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Happy Birthday

  1. happy birthday!
    Adele Emerges From Eternal Social Distancing to Say Happy Birthday to HerselfNo evidence of new music though.
  2. monkey business
    David Lynch Yells at a Monkey in Surprise Short Film on NetflixYou have to see it to believe it.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Was Kate Middleton’s Birthday Ruined?Happy birthday to – Oh my God, did you hear about Harry and Meghan?
  4. celebrity
    11 Glamorous Photos of Tina TurnerAn icon turned 80 today.
  5. hotshot
    What’s the Last Thing You’d Expect the Olsen Twins to Wear?Well… they wore it.
  6. bath bombs
    Which of Lush’s 54 New Bath Bombs Is the Bath Bomb for You?Fifty-four ways to celebrate the Bath Bomb’s 30th birthday.
  7. happy birthday
    Today Is Probably Your Favorite Celebrity’s BirthdayJanuary 17, the most stacked celebrity birthday day of the year, or at least the month.
  8. happy birthday
    Enjoy This Supercut of Ted Danson’s Good Place Reassuring Arm PatsHappy Birthday, Mr. Architect!
  9. beyonce has spoken
    Beyoncé Wrote a Rare Instagram Caption to Celebrate Her Birthday“This year has been monumental for me.”
  10. happy birthday
    Scott Disick, 35, Is No Longer Dating a TeenSofia Richie turns 20 today.
  11. parties
    All the Celebrities Who Came Out to Celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’s 60th BirthdayPartiers included Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Chrissy Teigen.
  12. happy birthday!
    The GOP’s Plan to Get People to Wish Eric Trump a Happy Birthday FailedToday’s the big boy’s birthday.
  13. happy birthday
    Gigi Hadid’s Family Celebrated Her Birthday by Bringing Out the Baby PicturesShe was just as cute as you’d imagine.
  14. queen rih
    Watch Drake Celebrate Rihanna’s Birthday by Singing Their Songs Together SoloDrake celebrated his favorite holiday (RiRi’s birthday) in Dublin.
  15. happy birthday
    Chuck Berry Turns 90, Announces His First Album in Nearly 40 YearsChuck will be out next year.
  16. look book
    The One and Only Beyoncé Turns 35 and Can Now Run for PresidentThis is a momentous occasion.
  17. select all
    100-Year-Old Grandmother Is Better at Beer Pong Than YouNailed it.
  18. happy birthday
    Everything Prince George Has Accomplished in 3 Years of LifeA birthday retrospective.
  19. insane in the membrane
    Cypress Hill Reissues Debut LP in a SkullInsane in the (resin sculpture) brain.
  20. This Shirt Is the Perfect Gift For That Special 100-Year-Old in Your Life💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯
  21. happy birthday
    Everything North West Has Accomplished in Her 3 Years of LifeHappy birthday!
  22. gentle musings
    Adam Levine Copied Your Birthday PartyHe ate half a cake in his room alone.
  23. finally
    The ‘Happy Birthday’ Song Is Now Part of the Public DomainTV birthdays will be less creative, and that’s great.
  24. Happy Birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker!She turns 49 today.
  25. gloria steinem
    Have a Glorious Birthday, Ms. SteinemA handful of New York highlights.
  26. happy birthday to you
    Happy 60th, Oprah! Here Are 60 Weird Favorite Things of YoursA life of superlatives.
  27. 16 Mesmerizing Kate Moss GIFs for Her 40th BirthdayCheers, Queen Kate!
  28. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Liam Hemsworth’s Birthday SuitHappy 24th, you dreamy Aussie.
  29. happy birthday
    32 GIFs for Kate Middleton’s 32nd BirthdaySending our best duchess waves and hair flips from across the pond!
  30. 50 and fabulous
    50 Reasons to Love Brad PittIn honor of his 50th birthday.
  31. male gaze
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Pamuk!Lady Mary’s first lover just turned 29.
  32. birthday suits
    Nicki Minaj Got a Boob Cake for Her BirthdayOne boob said “HAPPY,” the other said “BIRTHDAY.”
  33. male gaze
    Celebrate Jeff Bridges’s Brithday With This Shirtless PictureCelebrate with a blast into his (topless) past.
  34. happy birthday
    Happy Birthday, Scarlett JohanssonShe’s 29!
  35. happy birthday
    Chloë Sevigny Turns 39 TodayBut she’s still that same Last Days of Disco darling in our eyes.
  36. happy birthday
    Anne Hathaway Turns 31 TodayWe hope she’s singing it from the rooftops, Les Miz style.
  37. happy birthday
    Happy Birthday, Ryan GoslingOur fantasy boyfriend turns 33 today.
  38. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Happy 39th, ‘Brother Leo’Unsurprisingly, he celebrated by clubbing with 2 Chainz.
  39. the crying game
    Hey, Joni Mitchell! Happy BirthdayYou’ve still got that thing that makes us all cry.
  40. happy birthday
    Kim Kardashian Turns 33 TodayBreak out the Cristal! Or Kristal?
  41. happy birthday
    Katy Perry Celebrates Your ‘Birthday’ Every DayA wonderful track from her upcoming album, PRISM.
  42. happy birthday
    Ab Queen Gwen Stefani Turns 44 TodayRock steady, Gwen, rock steady.
  43. happy birthday
    Gwyneth Paltrow Turns 41 TodayRaise a glass and do an extra set of butt squats in her honor!
  44. happy birthday
    Carine Roitfeld Turns 59 in MilanCelebrating with fashion!
  45. happy birthday
    Beyoncé Knowles Turns 32 TodayRaise a glass or bare a hip bone in celebration.
  46. famous friends
    Robert De Niro’s Birthday Dinner Looks Like a Good TimeBased on this one photo, anyway.
  47. happy birthday
    Madonna Turns 55 Today, Still Looks 30-ishIt makes us feel kind of old.
  48. Table Manners
    Louder: Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Makes for Better-Tasting CakeAnd it’s not even anyone’s birthday.
  49. vintage contact sheets
    Male Gaze: Terence Stamp Smoldering With Jean ShrimptonCelebrate Stamp’s 75th by taking a trip back to the sixties.
  50. birthdays
    Happy Birthday, Lindsay Lohan!Let’s celebrate all her years of fashion.
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