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Hate Crime

  1. where to give
    What You Can Do to Help Survivors of the Tree of Life Shooting in PittsburghWhere to donate to help survivors and fight antisemitism.
  2. crime
    Hate Crimes in the U.S. Are on the RiseAccording to a new report from the FBI.
  3. Man to Be First Person Sentenced of Federal Hate Crime for Transgender MurderJoshua Brandon Vallum pleaded guilty to murdering Mercedes Williamson in December.
  4. Police Say Muslim Student Lied About a Man Threatening to Set Her Hijab on FireThe student could be charged for filing a false report.
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    Freshmen at University of Pennsylvania Added to ‘N**ger Lynching’ Chat GroupAccording to a Facebook post from a student, every black freshman was added to the group.
  6. hate crime
    Suspect Confesses to Setting Blaze at Florida Mosque Orlando Gunman AttendedJoseph Michael Schreiber expressed embarrassment over the crime and said he hadn’t intended to hurt anyone.
  7. Crime Scene
    The Suspected Dallas BBQ Attacker Is Finally in CustodyBut police haven’t charged him with a hate crime yet.
  8. Crime Scene
    There’s Video Footage of Two Gay Men Getting Attacked at New York’sThe hate crime occurred last night.