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  1. fixations
    I Think About Zac Efron Dropping a Condom on the Red Carpet a LotThe fact that no one batted an eye made me realize we’re both adults now.
  2. movies
    PTA Is Making a 1970s-Set High-School Movie, Film Boys Frantically Call AgentsAbout a high-school student who is also a successful child actor.
  3. talking to
    8 Stories of Betrayal and Corruption … From High-School PoliticiansIncluding Stephen Miller getting booed onstage.
  4. gen z
    Here I Am, an Old Woman Crying at the Genius of Teens, AgainIn appreciation of these Michigan high-school seniors and their ID-photo costumes.
  5. send-offs
    Teen Eviscerates Negligent Teachers in Scorching Valedictorian Speech“To the teacher who was regularly intoxicated during class this year…”
  6. prom
    Khloé Kardashian Attended a High School Prom of Her Own Free WillWell, that was awkward.
  7. vulture lists
    The 8 Best Movies About the End of High SchoolA collection of superb senior-year cinema.
  8. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the High-School Track-and-Field Championships“The girls are more competitive. In my opinion.”
  9. theater
    High School That Staged Alien: the Play Should Be in Charge of the Next SequelMeanwhile, your class is stumbling and bumbling through the Oklahoma dream ballet.
  10. white supremacy
    Racism Is Good at Hiding. Just Ask This White Nationalist Police Officer.A school resource officer in Virginia is also a member of Identity Evropa. His job? To help bigots conceal their bigotry from the public.
  11. sexism
    High-School Cheerleading Team Under Fire for ‘Big Booty’ and ‘Big Boobie’ AwardsThe school has apologized after an ACLU investigation.
  12. high school
    Unpacking the Strangest Scene in Esquire’s Cover StoryWhat was up with those songs Ryan and his classmates sang?
  13. lawsuits
    Student Was Told Her Skin Was ‘Too Dark’ to Perform With Dance Team: LawsuitA black student says she was told her skin would clash with the team’s costumes.
  14. #letherspeak
    High-School Valedictorian’s Mic Cut After Bringing Up Sexual AssaultLulabel Seitz says she was sexually assaulted on campus, and that the administration failed to take appropriate action.
  15. commencement speeches
    Jimmy Fallon Stopped by Stoneman Douglas to Give This Year’s Commencement Speech“You’re not the future. You’re the present.”
  16. mark your calendars
    Which Month Do You Like Best From Ansel Elgort’s High-School Calendar?When Timothée Chalamet and Ansel Elgort bantered about who was more popular in high school, Vulture decided to investigate.
  17. high school
    Classmates Ansel Elgort and Timothée Chalamet Insist the Other Was More PopularA check-in with some LaGuardia alumni.
  18. it’s complicated
    What Happened When I Got All of My Dating Advice From My Evangelical ChurchI thought God was intervening to save my love life.
  19. education
    Parents Would Rather Pull Their Kids Out of School Than Have Them Meet IvankaIvanka Trump’s visit to a Connecticut school was an unwelcome surprise.
  20. it’s complicated
    Going Out With My High-School Crush Reignited All My Old InsecuritiesI felt like a teenager again — but not in a good way.
  21. high school
    Watch Timothée Chalamet, Hip-Hop Prodigy, Rap About Statistics for Two MinutesWho among us hasn’t dropped an educational rap for extra credit?
  22. This Principal Told Teens Not to Wear Leggings Unless They’re a ‘Size 0 or 2’“Unless you are a size 0 or 2 and you wear something like that, you look fat.”
  23. gallery
    Blind Students in the Bronx Celebrate PromPhotographer Vincent Tullo captured a memorable evening in the Bronx.
  24. Reports of Campus Sexual Assault Have Tripled in the Past DecadeAccording to a new federal report.
  25. the boy/girl sleepover
    Do You Remember Your Prom’s After-Party?Reckoning with the drama of the first “Boy/Girl Sleepover.”
  26. must-haves
    All the Cool Girls Had One: 16 Women on Teen Status SymbolsTalking to Molly Ringwald, Judy Blume, Aly Raisman, Marilyn Minter, and more.
  27. popular
    I Was the Queen Bee: 3 High School Bullies on Their Reigns of Terror“You feel invincible when you know you’re popular.”
  28. popular
    Why Everyone Loves the Alpha GirlPsychologists deconstruct the power of the most popular girl in school.
  29. popular
    I Faked Being Christian to Be CoolSocial climbing in the Bible Belt.
  30. WATCH: See 25 Celebrities’ High-School Yearbook PhotosFact: Mila Kunis has not aged.
  31. politics
    High School Students Stop Selling Pink Pussy Hats After Receiving ComplaintsA parent told officials she didn’t want politics in the school.
  32. look book
    The Tenth-Grader Who Says ’80s Fashion Is ‘Extremely In’“Patches, pins, and embroidery are huge — I recently embroidered an eye onto the back pocket of my jeans.”
  33. teens (who run the world)
    Teens Tell Us Why They Marched“For the kids in the community that didn’t have the opportunity to go, I want to be able to represent them and break the stereotypes held against us.”
  34. This High School Gave Students an Offensive Math Problem About Sexual AssaultBad math.
  35. everyday sexism
    This Utah High School’s Class Assignment Is Ridiculously SexistThe date’s instructions for the female students included gems like, “Don’t waste his money.”
  36. select all
    This Teacher, Whose Students Chipped In to Buy Him Sneakers, Is the Most HappyA California teacher mentioned he liked a student’s shoes on the first day of school, so the class bought him the same pair for Christmas.
  37. advice
    Ask Polly: I Was Roofied at My High School Reunion!What you experienced is a very personal form of terrorism.
  38. student life
    Hundreds of High School Students Walk Out of High School In D.C. ProtestsGirls chanted,”My body! My choice!” while boys responded,”Her body! Her choice!”
  39. teens
    Leaked Chats Expose Hateful Male Clique at Elite NYC High SchoolThe “MILK” group at Hunter College High has been outed for speaking disparagingly of female and gay students.
  40. classroom
    Laurene Powell Jobs’s $100 Million Mission to Disrupt American High School“We should have the best education system in the world! Of course we should!”
  41. select all
    High-Schooler Flawlessly Re-creates Kindergarten Picture for Senior YearThe pigtails really complete the look.
  42. graduation day
    In Praise of America’s Coolest Teen, Malia ObamaShe graduates from high school today.
  43. Actually Good Senior Prank Turns High School Into Dog ParkSo. Many. Dogs.
  44. who wears the pants
    How to Wear Pants to Prom After Your School Banned ThemTip: Find a cooler school.
  45. school’s out
    Watch This Teen Take Down the Graduation-Gown Industry in 30 SecondsHe has no time for oversize sleeves.
  46. America Brings Home Bad Report CardHigh-school seniors in the U.S. showed no gains in math or reading skills in 2015. Only 37 percent were prepared for college coursework.
  47. first person
    Throwing Away the Most Beautiful Dress I Ever OwnedAnd what I realized once I finally got rid of it.
  48. Calligraphy Crisis Closes Virginia SchoolsSome parents interpreted the lesson as an attempt to indoctrinate their children into Islam.
  49. learning is fun-damental!
    High-Schoolers Will Get to See Hamilton for $10Thanks, Rockefeller!
  50. transgender rights
    A Transgender Teen Is Suing His School Over Bathroom Rules Backed by the ACLU, he’s fighting a policy that forbids him from using the men’s bathroom at school.
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