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  1. hellivision
    Real Housewives Recap: Here’s the PoopOnce again, fecal matter was front and center.
  2. hellivision
    Real Housewives Recap: She Panicked and She PoopedOur weekly recap of the hot mess that is ‘RHONY.’
  3. hellivision
    Housewives Recap: The Straw That Stirs the DrinkCan you believe we’re still watching this?
  4. hellivision
    Jill Wants Bethenny Back“I’ve already said sorry many times!”
  5. hellivision
    New Housewife Jennifer Gilbert Sues New York Matchmaking Business; Gerunds InvolvedShe’ll fit right in.
  6. hellivision
    Real Housewives Recap: Hell Over the WaterThis show is beginning to harm our souls.
  7. hellivision
    Did You See Our Cameo on High Society Last Night?We were gorgeous.
  8. photo op
    Bethenny’s Sweet, Secluded Honeymoon in St. BartsNo one there but her husband, her fetus, and … those guys with the reality-TV cameras.
  9. hellivision
    PC Peterson Has a Startling Cameo in the Movie TwelveThis is exactly the kind of acting we expected from this kid.
  10. hellivision
    Real Housewives of New York City Recap: You Don’t Have to Be Angela Lansbury to Know Something StinksOkay, now we hate Jill Zarin.
  11. hellivision
    Bethenny’s Wedding Pics Only Cost $10,000 to $25,000’OK!’ bought the pics that no other celebrity magazine wanted.
  12. hellivision
    Bethenny Got Married. Hooray?The ‘Real Housewives’ star is finally a housewife.
  13. hellivision
    Real Housewives Recap: ‘It’s Amazing What We Can Endure’Hell is a dinner at Saks where no food is served.
  14. party chat
    Real Housewives’ Simon Van Kempen: Health-Care Battle Like Fight Between Bethenny and JillAha! A metaphor we can finally understand.
  15. hellivision
    Real Housewives: Only Gay During the DayOur weekly recap of this show is beginning to get us down.
  16. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer’s Reality Show Has Driven Someone (Almost) to the Loony BinMalik So Chic turned up at Bellevue yesterday!
  17. overnights
    Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Is Verbal Rape a Crime?Or merely a misdemeanor? Find out who won this week’s episode.
  18. tv
    An Anthropological Look at the High Society DebutThis is the show that led to the great burning of New York of 2010.
  19. hellivision
    Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Making a Mountain Out of a HolemillOur first recap of the new season!
  20. hellivision
    Bethenny Frankel Is an Earth MotherThe only thing she doesn’t like about being pregnant, predictably, is not being able to drink.
  21. hellivision
    Trailers Indicate Tinsley Reality Show May Actually Be EntertainingThey can do ANYTHING with reality television these days.
  22. hellivision
    Novogratzes to Attempt to Convince America That They’re the Same As Everyone ElseBut in fact they are way richer and zanier.
  23. party lines
    LuAnn De Lesseps Will Be Singing Tonight at BordersThat’s right. Her single ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ will debut in Columbus Circle.
  24. the most important people in the world
    Kelly Bensimon to Appear in Something Even Less Savory Than Real HousewivesAlso, naked.
  25. hellivision
    Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila Are Engaged to Be MarriedIt’ll be a marriage made in reality-television hell.
  26. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps on White House–Crashing“In New York, we’re the real deal, we actually get INVITED into parties.”
  27. Stay Tuned for Ali Wise Goes to the Big HouseThe scheming socialite hacks her way onto television.
  28. hellivision
    Tinsley: Constantine Maroulis Is a ‘Really Nice Guy’The socialite acts coy about her lip-lock with an American Idol.
  29. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer Caught on Film Canoodling With Constantine MaroulisOh God. We’re having, like, THOUGHTS about this.
  30. hellivision
    Meet Coerte Felske, LuAnn de Lesseps’s New Non-Royal BoyfriendYou’ll need to get used to him.
  31. hellivision
    Producers ‘Surprised’ by Devorah Rose, Tinsley Mortimer CatfightEven though they’ve been trying to spark it for weeks.
  32. hellivision
    Devorah Rose on Her ‘War’ Against TinsleyThank God.
  33. hellivision
    Terrible Breakup on The Real Housewives of New York!The relationship at the core of the show has disintegrated!
  34. hellivision
    Camille From NYC Prep Had a Stripper at Her 18th-Birthday PartyNaturally, there are pictures on the Internet.
  35. Gossip Girl Fastens Its SeatbeltsWhat was true to life about this episode, and what struck us as faker than a Photoshop of a politician holding a giant cherry-red bong?
  36. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Fastens Its SeatbeltsWhat was true to life about this episode, and what struck us as faker than a Photoshop of a politician holding a giant cherry-red bong?
  37. hellivision
    Meet Your New Real Housewives of New York City: Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja MorganThey’re almost real socialites!
  38. hellivision
    Bethenny Really Is Getting Her Own Show!We only have three requests.
  39. hellivision
    Delay: ‘One Thing I Wasn’t Prepared For in Learning to Dance Was Getting in Touch With My Feminine Side’Last night was Tom Delay’s first performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and it was magnificent.
  40. hellivision
    Harvard Dreams Crushed for NYC Prep’s Camille?There are reports that she’s no longer at the elite prep school that gave her so much pride this season.
  41. hellivision
    Devorah Rose ‘Made’ It to MTVOur favorite multi-show Bravo regular has hit the big time.
  42. Oh, No: NYC Prep Nazi Pictures SurfaceMove aside, Vanessa Hudgens. There’s a new teen scandal in town.
  43. hellivision
    NYC Prep Postmortem: Amazingly, No One Was HurtExcept us, the viewers, of course.
  44. hellivision
    NYC Prep Falls on Its High Heels in Front of EveryoneOur recap of the show’s season finale!
  45. hellivision
    NYC Prep Is Going to End Up on Lexapro for the Rest of Its LifeOnly one person was able to walk away from last night’s mind-bending episode.
  46. Sebastian From NYC Prep’s Perfect New York Night Would Be Spent on Wall StreetObviously.
  47. hellivision
    ‘SAT Books Are for Children and Poor People’’NYC Prep’ gets the cartoon treatment.
  48. hellivision
    Confidence Is NYC Prep’s Best AccessoryIn which we mentally tangle with last night’s episode of the Bravo reality show.
  49. hellivision
    Howard Dean to Fill In for Keith OlbermannWeird. And yet also, not.
  50. hellivision
    NYC Prep Accidentally Shows Its Private Parts to the Whole SchoolWe recap last night’s topless AND bottomless episode of our summer guilty pleasure.
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