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Happy New Year

  1. happy new year
    Andrew Yang’s 2021 Goals: Control of a Giant Global City, Weight LossWe are all Andrew Yang, except for the first part.
  2. happy new year
    The Pope Is Sorry for Slapping That LadyMea culpa.
  3. babies
    America Ferrera Is Expecting Baby Number TwoBoth bundles of joy have been announced on New Year’s.
  4. happy new year
    Good-bye 2019, You Oozing Hole of a YearHappy New Year, from the Cut.
  5. happy new year
    The Best Workout Clothes for WomenBecause it’s gym season.
  6. happy new year
    Watch Madonna’s Surprise New Year’s Eve Performance at Stonewall InnMadonna rang in 2019 with a crowd sing-along.
  7. happy new year
    The Best Affordable Workout Clothes (That Don’t Look Cheap)Nike, Lululemon, and more for $70 or less.
  8. happy new year
    The Cutest Gym Clothes We Could Find on the InternetSo you can hit up Barry’s Bootcamp in style.
  9. science of us
    11 Women on the Best Advice They Got All YearBe nice to your siblings. Eat with the seasons. Consider bed socks.
  10. happy new year!
    Mariah Carey Is Still Feeling ‘Victimized’ by Her New Year’s Eve Performance“I didn’t obsess over the New Year’s Eve thing.”
  11. 15 Books That Will Nurture Your Nerdier Side in 2017Some of the most exciting science and psychology titles to watch for in the first half of 2017.
  12. inevitable diet package
    Chic Workout Gear to Inspire You in the New YearNo better time than today to get moving.
  13. how people change
    To Reach Your Goals, Imagine You Already Tried and FailedA realist’s guide to New Year’s resolutions.
  14. blame games
    Mariah Carey’s Rep Blames Rockin’ Eve Production for New Year’s Eve Fail“A shame that production set her up to fail.”
  15. bye 2016
    Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance Was Truly the Ending 2016 Deserved[Screaming in the whistle register.]
  16. happy new year
    CNN’s Don Lemon Got His Ear Pierced on Live TV “Don’t get blood on the jacket. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.”
  17. it’s mariah’s world
    Mariah Carey Tweets Inspirational ‘S—t Happens’ Message After NYE PerformanceTechnical difficulties don’t get a diva down.
  18. happiness
    In 2017, Pursue Meaning Instead of HappinessContribute to something beyond yourself.
  19. anthropomorphism
    Blaming 2016 Is Like Blaming GodWhat it means to say, “2016 is an asshole.”
  20. Minimum Wages Go Up Across the Country This Week(Including New York.)
  21. Security Ramps Up As New Year’s Gets CloserThere will be around 6,000 police officers in Times Square on Thursday night.
  22. happy new year
    Fitness Trackers Mostly Just Remind You That Working Out Is Not That FunSuddenly, a nice walk in the park feels more like a chore. 
  23. happy new year
    Kanye and Paul McCartney Just Saved 2015 With a New SongThe rapper dropped “Only One” last night.
  24. happy new year
    It’s Only Midday and Times Square Is Already a Vision of HellSTAY AWAY.
  25. relationships
    Going on a Diet With Your Partner Probably Won’t Go So WellPeople are less confident in their own goals when they see others succeeding at those same goals. 
  26. the stars they’re just like us
    Rihanna Cooked, Did Cara Delevingne’s Hair on New Year’s EveAnd shared about 50 Instagrams from the night.
  27. just browsing
    Wish List: Vera Wang Sporty Sequined Mesh DressFor the most bedazzled person in the room.
  28. happy new year
    Your Complete New Year’s Eve GIF GuideAll of your feelings about New Year’s Eve, in handy GIF form.
  29. 80s nostalgia
    Watch the Kids Incorporated New Year’s SpecialMemories.
  30. Happy New Year
    Celebrate the ‘Old New Year’ at BearThe revolution will be cured and fermented.
  31. best bets
    Best Bet: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge SneakerA 2013 resolution you can keep.
  32. the end of 2012
    The Year of the ‘Year of the Woman’America wanted 2012 to be about women. Was it?
  33. happy new year
    Seitz: On Louie, ‘New Year’s Eve,’ and Respecting the MysteryOur TV critic has thought about this episode every day since he first watched it in September.
  34. happy new year
    How to Get Home After MidnightTransit tips to ring in the New Year.
  35. ways of seeing
    Midnight Magic: Visual Candy for New Year’s EveImages of midnight that inspire a bright, bold New Year’s Eve. 
  36. happy new year
    The New Year’s Eve–Proof FaceMakeup tips from five top artists.
  37. pull it together
    Outfit of the Week: Ball-Drop BabeWhat to wear when you’re drinking Champagne.
  38. best bets
    Best Bet: Otaat’s Leather Cone Party HatsFor the ball drop, the winter birthday party, or any other occasion.
  39. occupy wall street
    Occupy 2012Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested on New Year’s for trying to take back Zuccotti Park.
  40. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Auld TV Shows to Get IntoFive returning shows worth taking a look at by Vulture’s Margaret Lyons.
  41. is that a radiation detector in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
    If You Get Felt Up by a Stranger in Times Square Tonight, It’s for Your Own GoodThe police commissioner has designed a playground of security delights for tonight’s celebration.
  42. happy new year
    Update: Hollywood Puts Some Space Between Valentine, Biutiful’Blue Valentine’ and ‘Biutiful’ will no longer make you want to kill yourself on the same day.
  43. not so scary things
    Times Square Bomb Van Was Actually Full of ClothingBut was it exploding clothing? We don’t know.
  44. scary things
    Bomb Scare: Times Square EvacuatedAn abandoned van caused a brief panic.
  45. happy new year
    Remember New Year’s? It Feels So Long Ago.Here’s a slideshow to remind you of what you forgot two nights ago.
  46. Happy New Year
    Bruni’s DemandsWhat should you do if you’re opening a restaurant this year and want to impress the ‘Times’ critic?
  47. happy new year
    Kathy Griffin Will Knock Those Pesky D’s Out of Your MouthThe comedian couldn’t quite make it through all of New Year’s Eve without some bad language.
  48. happy new year
    Until 2009…We’re leaving our computers to have a happy New Year. You should, too!
  49. intel
    Happy New Year!This year, we’re deciding to be optimistic about our party plans.
  50. happy new year
    Karl Lagerfeld Makes Boob Bowl Inspired by Claudia SchifferTake that very literally.
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