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  1. bad men
    Quit Using Lolita To Absolve Your Guilt, John HockenberryHe gets Nabokov’s novel all wrong.
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    MacArthur Unsure of What to Do With Public Donations for Harper’sNot even $30,000.
  3. harper's magazine
    Harper’s Union Members Now Begging for DonationsThis is getting to be unladylike.
  4. harper's magazine
    Harper’s Union Spat Intensifies As Big-Name Authors Weigh In [Updated]Jonathan Lethem, Zadie Smith, and other literary notables press the publisher to accept union demands.
  5. harper's magazine
    Venerable Lefties at Harper’s Divided by UnionIn a strange, ironic endgame, liberal owner John R. MacArthur is fighting against a unionized staff.
  6. books
    Zadie Smith to Write Book Column for Harper’s’White Teeth’ author Zadie Smith has been tapped to replace Benjamin Moser as the writer of the magazine’s “New Books” column.