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  1. Trump’s Pick to Enforce Civil Rights Is an Expert at Defending GOP Voting LawsJohn Gore has defended Republican redistricting plans and voting-roll purges against allegations of civil-rights violations.
  2. GOP Governor Pat McCrory Finally Rules Out a Coup and Concedes in North CarolinaAfter a close race and talk of the legislature overturning the election, he has thrown in the towel.
  3. lgbt
    North Carolina Boycott Continues As ACC Pulls League ChampionshipsThe state stands to lose at least $30 million from the protest over its transgender “bathroom law.”
  4. boycotts
    Maroon 5 Make ‘Morally Right’ Decision to Boycott North CarolinaThey have canceled two shows.
  5. protests
    Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth Certificate in NC“Good-bye gender!”
  6. north carolina
    Cyndi Lauper Will Use NC Show to Protest Bill“Let’s make it a rally.”
  7. vulture guides
    Will Beyoncé and Bieber Boycott North Carolina? Here’s who else has shows scheduled for North Carolina and Mississippi this spring.
  8. boycotts
    Pearl Jam Cancels North Carolina Concert Over ‘Despicable’ Anti-LGBTQ LawCirque du Soleil and Boston have also canceled performances in North Carolina.
  9. repeal hb2
    Cyndi Lauper Is Donating Raleigh Concert Profits to Help Repeal HB2Kudos.
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    Laura Jane Grace Plans to Play North CarolinaThe trans frontwoman and her band will play N.C. next month.
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    Ringo Starr Joins NC Boycott Over Anti-LGBTQ LawBruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have also canceled concerts in the South.