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  1. heroes
    The Awkward, Hostile, and Hilarious Late-Night Appearances of Charles GrodinWhether you rooted for or against him, chances were you’d be talking about him the morning after.
  2. villains
    Leonard Roberts Says Ali Larter and Racist Environment Led to His Heroes ExitAli Larter has responded to Roberts’s essay with an apology.
  3. chat room
    Never Have I Ever’s Sendhil Ramamurthy Is Flattered by the Dad ThirstAnd yes, he is also a giant John McEnroe fan.
  4. heroes
    This Poor Woman Had to Put Makeup on Brad Pitt’s ButtDon’t worry, he’s making it up to her.
  5. animals
    All Hail the Stoner Who Unwittingly Saved a ‘Chubby Tiger’A Texas woman entered an abandoned house to get high. Instead, she found a tiger.
  6. heroes
    Justice for the Foul-Mouthed SantaEveryone is (wrongly!) mad at a British Santa for ripping off his beard and screaming “get the f*ck out” during a fire alarm.
  7. heroes
    The T.I. Guide to Saving Lives“I’ve been through so many emergencies, unfortunately.”
  8. select all
    Just Let This Guy Smoke on the Subway Track, No Big DealA new hero rises.
  9. stoneman shooting
    These Are the Heroes of the Florida School ShootingThe teachers, janitors, and coaches who saved students during the Wednesday shooting.
  10. crying
    Michael Jackson and Zac Efron Once Cried to Each Other on the Phone“Dreams really do come true, don’t they?”
  11. coming out
    Heroes Actor Thomas Dekker Comes Out as Gay After Being Outed by Bryan FullerBryan Fuller discussed how Dekker’s character was “het-washed” in an Outfest speech.
  12. heroes
    Ballet Dancer Rescues Man Shoved Onto Subway TracksAll those lifts, leading up to this moment.
  13. hairy situations
    Hardworking Korean Judge Too Busy to Care About Wearing Hair Rollers to CourtToo busy, don’t care.
  14. select all
    Enjoy This Guy Roasting Twitter Idiots on International Women’s DayFor every idiot who asks on Twitter why there isn’t an International Men’s Day, Richard K. Herring is there. Not all heroes wear capes.
  15. heroes
    Michelle Obama Called Donald Trump a Giant BabyIt was inevitable.
  16. heroes
    Kim Kardashian Heroically Took 1,500 Selfies a Day on Her Mexico VacationNot all heroes wear capes.
  17. 91-Year-Old Woman Fills Out Crossword — Turns Out It Was a $116k Piece of ArtHonest mistake.
  18. crime
    A Mom Heroically Saved Her Daughter From a Creepy Store KidnapperAnd it was all caught on video.
  19. heroes
    Meet the Woman Who Threw Out Kim Kardashian’s Bandage DressesCirca 2007.
  20. heroes
    Meryl Streep Sang Hamilton“Women are suddenly in the room where it happens.”
  21. heroes
    Jennifer Garner Refuses to Be Blamed for Ben Affleck’s Hideous Back Tattoo“Bless his heart.”
  22. heroes
    The World’s Fastest Girl Is 17 and Says Boys Are Afraid to Race Her“They’ll take longer to get ready or ‘forget’ something in the locker room when they know I’ll be at practice with them.”
  23. heroes
    Like You’ve Never Wanted to Have Sex on a Ferris Wheel Above the Las Vegas StripWhy do we have to crush people’s dreams?
  24. heroes
    Erykah Badu Is Styling a Fashion Week Show To protest racial injustice.
  25. heroes
    Girl Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Book DriveSo far she’s collected 400 books.
  26. The 100’s Clarke Is Sci-fi’s Best Teen HeroineShe’s a caring friend and a ruthless killer.
  27. heroes
    Drunk Christina Aguilera Is This Year’s Holiday-Party InspirationHero.
  28. heroes
    Malia and Sasha Want Money and Mac and Cheese for ChristmasSame.
  29. heroes
    Nicki Minaj Wants an Acting Career Like Meryl Streep’sWho doesn’t?
  30. heroes
    Hair Ties Giveth, and They Taketh AwayDr. Patricia Quinlan used a hair tie to save a man onboard a flight.
  31. heroes
    Each Thing You Didn’t Know About Erykah Badu Is Better Than the Last“I’d love to ask God what’s up with the periods I get once a month!”
  32. heroes
    Woman Casually Completes College Exam While Also Birthing A BabyJust another regular Thursday.
  33. heroes
    Just Chrissy Teigen Casually Shopping With Her Face Painted Like a Cat’sStars: They’re just like us.
  34. heroes
    True Love Is Smuggling an Egg McMuffin Into PrisonYour boyfriend seems nice and all, but …
  35. heroes
    Man Learns the Hard Way What Happens If You Try to Steal Serena Williams’s PhoneDon’t try to steal a pro athlete’s phone!
  36. heroes
    Heroes Try to Pet a Tiger, Steal a Doughnut VanCan you blame them for trying?
  37. Dog Knows He’s the Most Important Thing About These Engagement PhotosSave yourself, Louie!
  38. heroes
    Kate Winslet’s Contract States L’Oréal Can’t Retouch Her Photos“We’re all responsible for raising strong young women, so these are things that are important to me.”
  39. heroes
    Heiress Leaves Money to Nail Technician in Will“$50,000 each for beautiful hair and color.”
  40. trailer mix
    People With Powers Are Being Hunted in the Heroes Reborn TrailerThe miniseries will bring together old and new heroes.
  41. heroes
    World Cup Winner Megan Rapinoe Is Triumphantly Gay on SportsCenter“GAAAAY :)”
  42. tough mudder
    Hero Woman Redefines ‘Natural Birthing Plan’She gave birth in the wilderness, fought bees, and then started a forest fire.
  43. stand clear of the closing doors
    Watch This Guy (Almost) Become a Subway LegendIt looks very painful.
  44. trailer mix
    See the First Trailer for NBC’s Heroes RebootIt’s not 2006 anymore.
  45. heroes
    America’s Feelings on Bobby Jindal in One PictureThis girl gets it.
  46. heroes
    Apple’s Developer Conference Was a Triumph for Gender EqualitySomebody get these guys the Feminism award.
  47. heroes
    Pig Protests Police by PoopingHe’s pretty proud of himself.
  48. heroes
    Man Pitches Fit at Rest Stop When He Can’t Get Macaroni and CheeseIf you thought Kevin Nelson was angry when he found out Roy Rogers was out of macaroni and cheese, you should’ve seen how he reacted when he learned they were out of potatoes.
  49. these reboots were made for walking
    Masi Oka Will Reprise His Role As Hiro for Heroes RebornYatta!
  50. famous teens
    We Have Found the Most Zen Teenager on the PlanetHow did Mo’ne Davis get so good at handling everything?
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