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    Twitter Reveals New Tactics for Curbing AbuseThe company is reducing the visibility of newly created troll accounts.
  2. harassment
    Vin Diesel Harassed an Interviewer on Camera, and Shockingly She Did Not Like It“At the time I did not know how to react, but you will see that I was uncomfortable, it was not nice that he interrupted my work.”
  3. harassment
    Nightclub Recieves Threats After Refusing to Host Alt-Right Inauguration PartyThe venue turned them away after finding out the nature of the party.
  4. Here’s a Man Yelling at the NFL’s First Female Coach to Bring Him a SodaThe NFL has a long way to go.
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    Twitter Exile Has Not Been Good for Milo’s BrandAt the time of the ban, Yiannopoulos claimed it would be great for him. The Google Trends graph suggests otherwise.
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    Do We Want Giant Tech Companies to Be Our Anti-Harassment Overlords?A new Google project highlights the potential for unintended consequences in the fight against harassment.
  7. creepy men
    Sophia Bush Writes Open Letter to Creepy Guy Who Harassed Her on a Plane“You do not get to harass me, or any woman, because you think you pay our bills.”
  8. Leslie Jones’s Personal Website Was Reportedly Hacked This Morning SNL and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has unfairly had to put up with a constant onslaught of racist and sexist harassment on Twitter and […]
  9. Twitter’s New Quality Filter Is Maybe Going to Help With HarassmentThe feature will be available to all users in the coming days.
  10. online harassment
    After Racist Trolling, Leslie Jones Is Back on Twitter“Who else is gonna livetweet Game of Thrones!!”
  11. Online Threats Suddenly a Priority for Police After Police Get ThreatenedPolice used to dismiss social-media warnings as jokes or empty threats.
  12. The Answer to Online Harassment Might Be Several Hundred Years OldThis might work.
  13. can u not
    Women Are Called ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’ on Twitter Six Times a MinuteTwitter is hell.
  14. women in hollywood
    Jessica Williams Doesn’t Want Your Creepy Hug“If I was at a fucking bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you.”
  15. The Canadian Comedian on Trial Before a Human Rights Tribunal for a Mean […] Mike Ward was born in Quebec City in 1973, seven years prior to the first of two Quebec Referendums, a vote called by the separatist Parti […]
  16. street harassment
    Colored Helmets Used to Combat Street HarassmentProblem solved!
  17. Harassment of Women May Be ‘Established Norm’In case you weren’t already aware.
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    Twitter Has Become a Park Filled With Bats and PervertsI love Twitter, but I can’t spend any more time there until something is done about its harassment problem.
  19. star wars
    Female Fox News Contributor Gets Death Threats for Mocking Star WarsKatherine Timpf called Star Wars fans “space nerds.”
  20. college
    Penn State Bans Frat That Posted Naked Pictures of Women on FacebookThe university has withdrawn recognition of its chapter of Kappa Delta Rho for the next three years.
  21. Robusto
    Bikini-Wearing Baristas in Washington Launch Personal Attacks on CustomersAlso, there’s no crema on this espresso.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Teenagers Arrested for Harassing Steubenville Victim OnlineCharged with menacing on Twitter and Facebook.
  23. haters to the left
    Haters Gonna Hate. What’s a Woman to Do About It?How to turn your haters into motivators.
  24. scary things
    Alleged Harrassing Cop Spares a Kind Word for the KidsAccused of wishing death upon his ex-girlfriend, not their children.
  25. How a Female Comic Was Assaulted Onstage Last NightLast night, standup comic Gaby Dunn was sexually harassed while performing at a small show in the East Village. She wrote about her experience […]
  26. the goreacle
    CGI Al Gore Is Scary, Steamy, and More Than a Little Bit PoodleyThis time, the Taiwan-made animated video explaining Gore’s accused sexual harassment includes a cameo by his former boss!
  27. in other news
    Hungry Cheerleader Claims Harassment Over Tater TotsCourtney Prince, a former cheerleader for the New York Rangers, is suing Madison Square Garden for sexual harassment. The franchise is hitting back in the usual manner: feeding the press details alleging the plaintiff is a big slut. In short, it’s classy behavior all around — and, according to the Daily News today, it gets even classier. The whole federal suit really comes down to lurid come-ons over tater tots in a bar called Daddy-O. According to sworn testimony, the Rangers VP Jason Vogel and Times sports writer Jason Diamos tricked the complainant into visiting a bar via classic high-school feint “All our friends are going to be there!” When said friends failed to materialize, “Vogel ordered tater tots and she ordered a quesadilla,” Diamos had a cocktail, and soon the two men were trying to kiss Prince and floating a bathroom-tryst proposal. The defendants don’t deny the situation but claim that Prince initiated the sex talk. Why didn’t the cheerleader leave? “Because I wanted my quesadilla,” states the deposition. We have nothing to add. Who Started the Sex Talk at Daddy-O? [NYDN]