Why J.J. Abrams Likes Han Solo the MostIt has to do with that scene of Han in the new trailer.
  48. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Talked About Star Wars While Dressed As a Hot DogWoof!
  49. star wars
    Star Wars’ ‘Young Han Solo’ Will Be a Sexy 20-Something HunkLucasfilm has apparently learned the lesson of The Phantom Menace.
  50. star wars
    Some Adorable Anecdotes About Harrison Ford and Star WarsSet your target for Awww-deraan.
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