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    The All-Time Funniest Photos of President TrumpHis presidency is almost over, but these images will live forever.
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    The New Meme Is HandshakesHands in.
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    Watch Donald Trump Struggle to Figure Out a Group HandshakeThere were too many hands for the president.
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    Put Those Hands Together for Your New Handshake Coaches, Drake and Will FerrellYour professional basketball skills mean nothing if your hand doesn’t look cool while touching someone else’s hand.
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    Trump Just Had the Most Passive-Aggressive Handshake With the French PresidentTrump’s meeting with the French president sounds très, très awkward.
  6. Donald Trump’s Handshakes May Reveal a Lot About the Man Himself▶️ No world leader is exempt.
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    Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Have a Pretty Elaborate HandshakeWhite men can shake hands.
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    Leaders of China and Taiwan Meet for the First TimeIt’s unclear whether anything will actually change between the two rival countries as a result, however.
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    Obama and Castro Shake Hands at Mandela Memorial, End of Cold War in SightWatch it. 
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    Can You Identify These Famous Handshakes Just From the Hands?Take the quiz. 
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    Just How Awkward Was the Obama-Putin G20 Handshake?The context was strained, but the greeting itself was workmanlike.
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    TV’s Secret Handshakes, Signifiers of Sweet NerdinesssWhen you see a complicated high five, the characters really just want to hug.