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Here We Go Again

  1. here we go again
    Dear God, There’s Another Scamming Music FestivalFyre 2.0.
  2. here we go again
    Charlie Crist Still Trying to Get Elected to Office — Any OfficeNext stop, a county coroner or school-board race near you. 
  3. talking about the weather
    Hurricane Arthur Will Try Its Best to Ruin Your Fourth of July WeekendBut it probably won’t (unless you live in the Carolinas).
  4. other critics
    British Fashion Press Less Than Thrilled With Sex and the City 2 StylingHilary Alexander said the movie was “short on style.”
  5. here we go again
    Carrie’s Sex and the City 2 Karaoke Costume Costs More Than $50KSome things were never meant to change.
  6. here we go again
    The Sex and the City Girls Look Absolutely Ridiculous in Abu DhabiAnd God bless them for it.
  7. here we go again
    Get Ready for Another Onslaught of Sex and the City MerchLike jewelry inspired by Charlotte’s quotes!
  8. here we go again
    The New Sex in the City Trailer Is a Little Loub HeavyAnd lots of other labels heavy.
  9. here we go again
    Patricia Field to Pull Out of the Sex and the City Sequel?Apparently she doesn’t want to style fictional recessionistas.