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  1. celebrity
    Heath Ledger’s Dad Says He’s ‘Terribly Happy’ for Michelle WilliamsThe actress married musician Phil Elverum in a secret ceremony this month.
  2. cut covers
    Busy Philipps on Instagram, Her BFF Michelle Williams, and Losing Heath LedgerInstagram’s favorite storyteller has so much more to say.
  3. heath ledger
    I Am Heath Ledger Trailer: Heath Ledger Through the Memories of His Loved Ones“He wanted fame, and then when he got it, he didn’t want it.”
  4. last night on late night
    Gabrielle Union Warmly Reminisces About Heath Ledger’s Old Soul on WWHLHeath Ledger, the 19-year-old with the dad drink.
  5. what's a bogey lowenstein?
    Krumholtz on 10 Things I Hate About You Cast“I was extremely lucky to have made friends with a normal, everyday guy named Heath.”
  6. oral histories
    Heath Ledger Hated That ‘I Wish I Knew How to Quit You’ Became a Meme“He was extraordinarily serious about the political issues.”
  7. hairy situations
    Look at All These Dudes With Ponytails“Do you have an extra hair thingy?”
  8. music
    T-Pain Named His New Mixtape After Heath Ledger“I want to master my craft like [Ledger] tried to do before he died,” says T-Pain.
  9. sad things
    Michelle Williams Has a Reason for That Pixie CutIt might make your heart hurt.
  10. explanations
    Guess Which Bon Iver Song Is Sort of About Heath Ledger“I was with a guy that I didn’t know very well … in those three days, his best friend died.”
  11. music
    Watch the Music Video Heath Ledger Directed for Rapper N’FA“We had intended on releasing it a long, long time ago.”
  12. music
    Watch an Odd But Earnest Rap Tribute to Heath LedgerIt’s “basically Heath Ledger’s ‘I’ll Be Missing You.’”
  13. chat room
    Terry Gilliam on Heath Ledger’s Last Movie“Nietzsche was wrong. What doesn’t kill you does not make you stronger. It makes you really tired.”
  14. the most important people in the world
    Dina Lohan: Lindsay Was Secretly Dating Heath Ledger When He DiedAnd THAT’s what the problem was.
  15. you heard it here first
    Vulture Premieres Two Python-esque Tracks From Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus“We Love Violence” is a rowdy celebration of police brutality shouted out by vicious police officers, who conclude their ditty with spectacular flatulence.
  16. bad taste
    Theme Park Removes Tasteless Dead-Celebrity Halloween ExhibitBows to pressure from fans of recently deceased celebrities, and good taste in general.
  17. tom cruise
    Could Tom Cruise Have Saved Dr. Parnassus (and Vice Versa)?Come on, Terry, we know he’s weird, but if Tom Cruise asks to be in your movie, you should say yes.
  18. imaginariums
    Heath Ledger’s Last-Ever Movie Coming to an Imaginarium Near You’The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ has found an American distributor.
  19. trailer mix
    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer Breaks Our Gilliam-o-MeterThis looks like something you’d dream after eating some bad clams and falling asleep in a sauna.
  20. See Heath Ledger’s Anti-Whaling Modest Mouse VideoModest Mouse has finally released the animated video for “King Rat,” which Heath Ledger conceived and had begun directing shortly before he died.
  21. longtailpocalypse
    Studios Just Not That Into Indie MoviesIf you thought medium-expensive star vehicles were the only things studios were nixing from their budgets these days, well then you were completely wrong, you idiot.
  22. gross things
    Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Director Kind of Harshes On Michelle Williams in Vanity FairUncool.
  23. gossipmonger
    Here We Go: There Might Be a John Edwards Sex TapeOf course there might be a John Edwards sex tape. Of course.
  24. cannes
    First Doctor Parnassus Reviews Not Boding Well for Heath Ledger’s Oscar Chances“The film is not intelligent enough nor silly or grotesque enough to become a lasting favorite.”
  25. heath ledger posthumous oscar watch
    Is This Heath Ledger’s Next Oscar Clip?See the first footage from Heath’s performance in ‘Doctor Parnassus’!
  26. heath ledger posthumous oscar watch
    Heath Ledger to Win Second Posthumous OscarTerry Gilliam’s going for it!
  27. surprise!
    Dr. Parnassus Gets the Harry Knowles Stamp of ApprovalThe Internet’s easiest movie critic has seen Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ — and he likes it!
  28. imaginariums
    Can Doctor Parnassus Win Heath Ledger His Second Posthumous Oscar?It’s being released during Oscar season, after all.
  29. the industry
    Catherine Hardwicke Trades Vampires for Genetically Engineered Human-Bird HybridsPlus: The Modest Mouse video that Heath Ledger directed will finally see the light of day.
  30. imaginariums
    Is Terry Gilliam’s Heath Ledger Movie Still in Trouble?Despite six months of talks, there’s still no American distribution deal for ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.’
  31. gossipmonger
    Everyone Studiously Avoided Their Exes at the OscarsThe Academy Awards were fraught with peril for Tom and Penélope, Jen and Brad, and Chace and Carrie. Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, was fine.
  32. kudos
    Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: the Exciting CategoriesWant to lose $10 in your Oscar pool? Bet on these!
  33. drama
    Will Heath Ledger’s Oscar Also Mysteriously Vanish Somewhere Over Guam?Let’s hope Kim Ledger isn’t flying Ajira Airways!
  34. kudos
    Matilda Ledger Will Have to Cross Miles of Red Tape If She Ever Wants Her OscarGet ready for a Lucci-esque waiting period!
  35. gossipmonger
    Daily News Goes All Underminer on Thriving Gwyneth!Gwynnie, are you really sure that opening gyms and not acting is the right move for you? And all that sort of fake-friend crap in Wee Wittle Wednesday’s gossip roundup.
  36. kudos
    Ten Things That Ought to Make the Golden Globes Worth WatchingIt’s the Fun Bobby of awards shows!
  37. heath ledger posthumous oscar watch
    Christopher Nolan Accepts Heath Ledger’s First Televised Posthumous AwardWith all the emotion and enthusiasm of a guy ordering a sandwich, we might add.
  38. drama
    Who’s Going to Accept the Golden Globe on Heath Ledger’s Behalf?Our vote is for Jack Nicholson.
  39. gossipmonger
    Kate Winslet’s Captivating Cleavage Takes Another VictimIt’s like the Bermuda Triangle of boobs — people just get lost in there. Plus, how Kim Kardashian maintains her butt and Mayor Bloomberg stays rich, in the gossip roundup.
  40. oscars
    Dark Knight Gets Rerelease, James Cameron TremblesWhy so profitable?
  41. gossipmonger
    Jessica Stam Is Having Boy TroubleWhich makes us feel, like, zero percent bad for her, because even people with alien-goddess faces need to deal with schlubs sometimes.
  42. Mediavore
    A Bulgogi Primer; Remembering Heath Ledger at Five LeavesPlus: fireside dining, and a change in management at Patisserie Claude, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. the comics page
    The Joker Returns in Our Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Azzarello’s New Graphic NovelThe fine folks at DC Comics are no fools: They’ve brought grease-painted madman the Joker back to Gotham.
  44. power kids
    Heath Ledger’s Family Passes $20 Million Estate to His Daughter MatildaDespite an anticipated conflict over the will between Ledger’s family and Matilda’s mother Michelle Williams, everything was resolved amicably this week.
  45. trailer mix
    ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ Teaser: Bathrobed Terry Gilliam Does Not Inspire Confidence in His Upcoming MovieThis new teaser for Gilliam’s supposedly forthcoming Heath Ledger movie is mostly concept art and half-rendered CGI, much of it cribbed from Gilliam’s other films.
  46. Hipstaurants
    Heath Ledger’s BarFive Leaves is ready to open next Wednesday.
  47. company town
    Meredith Vieira Officially More Powerful Than Katie CouricAccording to ‘Forbes,’ at least. Plus, today’s real estate, law, media, and financial news.
  48. photo op
    Matilda Ledger Looks Just Like Heath, Gives Suri Cruise a Run for Her MoneyAnd Shiloh Jolie-Pitt — you think you’re going to stay blonde past the age of 7? Keep dreaming.
  49. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth Paltrow Does Not Mingle With Hoi PolloiAnd that includes Katie Lee Joel. Plus, Brooke Shields bristles at an improv group’s tasteless jokes and people turn up their noses at Russian billionaires, in today’s selective gossip roundup.
  50. NewsFeed
    Heath Ledger’s BrightSide Will Have Commemorative ChessboardIt opens later this summer.
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