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  1. Coming Soon
    Ample Hills Will Open a New Shop Next to the High LineThe growing chain’s ooey gooey buttercake takeover continues when the Manhattan location opens in May.
  2. Barbara Kruger on Blind Idealism, Trump, and the Brussels Terrorist AttacksTrump is “just a narcissistic child opportunist. But no one said that should disqualify you to be president.”
  3. Bjarke Ingels’s Spiral Newest Hudson Yards Tower“Extending the High Line into the skyline.”
  4. reasons to love new york
    New York Has Solved the Problem of Public Art. But at What Cost?What am I supposed to do when cultural forces I loathe are responsible for something like a new golden age of public art?
  5. High Times for High Art on the High LineYutaka Sone and Rashid Johnson walk and talk on the west-side elevated promenade.
  6. flying
    JetBlue JFK Terminal May Get Its Own High LineThere are plans for a rooftop park.
  7. Fall Preview 2014
    Team Torrisi’s High Line Restaurant Will Be Big on Fish and Veggies, LessBecause while researching the history of the area, the team discovered these two things.
  8. A Couple’s ‘How We Met’ Story Can Predict Their FutureThe way you tell your origin story speaks volumes.
  9. psa
    The High Line Can Be Used for Regular Walking and Fancy WalkingAccording to the ‘Times.’
  10. look of the day
    Katie Holmes Partied in a TogaNo little Suri in sight.
  11. things that are kind of nice
    New High Line Visitors Prefer Trainspotting to River ViewingWest Side Yard is the new hotness.
  12. awesome views
    Cloisters, High Line Face Challenges to River ViewsNo assurance things will stay picturesque.
  13. Leftovers
    Kin Shop Hosts Riesling Dinner; National Lobster Day FestivalsAnd more of today’s leftovers.
  14. Where the High Line EndsThe planned completion of a park that has become a metaphor for New York’s evolution from a place of weeds and rusting iron into a sanctuary of hip.
  15. party chat
    Matthew Broderick Hasn’t Been to the High LineWhat are you waiting for?
  16. high line
    Naughty Tales From the High LineGetting down on the High Line.
  17. news you can booze
    The High Line Is the Booziest Park of Them AllMakes sense.
  18. neighborhood news
    Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg Really Like the High LineTo the tune of $20 million.
  19. park life
    Why Trade the Glow of a Computer Screen for the Sun …When you can bask in both! Free Wi-Fi in the city’s parks is expanding.
  20. Neighborhood Watch
    A $50 Prix Fixe at Scarpetta; Rickshaw Dumplings Plans StorefrontPlus: the official date of the Egg Rolls and Egg Creams Festival, a beer dinner at Coliccho & Sons, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  21. Booze News
    High Line Looking Good for Beer and WineColicchio & Sons will soon be pouring at the High Line.
  22. neighborhood news
    A Preview of the High Line: Part TwoIt has lots of cool new features, including a place specially intended for gay sex!
  23. beauty marks
    Health-Care Bill Includes Taxing Cosmetic Surgeries; Zac Efron Reveals Hair SecretsPlus, a ‘Twilight’ star had to wear a wig after a bad bleaching experience.
  24. Empire Building
    Colicchio Conquers High Line: ’wichcraft and Craftsteak Set Up ShopA new stand is selling everything from soup and sandwiches to (later on) cider and doughnuts.
  25. neighborhood news
    Why Does High Line Park Director Robert Hammond Make More Than NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe?Is it because he’s cute, and the park is in Chelsea?
  26. unsurprised by nudity
    As We Suspected, High Line High Jinks Planned by Standard StaffIs it even legal to ask your staffers to strip down in public?
  27. neighborhood news
    High Line Park Stewards Hoping for Neighborhood TaxOwing to unexpected turnout, the popular ribbon of green needs some help.
  28. The Selling of New York’s ParksIs “Exxon Bryant Park” in New York’s future?
  29. neighborhood news
    Most Confusing High Line Compliment Ever“If it were the late 1980s, this would be Nell’s, albeit without the cocaine and cocktails.”
  30. neighborhood news
    Standard Hotel Calls for Nude PhotosAndré Balazs’s hotel staff is encouraging people to have more public sex over the High Line.
  31. Crime Scenes
    Birdbath a Victim of Armed Robbery?Police are said to be investigating.
  32. party lines
    Joy Behar Stays Confined to the Upper West Side“I might as well live in Kansas,” she said.
  33. go green
    Zero + Maria Cornejo Feels the High Line SpiritShe designed three pieces in honor of the new elevated park.
  34. our man in the park
    Video: Opening Day at the High LineTim Murphy investigates how people are liking Manhattan’s newest green space.
  35. neighborhood news
    Davidson: The High Line? How About Hudson River Park?The High Line hoopla has overshadowed the protracted birth of Manhattan’s other new green strip.
  36. Cartology
    Birdbath Gets HighA pizza cart on the High Line promenade.
  37. neighborhood news
    Anybody Skipping Work to See the High Line This Week?Not that we’re suggesting anything.
  38. Openings
    Standard Grill Shifts Into Friends-and-Family ModeThe High Line park opens tomorrow, and the Standard’s restaurant won’t be far behind.
  39. neighborhood news
    High Line Overcrowding: Only 1,700 Visitors at a Time?The Parks Department anticipates having to put an attendance limit on the park’s visitors.
  40. let's get civical
    Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller Give $10 Million Challenge Gift to High LineThe couple adds a bundle to their already-generous donations to the new park.
  41. neighborhood news
    Diane Von Furstenberg Seduced Everybody Into Loving the High LineWell, she wasn’t the only one.
  42. Openings
    Oysters Under the High LineThe Standard Hotel is currently looking for shuckers.
  43. Openings
    The Standard Will Have Dan Silverman Steakhouse and Beer GardenA look at the Highline’s new restaurants.
  44. store opening
    Barneys Settles on Meatpacking-District SpaceThe 50,000-square-foot multilevel space might even have High Line access!
  45. company town
    Advertisers Still Wary of Don ImusPlus, the latest on what’s going on at Citibank, JPMorgan, and on the Upper East Side, in our daily industry roundup.
  46. in other news
    ‘Crain’s’ Introduces Us to Cute New New Yorkers, Reveals Secrets About OthersLike anyone else, we love 40-under-40 lists. Browsing them is like browsing Internet personal ads, except we don’t feel embarrassed for the people on them, because they didn’t place the ads themselves, and we don’t feel as embarrassed for ourselves, because you know, we’re not really looking. So, after we got over the searing disappointment of not being on Crain’s 40-under-40 list (for some reason they only picked rich, good-looking, successful people!), we enjoyed perusing the video profiles of some of the cute New Yorkers on it. Such as Frédéric de Narp, the CEO of Cartier North America, who gestures with his hands and appears to be totally not wearing a wedding ring is totally unfortunately married; Robert Hammond, the co-founder of Friends of the High Line, who’s so nerdy-cute that we almost forgot how much the publicity surrounding the High Line bugged us; and Pilar Guzman, the editor-in-chief of Cookie, who is so appealing that we almost forgot we hate children! This being what it is, the videos are short on juice, but we did glean a few things.
  47. it just happened
    Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff Out at City Hall, In at Bloomberg LPDan Doctoroff, who has been toiling away since 2001 as the mayor’s get-it-done man, will announce today that he will be out of City Hall by the end of the year. He’ll be named president of Bloomberg LP, reports the Times. “Our administration and the city of New York have been incredibly lucky to have Dan in City Hall for the past six years, and I’ve personally been very lucky to have him sitting just six feet away from me,” the mayor said in a hastily scheduled news conference in the Blue Room of City Hall. “He has been a true partner, a trusted friend, and the architect of the most sweeping transformation of New York City’s environment since the days of Robert Moses.” Doctoroff, a former investment banker who, like the mayor, earns only $1 a year for his civil service, is the deputy mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding. He’s overseen successful projects like the High Line redevelopment and the rescue of the city’s waterfronts, including Governors Island. He was also a force behind the mayor’s ill-fated West Side Stadium and Olympic bids. Doctoroff was popular in City Hall and is credited with helping Bloomberg with much of his economic and redevelopment success. New York’s Geoffrey Gray reported that Doctoroff was planning a departure last month. Doctoroff Is Leaving Bloomberg Administration [NYT] Related Doctor! Give Me a Job [NYM]
  48. NewsFeed
    Where You Might Eat One Day at Hudson Yards Whether Hudson Yards is a windswept corporate outpost or a mash-up of West Chelsea and Herald Square, whoever lives and works there will need to eat. At a presentation before 1,000 architects, planners, and onlookers last night, design-team leaders described the commissary aspects of their proposals. Predictably, the Brookfield team, which reunites the High Line’s landscape architects, invoked a “café culture” with street-level seating under the trestle’s 30th Street entrance, shown above. We predict sustainable purveyors in the Alice Waters mode.
  49. in other news
    André Balazs: Selling Hotels Is Standard ProcedureEver since yesterday’s little Gawker item about André Balazs selling three of his signature hotel properties (it turned out that it came from a Crain’s story), we’ve been wondering what’s up. Is our favorite hotelier and celebrity dater hard up for cash? Are delays and extra costs on his High Line–spanning Standard Hotel becoming a burden? Apparently not, according to Balazs himself. The Observer got him on the phone to talk about the transfers. “Quite frankly, we’re a little surprised about Crain’s much ado about nothing,” Balazs said. “It was financing. You know, we recently refinanced a bunch of the other properties and restructured them to take advantage of the capital markets. And these are all now stabilized properties that it’s just an opportune time to refinance them, meaning that they’ve been open long enough, and they’re steady and mature hotels.” So … everything’s okay? “It’s a routine recapitalizing and restructuring [of] the underlying debt or equity. We do it all the time. We control the management and control the properties.” Hm. We liked it better when all we had to think about was whether we liked his pretty lobbies. Andre Balazs Explains Hotel Moves: ‘We Do It All the Time’ [NYO] Hotelier selling assets in refinancing move [Crain’s NY]
  50. in other news
    Raising the Standard The High Line, as the headline read on Adam Sternbergh’s May cover story for New York, brings good things to life. One such good thing: André Balazs’s High Line–straddling Standard Hotel, which, according to the photo that showed up on Curbed today, seems well along its way to fruition. As it happens, a Daily Intel spy tells us it’s magnificently behind schedule and overbudget. But, then, it’s in the meatpacking district; of course it’s too expensive. High Line Construction Chronicles: Standard Anything But [Curbed] Related: The High Line: It Brings Good Things to Life [NYM]
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