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  1. bad memories
    Ryan Adams Is Still Haunted by That ‘Summer of ’69’ Heckler 15 Years Later“They wanted to yell that song like it was some magical power that would transform me into a Golem.”
  2. audience participation
    George Lopez Calls Woman Objecting to Interracial Marriage Joke a ‘B*tch’A heckler we can believe in?
  3. comics talk to comics
    Michael Che Talks to Dan Soder About Stand-up“It’s also like Groundhog Day, where you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, of course you say that because a guy three weeks ago said that.’”
  4. the sports section
    A Frustrated Carmelo Anthony Tells a Heckler to Ask Jim Dolan for His Money BackIf only that’s how it worked, Melo.
  5. white house insecurity
    Obama Schools Heckler on White House EtiquetteActually, don’t shout at anyone after consuming their hors d’oeuvres and booze.
  6. Hannibal Buress to a Heckler: ‘You, Sir, Are a Social Terrorist’Why do we love heckler videos so much? Is it because it’s fascinating to see experienced comedians bounce back from unexpected interruptions, […]
  7. hecklers
    Hannibal Buress Completely Owns a Drunk Fan Who Interrupts His ShowDon’t interrupt Hannibal Buress.
  8. Worst Heckler Ever: NYPD Tells Adam Newman to ‘Shut the Fuck Up’ in the […]It’s been nearly two years since standup Adam Newman pulled a bag of cocaine out of a heckler’s coat, but his latest video – no matter how […]
  9. John Mulaney Shares His Best Heckler Story with Jimmy FallonHere’s a clip from John Mulaney’s visit to last night’s Tonight Show, in which he tells Fallon about what he calls “the best heckle I’ve ever […]
  10. early and awkward
    Obama Would Appreciate If His Hecklers at Least Stayed on Topic“This is the health-care rally!”
  11. gay rights
    Hecklers at the Met Call for Gay Rights in RussiaThe ongoing protest finds a high-profile stage.
  12. hecklers
    Calvin Harris Very Impolite to Rude Audience MemberThe British DJ is the latest performer to get riled up by a heckler.
  13. Patton Oswalt Wrote a Piece About Thieves, Hecklers, and Rape JokesPatton Oswalt wrote a blog post Friday, entitled “A Closed Letter to Myself About Thievery, Heckling and Rape Jokes,” addressing three of the […]
  14. flotus
    Watch Michelle Obama Leave the Stage Because of a Heckler (and Then Come Back)CNN has the video.
  15. early and awkward
    Michelle Obama Does Not Suffer Hecklers As Gladly As Her HusbandShe threatened to walk out of a fund-raiser.
  16. Watch Nick Turner Face Off with a Drugged-Up Heckler Here’s comedian Nick Turner performing at the excellent L.A. stand-up show Holy Fuck when a heckler who seems to be under the influence of […]
  17. ‘The Chicago Tribune’ Is Wrong About Hecklers; Patton Oswalt and Steve […]The Chicago Tribune ran an odd piece last week in which writers Nina Metz and Chris Borrelli explain their support for hecklers, explaining […]
  18. Peter Serafinowicz Is Writing His Own ‘King of Comedy’ and a ‘Look Around […]UK comedy great Peter Serafinowicz told Digital Spy about several promising movie projects he’s currently working on. The first is a film […]
  19. Jake Weisman Invites a Heckler Onstage and Finds Cocaine on Him Here’s a video of L.A.-based comedian Jake Weisman performing at a the Hell Yes festival in New Orleans on Saturday when a heckler interrupts […]
  20. early and often
    Obama Fights Off Two Hecklers With One Bad JokeIs Romney’s sense of humor rubbing off on Obama?
  21. video
    You Don’t Suppose Joe Girardi’s a Little Frustrated, Do You?He confronted a heckler last night.
  22. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Welcomed With ‘Romney Go Home!’ Chants at Ohio Campaign StopRomney spoke from the bed of a pickup truck.
  23. memorial day
    Here Is John McCain Calling a Heckler a JerkDuring a Memorial Day speech.
  24. Ed Helms’ Lesson About Standup Comedy Karma Ed Helms swung by The Late Show last night to talk standup, and in particular one terrible standup show he did once upon a time in a place […]
  25. early and awkward
    Someone Told President Obama That He’s the AntichristA heckler got his money’s worth at an Obama fund-raiser last night.
  26. Aziz Ansari Wrangles With A Racist HecklerSure, there’s a lot of swagu associated with being a stand-up taking on a heckler. Still, I can’t imagine that bone-chilling moment when an […]
  27. Michael Beasley Also Has a Summer-League Video Making the RoundsIt’s for a very different reason than Kevin Durant’s video.
  28. clickables
    Watch Henry Rollins Politely Berate a Boot-Throwing HecklerRollins: a perfect gentleman.
  29. Eight Types of Hecklers and the Comedians Who Shut Them UpWhether the outcome is funny, awkward, or awful, the eternal battle between heckler and stand-up is always fun to watch.
  30. rangers
    Sean Avery to Heckler: ‘You Don’t Have a Dental Plan at Work?’Some athletes, when told that they suck by an opposing fan, just ignore it. Sean Avery is not one of those athletes.
  31. hecklers
    Obama: Republicans Aren’t Funding AIDS IssuesA gang of protesters got that quote out of him, after he begged them to go away.
  32. hecklers
    Heckling Obama Twice Is One Too Many TimesPresident responds to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ heckler.
  33. news reel
    ‘Jamie Kennedy, You Suck!’