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  1. rich people hobbies
    Harrison Ford Is Under Investigation by the FAA Again“Mr. Ford crossed the airport’s only runway in his aircraft after he misheard a radio instruction from ATC.”
  2. vulture lists
    Every Harrison Ford Movie, RankedWe evaluate everything from American Graffiti to Indiana Jones.
  3. movie review
    A Kinder, Gentler Call of the Wild Cancels Jack London’s OriginalThe original novel is surprisingly brutal. This version, with its computer-generated dogs, is weak stuff.
  4. true crime
    Harrison Ford to Star in The Staircase TV Series…or IS he?
  5. maclunkey!
    On Disney+’s Version of Star Wars, Greedo Says ‘Ma Klounkee!’ FirstTurns out the phrase may be Huttese.
  6. the beauty of it all
    Even Jane Lauder Struggles With a Red LipThe Clinique global brand president talks about getting personal in the beauty business.
  7. vulture lists
    The Five Faces of Jack Ryan, From Alec Baldwin to John KrasinskiWhich actor is the ultimate Jack Ryan?
  8. math
    When Will the Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Take Place? A Vulture InvestigationUsing the power of math to explore the strange timeline of the Indiana Jones universe.
  9. infinite franchises
    Indiana Jones 5 Production Being Pushed Back Due to Script IssuesHarrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are still reportedly committed to the film.
  10. carrie fisher
    Carrie Fisher’s Brother Said She Regretted Sharing Harrison Ford Affair StoryThe actress wrote about her tryst with Ford in The Princess Diarist.
  11. solo: a star wars story
    Al Pacino, Miles Teller, and Other Almost Han SolosA list of would-be Han Solos, past and present.
  12. get out of my chair
    Harrison Ford Surprised Alden Ehrenreich During a Solo Interview“Get out of my chair.”
  13. castings
    Harrison Ford Joins Secret Life of Pets 2, Will Hopefully Play Something DaintyHopefully, whatever animal he plays will have a single silver hoop earring.
  14. sequels forever
    Steven Spielberg Will Start Filming Indiana Jones 5 Next YearThe director revealed plans to begin shooting in the United Kingdom in April 2019.
  15. carrie fisher
    Harrison Ford Feels Carrie Fisher’s Force at Mark Hamill’s Walk of Fame CeremonyHarrison Ford had some kind words for the late icon.
  16. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Was ‘F-cking’ Upset Mark Hamill Didn’t Share Star Wars Spoilers“Oh my gosh, Dad Vader!”
  17. dream kitchens
    Harrison Ford Once Worked As a Carpenter for Joan DidionJust Harrison Ford building a deck for Joan Didion on the shores of Southern California.
  18. Is Deckard Actually a Replicant?Blade Runner: 2049 doesn’t exactly settle the debate.
  19. The Vulnerability of Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 The sequel has many aesthetic pleasures, but Gosling’s performance gives it weight.
  20. Burning Questions We Have About Blade Runner: 2049What was Jared Leto’s whole deal? Why don’t they have cloud computing?
  21. blade runner 2049
    Does Blade Runner 2049 Settle the Deckard-As-Replicant Debate?There’s a fair amount of new information.
  22. shenanigans
    Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Spend a British TV Interview in Fits of GigglesThe two actors appeared on ITV’s This Morning.
  23. The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Makes Its Plot Crystal ClearSee Blade Runner 2049 in theaters Friday.
  24. Harrison Ford Gently Negs Ryan Gosling by Forgetting His Name“Did you say Rosling?”
  25. Blade Runner 2049 Can’t Match Its PredecessorDenis Villeneuve’s vision is more sentimental and less striking than Blade Runner.
  26. Which Cut of Blade Runner Should I Be Watching?Ahead of Blade Runner 2049’s release, we break down the six different versions of Ridley Scott’s classic.
  27. frittatas
    Harrison Ford Enjoys the Vice TV Show Fuck, That’s Delicious and a Good FrittataFord met a correspondent who was sleeping on the couch at his son’s apartment.
  28. dad news
    Ultimate Dad Harrison Ford Gets Out of Car to Direct Traffic“Let’s go, get out!”
  29. casting couch
    Indiana Jones 5 Will Definitely Not Include Shia LaBeoufThe screenwriter confirmed that Mutt is out.
  30. Blade Runner 2049 Trailer: There’s a Replicant on the LooseBlade Runner 2049 will be released October 6.
  31. airplane!
    Harrison Ford Will Keep His License After Airplane Landing IncidentFord inadvertently landed on an active taxiway rather than his assigned runway on February 13.
  32. airplane!
    ‘Schmuck’ Harrison Ford Says He ‘Got Distracted’ During His Plane IncidentSurely you can’t be serious.
  33. aviation theory
    Harrison Ford Could Get His Pilot’s License Suspended After Near MissThe FAA is investigating what occurred.
  34. friend requests
    Fisher Had a Strange Oscars Request for Ford“It’s just something I want.”
  35. well wishes
    Harrison Ford Is ‘Saddened and Shocked’ Over Carrie Fisher’s Heart AttackFrom Han to Leia.
  36. The Odd Story Behind Raiders’ Famous Fight Scene“I was no longer capable of staying out of my trailer for more than it took to expose a roll of film …”
  37. first looks
    See More New Blade Runner 2049 First LooksT-shirt technology does not change much in the next 30 years. Good to know.
  38. teaser trailers
    See a Teaser for Blade Runner 2049The first footage from Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, has arrived.
  39. last night on late night
    Fisher Brought Up Her Ford Affair in the PastSuper-casual.
  40. roll clip!
    Carrie Fisher Talks Harrison Ford on Ellen“No one told me about location rules, or lack of rules.”
  41. memoirs
    Poetry from Carrie Fisher’s Harrison Ford AffairAs you might expect from a 19-year-old.
  42. secret lovers
    Carrie Fisher Says She Slept With Harrison Ford “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.”
  43. blade runner 2049
    The Blade Runner Sequel Is Blade Runner 2049It’s a pretty good bowl, all things considered.
  44. don't use our song
    Air Force One Doesn’t Want Trump Using Its ScoreGuess his private jet needs its own soundtrack.
  45. casting couch
    Captain Phillips Star Barkhad Abdi Joins Blade Runner SequelHe’ll be a friend or robot foe with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Robin Wright.
  46. Harrison Ford Shares Some Wisdom on EllenChewie might have had some words of wisdom, too. Hard to tell.
  47. last night on late night
    Here’s Harrison Ford Semi-Talking About Han SoloOn Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  48. insurance files
    How Expensive Is It to Insure Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones?Your favorite 73-year-old pilot provides an interesting conundrum for underwriters.
  49. indiana jones 5
    The New Indiana Jones Movie Is Officially Coming in 2019Don’t worry, it will still star Harrison Ford.
  50. star wars
    Here’s Your First Look at Disneyland’s New Star Wars ExperienceThanks, Harrison Ford!
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